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Nike Outdoor Nationals
June 14-16, 2007 at North Carolina A&T, Greensboro NC
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Photos by Kirby Lee
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See VIDEO by Marc Davis and Brian Lananna.

Saturday Chanellle Price, Sam Borchers continue the glow in Greensboro
Early Saturday evening, well after Chanelle Price's 2:02.76 800-meter tour de force left grizzled track veterans debating whether this year’s NON represented one of the best high school meets ever, the action in the stadium collected into a perfect storm. . . . see Saturday page

Bodies on the Brink
If there was any question of the toll that chasing a four-minute mile took on Sam Borchers and Ben Hubers, there was ample evidence on the infield podium 45 minutes after the race. Completely spent, the two runners were splayed side-by-side across the wooden dais, flat on their backs, awaiting an awards ceremony of which they were barely cognizant. -- story by Dave Devine

Matt Centrowitz MD and Eleanor Roosevelt MD light up the night
Centrowitz matches Pre's all-tim US#3 2-mile, Blazin' Raiders girls (aka Eleanor Roosevelt MD high school) set national record in 1600m sprint medley relay. See Friday page.
Thursday 5ks - an Event on the Rise. see Thursday page

Donna on the Side at NON - 400 photos of the sideline scenes Photo Albums
Shotput girls chorus line.
Ashley Higginson gives Dad a Father's Day present with big win in the 2-mile.
John Dye - photo sequences of those fabulous distance races and relays. Boys - Girls

Coverage Log
  • Glenbard South Separates from the Pack - Admit it, you weren’t calling them for the Boys 4x800 either.  Boys distance relays story by Dave Devine
  • Stats on Boys Mile - first time 8 under 4:10 in same meet; top 7 PR'd. Stats by John Sullivan
  • Not in Kansas Anymore - Wide horizons at home prep Iain Trimble and Luke Bryant for long throws. Friday throws story by Dave Devine
  • Georgia Connection - Georgia friends Chalonda Goodman and Brittany Long dominated in sprint events. SteveU reviews girls sprints, hurdles and relays.
  • Primm Is Preeminent under 1:50 - Cory Primm CA reclaims US#1 ranking from Dylan Ferris NC. by Dave Devine
  • Bodies to the Brink - Sam Borchers OH 4:03.33, Ben Hubers GA 4:04.98, Evan Jager IL 4:05.68, and Matthew Cameron MS 4:07.32 lay it all on the line in the mile. by Dave Devine
  • Girls Distance Stories - Chanelle Price Joins the Legends - Stephanie Morgan's Patience Wins Mile - Steeple: Hannah Davidson is Back - by SteveU
  • Saturday - Brilliant card topped by Chanelle Price PA 2:02.76 800m US#4 all time and Sam Borchers OH 4:03.33, tieing Pre for US#3 all time. Story and pix
  • A Run for the Ages - story of the great 2-mile - Matt Centrowitz MD 8:41.55, tying Pre for #3 on all time list. by Dave Devine
  • Higginson's Focus - Ashley Higginson NJ outkicks Nealy Spence PA in girls 2-mile. by SteveU
  • Friday - Big night for Maryland runners - 2-mile lives up to expectations: Matt Centrowitz 8:41.55, beating Dathan Ritzenhein's meet record, and Craig Forys 8:44.53 - Eleanor Roosevelt girls set national record in 1600m sprint medley at 3:51.90. Story and pix
  • Thursday - Fast 5ks kick off action with wins by Adam Vess CT and Marissa Treece MI. Story and pix
  • steveu predicts - Our Steve Underwood picks 1-2-3 in all events. Boys - Girls
  • Preview: Steeplechase - After one try at this event, Ashley Higginson is a favorite to win gold, especially with MEL missing. Story by Elliot Denman.
  • Preview: Girls - event by event rundown by Elliot Denman
  • Boys 4-Mile Relay -- 4 top teams analyzed by Dave Devine
  • Preview: Boys -- Event by event rundown. by Pete Cava
  • Preview: 10 Show Stoppers - Don't miss these athletes who are so dominant they are running for the record books, not just a gold medal. by Steve Underwood
  • Preview: 10 Best Matchups - Ferris-Primm, Forys-Centrowitz, Girls DMR, Townsend-Mayo, Weygandt-Laurent, Lucas-Carter and more. by Steve Underwood
  • Preview: Price, Willing to Pay -- Chanelle Price chases all time PA great Kim Gallagher. Girls 800 preview by Dave Devine
  • Preview: Boys 2-mile - 8 laps with Craig Forys NJ and Matt Centrowitz MD - by Dave Devine
  • Preview: Emily Pendleton - defending discus champion has dominated her event for 2 years. Pete Cava story
  • Preview: Antonio McKay Jr. - son of Olympian is the real McCoy, says Pete Cava.
  • Emerging Elite Events Added - A new division at this year's Nike Outdoor nationals is the Emerging Elite. In eight events, there will be competition for athletes who just miss the qualifying standards for the championship events. The Emerging Elite events are the boys and girls 100, 400, mile and 110/100 hurdles. MORE
Winners Table
2007 Nike Outdoor Nationals Winners Table
Click on event for results, photos, text and video
ee: Emerging Elite - Q: Qualifier - F: Finals
eeQ: Chris Culliver NC 11.07 (w-0.8)
eeF: Chriss Culliver NC 10.99 (w-0.3)
Q: Whitney Provest III TX 10.63 (w-1.0)
F: Trenton Guy Jr NC 10.41 (w0.1)
eeQ: Christy Johnson NC 12.13 (w0.4)
eeF: Quanisha Sales TN 12.04 (w0.0)
Q: Gabby Mayo NC 11.62 (w-0.6)
F: Chalonda Goodman GA 11.56 (w-0.7)
Q: Whitney Prevost III TX 21.27 (w-1.5)
F: Whitney Prevost III TX 21.15 (w-0.8)
Q: Tiffany Townsend TX 23.49 (w-1.6)
F: Chalonda Goodman GA 23.42 (w-1.0)
eeF: Mike Eddy NC 48.84
F: Gil Roberts OK 46.16
eeF: Lauren Ellis SC 56.61
F: Jessica Beard OH 52.43
F: Cory Primm CA 1:48.63
F: Chanelle Price 2:02.76 800m
F: Andrew Palmer MD 4:27.14
Fr Mile
F: Emily Lipari NY 5:04.49
eeF: Kyle Merber NY 4:15.95
F: Sam Borchers OH 4:03.33
eeF: Kathleen McCafferty NJ 4:56.32
F: Stephanie Morgan OH 4:46.31
F: Matthew Centrowitz MD 8:41.552-Mile
F: Ashley Higginson NJ 10:17.44
F: Adam Vess CT 14.38.23
5000F: Marissa Treece MI 16.36.34
F: Ryan McDermott NY 5:52.63
F: Hannah Davidson NY 6:43.73
eeQ: Matt Tetzlaff SD 14.62 (w-0.6)
eeF: Matt Tetzlaff SD 14.52 (w-0.3)
Q: Johnny Dutch NC 13.64 (w0.0)
F: Wayne Davis III NC 13.65
eeQ: Kristen Brown MD 14.41 (w-0.6)
eeF: Kristen Brown MD 14.16 (w-0.8)
Q: Jacquelyn Coward TN 13.56 (w-1.2)
F: Jacquelyn Coward TN 13.55
F: William Wynne GA 50.09
F: Dalilah Muhammad NY 57.09
F: Evan Crowdus KY 7:12.76
F: Jenna Monahan NY 7:38.60
Q: South Shore NY 41.01
F: Team Texas (TX) 40.99
Q: Northwestern FL 46.43
F: Therrell GA 46.25
F: Team Texas (TX) 1:25.59
F: Therrell GA 1:38.47
F: Trotwood OH 3:13.96
F: Northwestern FL 3:39.89
F: Glenbard South IL 7:40.574x800
F: Eleanor Roosevelt MD 8:55.50
F: Collegiate NY 17.19.424xMile
F: Cal Coast (CA) 20:23.43
F: Willingboro NJ 1:30.09
800 SMR
F: Oak Ridge FL 1:42.79
F: Don Bosco Prep 3:27.30
1600 SMR
F: Eleanor Roosevelt MD Girls 3:51.90
F: La Sierra CA 10:01.79DMR
F: Hammer TC NJ 11:40.81
F: Grant Lindsey TX 7-03.00
F: April Sinkler VA 5-08.75
F: Marquise Goodwin TX 24-08.50LJ
F: Shakia Forbes VA 20-02.25
F: Tyron Stewart TX 50-07.25
F: Gabriela Baiter NY 40-06.25 (w0.1)
F: Spencer McCorkel AR 16-07.50
F: Shade Weygandt TX 13-02.50
F: Jimmie Pacifico OH 64-08.00
F: Kamorean Hayes NC 50-06.75
F: Luke Bryant KS 201-07
F: Emily Pendleton OH 166-06
F: Iain Trimble KS 222-02
F: Karlee McQuillen PA 149-09
F: Walter Henning NY 249-00
F: Allison Horner GA 166-11

DyeStat on-site -- DyeStat will be on-site in force at NON for the 10th straight year. Last year we had a team of 8, with stories, pix and video of every event. Prior Years on DyeStat

It started in Southern California in 1991 at Birmingham High School, Van Nuys. Two young girls who would go on to world renown were winners -- Californian Marion Jones won the 200 in 23.32 -1.44 and Texan Amy Acuff won the high jump at 6-2. Many future US Olympians since then have competed at NON.
The meet moved to UCLA in 1993 and then to North Carolina for an 11-year run at NC State's track in Raleigh. Since 2005, the home has been North Carolina A&T's fine facility in Greensboro NC.

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