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Thursday, June 14, 2007

7:00pm Fastest Kid in Greensboro 100m trials Qualifying
8:00pm 5000 Meters FINAL

Friday, June 15, 2007

Track Events
(Girls Precede Boys)
1:00pm B - 110m Hurdles - Emerging Elite Qualifying
1:25pm G - 100m Hurdles - Emerging Elite Qualifying
1:50pm 400m - Emerging Elite FINAL
2:25pm One Mile - Emerging Elite FINAL
3:25pm 100m - Emerging Elite Qualifying
3:50pm One Mile Racewalk FINAL
4:20pm 100m Qualifying
4:55pm G - 100m Hurdles Qualifying
5:20pm G - 100m Hurdles - Emerging Elite FINAL
5:25pm B - 110m Hurdles Qualifying
5:50pm B - 110m Hurdles - Emerging Elite FINAL
5:55pm 1600m Medley Relay FINAL
6:45pm 100m - Fastest Girl/Boy in Greensboro * FINAL
6:55pm 100m - Emerging Elite FINAL
7:05pm 100m FINAL
7:15pm G - 2 Mile Run (unseeded) ** FINAL
7:30pm B - 2 Mile Run (unseeded) ** FINAL
7:45pm 4x100m Relay Qualifying
8:15pm 4x800m Relay FINAL
9:15pm G - 2 Mile Run (Seeded) ** FINAL
9:30pm B - 2 Mile Run (Seeded) ** FINAL
9:45pm 4x200m Relay FINAL

Field Events
2:00pm G - Hammer FINAL
2:30pm B - Javelin FINAL
4:00pm G - Triple Jump FINAL
4:00pm G - Pole Vault FINAL - unseeded
5:00pm B - Discus FINAL
6:30pm G - High Jump FINAL
6:45pm G - Shot Put FINAL
7:30pm G - Pole Vault FINAL - championship
7:30pm B - Triple Jump FINAL

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Track Events
(Girls Precede Boys)
8:30am 4xMile Relay FINAL
9:30am Distance Medley Relay - Unseeded ** FINAL
10:30am Bantam, Midget, Youth 100m FINAL
11:15am Bantam, Midget, Youth 400m FINAL
12:45pm 800m Medley Relay FINAL
1:45pm 2000m Steeplechase FINAL
2:35pm 800m - Unseeded** FINAL
3:00pm 200m Qualifying
3:45pm Freshman Mile FINAL
4:15pm One Mile - Unseeded ** FINAL
5:00pm 400m Hurdles FINAL
5:40pm 4x100m Relay # FINAL
5:50pm 800m - 2 Seeded Sections ** FINAL
6:10pm 400m FINAL
6:35pm One Mile - 2 Seeded Sections ** FINAL
7:05pm G - 100m Hurdles # FINAL
7:10pm B - 110m Hurdles # FINAL
7:15pm 200m FINAL
7:25pm Distance Medley Relay - Seeded Section FINAL
7:55pm 4x400m Relay & FINAL

Field Events
11:00am B - Hammer FINAL
11:00am G - Javelin FINAL
2:00pm B - Pole Vault - Unseeded Flight *** FINAL
2:15pm B - Long Jump FINAL
3:00pm G - Discus FINAL
5:00pm B - High Jump FINAL
5:15pm B - Shot Put FINAL
5:30pm G - Long Jump FINAL
5:30pm B - Pole Vault Championship Flight *** FINAL

* Qualifying Thursday, June 15, 2007 7:00pm - by invitation only.

** Seeding for the 800m, Mile, 2 Miles, Distance Medley Relay, and pole vault will be available by 7:00pm, June 14, with

sections posted at the Meet HQ and at www.nationalscholastic.org. Please call the Greensboro Marriott Downtown (336 379-8000) and

ask for the Meet Headquarters room to ascertain your section on June 14 after 7pm, if you do not have access to the internet or

Meet Headquarters Hotel.

*** The Boys's Pole Vault Championship flight will be comprised of the leading vaulters of a minimum height which will be

determined during meet week.

# 100m Hurdles (girls), 110m Hurdles (boys), 4x100m Relay qualified from preliminaries on Friday.

& (4x400m Relay) All but top 2 race for the girls, followed by all but top 2 races for boys, followed by top 2 races for girls,

followed by top 2 races for boys.

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