27th Foot Locker
cross country championships
the national individual championship
for US high school cross country runners.

Dec 10, 2005 Balboa Park, San Diego CA
Northeast - South - Midwest - West - Finals

steveu's Foot Locker - analysis of the favorites and contenders by Stephen (steveu) Underwood

Northeast Region


Nov 24 - Nov 11 - Nov 4 - Initial Analysis -

Nov 24 - Boys Northeast

SteveU’s Predicted Top 10 (last ranking)
1. Brian Rhodes-Devey NY (8)
2. Sintayehu Taye MA (3)
3. Craig Forys NJ (6)
4. Ayalew Taye MA (5)
5. Ben Massam NJ (2)
6. Steve Duplinsky MD (4)
7. (if he runs) Steve Murdock NY (7)
8. Thomas Webb RI (HM)
9. Jay Koloseus CT (9)
10. Noel Bateman NY (12)
Not Running:  Craig Miller PA (injury), Ryan Sheridan (season-long injury), Steve Murdock (? Not registered), Fayetteville-Manlius NY (Owen Kimple, Thomas Gruenwald, Andrew McCann, John Heron) team (NTN qualifiers), Ben White NY, Charles White NY, Alex Bean NY, Vince McNally PA, Duriel Hardy PA, Jason Weller PA.
Ten to Watch (Random Order):  Keith Capecci PA, Greg Kelsey NY, Jake Walker PA, Chris Horel NJ (if he runs), Tradelle Ward CT, Matt Centrowitz MD, Mark Amirault MA, Jeff Perrella NJ, Mikias Gelagle MD, Greg Thomas PA.
Honorable Mention: Brad Miller PA, Kevin Rogers NJ (if he runs), Matt Shaffer NY, John Schroeder NH, Kevin Gill MA, Kyle Soloff NJ, Alex Hall NH, Dan Busby NY, Andrew Hanko NJ, Jose Depina MA, Eyob Eyualem NH, Jordan Peoples VT, Brandon Rodkewitz NJ, Curtis Bixler PA, Brandon Jarrett NJ, Miles Bartlett ME, Anthony Merra NH, Colin Heenan NY, Owen Boyle NJ, Issac Dunkleberger PA, Dan Cartica NY, Dan Lewis NY, Josh Andrews MA, Josh Hibbs PA, Jon Grey PA.
11/24 Rankings
(based on season performance)
1. Craig Miller PA (1)
2. Craig Forys NJ (6)
3. Brian Rhodes-Devey NY (8)
4. Ben Massam NJ (2)
5. Sintayehu Taye MA (3)
6. Steve Duplinsky, MD (4)
7. Steve Murdock NY (7)
8. Ayalew Taye MA (5)
9. Thomas Webb RI (HM)
10. Jay Koloseus CT (9)
One of the biggest bummers of this year’s meet will be the absence of the region’s best runner, Craig Miller PA, after he suffered a collapsed lung (LINK) in a Nov. 12 workout at Vanny. With his absence and that of the standout runners from Fayetteville-Manlius NY and (possibly) Christian Brothers Academy NJ, a spot at the top and some nearer the bottom of the top ten are open.
With his big wins the last two weeks, Brian Rhodes-Devey could be the man for the top spot. He’s won some and lost some in big races all season, but seems to be peaking at the right time. Although he didn’t have the fastest time of the day, he did win on the 2.5 mile course here at Manhattan. I think he’ll win again.
The next four are really tough. Who really knows how the Taye brothers are going to do? They haven’t raced any good prep runners all fall, but would anyone be surprised if they were 1-2? No, but I’m going 2-4 with them because I’m just not sure they’ve learned how to win at this level.
In between, I’m going with Craig Forys over his Jersey rival Ben Massam. I had really thought Massam was the better runner this fall, but the talented Forys seems to be reaching the apex properly and my sources tell me his win was legit. I’ve also heard it said, however, that NJ All-Group champs have historically been beaten by another Jersey runner at FL NE, so we’ll see.
Steve Duplinsky MD, while he hasn’t had much comp, is next. Then Steve Murdock NY, if he runs (he isn’t registered and his team might get an at-large to NTN). He lost two tough races to Rhodes-Devey but has had a great second-half.
The best of New England, Thomas Webb RI and Jay Koloseus CT, follow. If Murdock doesn’t run, then I’m picking Keith Capecci of PA to get 10th.
Last Week:  The biggest news, of course, was Forys over Massam at NJ All-Group, and another win for Rhodes-Devey over Murdock in NY … In MA, it was Mark Amirault over Kevin Gill by three seconds in the best performances of the day that two-division state meet.

Nov 4 - Boys Northeast
SteveU’s Top Ten Contenders (Quick List)
(based on combination of credentials and current form, with rank 2 weeks ago)

1. Craig Miller PA (1)
2. Ben Massam NJ (7)
3. Sintayehu Taye MA (3)
4. Steve Duplinsky, MD (4)
5. Ayalew Taye MA (2)
6. Craig Forys NJ (8)
7. Steve Murdock NY (9)
8. Brian Rhodes-Devey NY (6)
9. Jay Koloseus CT (NR)
10. Ben White NY (NR)
11. Owen Kimple NY (5)
12. Noel Bateman NY (NR)
13. Jake Walker PA (NR)
14. Chris Horel NJ (10)
15. Tom Gruenewald NY (NR)

HM: Matt Shaffer NY, Greg Kelsey NY, Tom Webb RI, Kevin Gill MA, Tradelle Ward CT, Alex Hall NH, Jake Walker PA, Brad Miller PA, Dan Busby NY, Matt Centrowitz MD, Mikias Gelagle MD, Greg Thomas PA, Vince McNally PA, Andrew Hanko NJ


You can read my thoughts on Craig Miller with the national list, but while he continues to have a hold on No. 1 in my Foot Locker NE rankings, there was plenty of other movement based on both results from the last two weeks and an accumulation of season-long efforts.

Ben Massam NJ belongs in both categories. By continuing to win big meets and break course records, the latest being the first sub-16 on the Nabisco course in East Hanover (that Ed Grant calls “probably even more difficult than Holmdel”) for the Morris County meet, he has won his way all the way to second on this list.

Craig Forys NJ and Steve Murdock NY both topped impressive fields to move up a few notches. Forys took the Shore Conference title at Holmdel, while Murdock was beating Brian Rhodes-Devey at the Suburban Council meet with a Section record 14:43 for Saratoga’s 3.05M layout.

Jay Koloseus CT dominated his state’s divisional championships with a time 28 seconds better than anyone else, while rival New Yorkers Ben White and Tom Gruenewald duked it out at the huge Onondaga League meet, with the former winning by a tick and both under the course mark.

Steve Duplinsky MD didn’t get much competition, but blasted a 15:08 3M at his private schools championship meet.

The Pennsylvania (PIAA) state meet will be the biggest deal this weekend, along with state meets in RI, CT (Open Championship), and NH (Meet of Champions). NY and NJ are just getting started, while MA has its state track coaches’ invitational.

Initial Analysis
SteveU’s Top Ten Contenders (Quick List)

(based on combination of credentials and current form)

1. Craig Miller PA (No. 4 nationally)
2. Ayalew Taye MA
3. Sintayehu Taye MA
4. Steve Duplinsky, MD
5. Owen Kimple NY
6. Brian Rhodes-Devey NY
7. Ben Massam NJ
8. Craig Forys NJ
9. Steve Murdock NY
10. Chris Horel NJ

HM: Tom Webb RI, Kevin Gill MA, Tradelle Ward CT, Noel Bateman NY, Alex Hall NH, Jake Walker PA, Brad Miller PA, Jay Koloseus CT, Dan Busby NY, Matt Centrowitz MD, Ben White NY, Mikias Gelagle MD, Greg Thomas PA, Vince McNally PA


With Sheridan out, Miller is the first and only returning Finalist from the region. Also the nation’s top returning miler, he has given no reason to doubt that he will again qualify, though he has not faced many of the other region leaders. The Tayes, now at Cushing Academy in Mass., were spring track revelations last spring in Maine, with the younger, Sintayehu, breaking the freshman mile record (4:09) and also running 9:01. Ayalew gets the edge, though, because he’s beaten his bro all four races this year. They won’t have any real competition until FL NE, according to their schedule. Still, their talent is undeniable.

It gets really difficult after that. With his Eastern States win and a 14:30 3.05-mile under his belt, Steve Duplinsky MD gets the next spot. Then as the top NE performer at Manhattan, plus other wins, Kimple is ranked next, though he and his US#1 Fayetteville-Manslius team almost certainly won’t run FL NE. Brian Rhodes-Devey, with a fast win at Manhattan and only losses to Ben White and Kimple at McQuaid scarring his record, is 6th.

New Jersey’s top dogs have a variety of credentials. Massam has been steady and solid, winning his Manhattan race (5th NE overall) and running fastest overall at the huge Shore Coaches meet at Holmdel. Horel was No. 2 from the region at Manhattan, but third at Brown behind Murdock and Kevin Gill MA. He and his CBA teammates may also be NTN material and miss FL NE. Forys is the young gun after his fine soph year (9:07y) and has been hot all fall, though he was beaten by a Canadian for his first loss at Manhattan.

Murdock was the slowest race winner at Manhattan, then scored the big win at Brown. He also ran well at Great American.

That leaves an incredible number of great runners outside the top ten, with many of them viable candidates for FL Nationals spots. Webb is another top New Englander, with a Great American seeded race win and other strong creds, while Gill ran big at Brown. Ward, Bateman, Hall, and Walker have all been bumped down the list, though they have pretty solid records and are among the top 8 returnees. It would be foolhardy to over look Craig Miller’s brother, Brad.

Top 15 Returnees

1. (4th) Ryan Sheridan NY 15:37
2. (8th) Craig Miller PA 15:43
3. (9th) Tradelle Ward CT 15:47
4. (10th) Ayalew Taye MA 15:55
5. (16th) Noel Bateman NY 16:02
6. (20th) Alex Hall NH 16:03
7. (22nd) Jake Walker PA 16:05
8. (24th) Sintayehu Taye MS 16:09
9. (26th) Stephen Murdock NY 16:13
10. (27th) Jay Koloseus CT 16:14
11. (29th) Dan Busby NY 16:15
12. (35th) Joshua Edmonds NY 16:17
13. (38th) Christopher Croff CT 16:20
14. (39th) Steven Duplinsky MD 16:21
15. (41st) Thomas Webb RI 16:25


1. Craig Miller, 2006, Manheim Twp. H.S., Lancaster PA

2005 CC: 14:56 1st Gettysburg, 15:23 1st Carlisle

2005 Track: 2nd NON 4:07.19y, 9:10.78 1st District

2004 CC: 15th FLN 15:46, 8th FLNE 15:43

2. Ayalew Taye, 2006, Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, MA

2005 CC: 15:43 1st Canterbury, 15:31 1st Pingree

2005 Track: 4:10 2nd ME ‘A’ State, 15th NON 4:16.01

2004 CC: 10th FLNE 15:55

3. Sintayehu Taye, 2008, Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, MA

2005 CC: 15:56 2nd Canterbury, 15:32 2nd Pingree

2005 Track: 9:01.68 2nd NE Ch., 9th NON 9:06.68y, 4:09.69 1st ME ‘A’ State

2004 CC: 24th FLNE 16:10

4. Steve Duplinsky, 2006, Georgetown Prep HS, Kensington, MD

2005 CC: 14:30 1st William&Mary, 12:38 1st Eastern States (2.5M), 1st Bull Run 16:03

2005 Track: 7th Penn Relays 8:38.25 (3k),

2004 CC: 39th FLNE

5. Owen Kimple, 2006, Fayetteville-Manlius HS, NY

2005 CC: 2nd Manhattan ‘C’ (2nd overall) 12:40 (2.5M), 1st McQuaid 14:52 (3M)

2005 Track: 9:14.05 4th State

2004 CC: 35th NTN

6. Brian Rhodes-Devey, 2007, Guilderland HS, NY

2005 CC: 1st Manhattan ‘A’ (5th overall) 12:44 (2.5M), 15:13 1st Burnt Hills, 3rd McQuaid 15:08

2005 Track: 4:13.49y 1st Eddy Meet, 1:52.25 3rd State

2004 CC: DNC FLNE, 9th NY Fed

7. Ben Massam, 2006, Chatham HS, NJ

2005 CC: 1st Manhattan ‘F’ (8th overall) 12:48 (2.5M), 1st Shore Coaches ‘E’ (1st overall) 15:36

2005 Track:

2004 CC: 47th FLNE

8. Craig Forys NJ

2005 CC: 2nd Manhattan ‘B’ (7th overall) 12:48 (2.5M)

2005 Track: 9:07.38y 10th NON, 4:11.27 1st NJ MOC, 9:11.49 1st NJ Group


9. Steve Murdock NY

2005 CC: 1st Manhattan ‘E’ (22nd overall) 13:01 (2.5M)

2005 Track:

2004 CC: 26th FLNE

10. Chris Horel NJ

2005 CC: 3rd Manhattan ‘C’ (4th overall) 12:41 (2.5M), 1st Shore Coaches ‘A’ 16:07, 3rd Brown Inv. 16:00

2005 Track:

2004 CC: 20th NTN, DNC FLNE

Nov 24 - Nov 11 - Nov 4 - Initial Analysis -

Nov 24 - Girls Northeast

SteveU’s Predicted Top 10 (last ranking)
1. Aislinn Ryan NY (1)
2. Nicole Blood NY (4)
3. Danielle Tauro NJ (3)
4. Caitlin Lane NY (15)
5. Cassie Hintz ME (5)
6. Lindsey Ferguson NY (6)
7. Hannah Davidson NY (7)
8. Amanda Marino NJ (9)
9. Liz Costello PA (HM)
10. Amanda Griggs NY (8)
Not running:  Saratoga (?) (Lindsey Ferguson and Hannah Davidson) team (NTN qualifiers), Roxbury NJ girls (Jenn Ennis IS running, however), Jen Clausen NJ.
Ten to Watch (Random Order):  Brianna Jackucewicz NJ, Brittany Sedberry NJ, Neely Spence PA, Shelby Greany NY, Kara McKenna NY, Ashley Higginson NJ, Jenn Ennis NJ, Vanessa Wright NJ, Lara Hergis NJ, Kristen Stevens NJ.
Honorable Mention: Amie Schumacher CT, Kelly Sorrell CT, Kirsten Kasper MA, Katherine Ward PA, Amanda Goetschius NJ, Kacey Gibson PA, Kristy Longman NY, Nicki Junod NY, Keely Maguire MA, Cate Costly MA, Sarah Morrison PA, Liz Deir NY, Meghan Gregory NY, Elizabeth McMahon NY, Brittany Sheffey NY, Georgia Griffin NH, Lindsey Scheller PA, Reilly Kiernan NY, Colleen Weatherbee MA, Katie Meck PA, Kristin Reese NY, Dominique Lockhardt MD, Marika Walker MD, Anna Brousell DE, Samantha Gawrych RI, Lara Crofford PA, Ashley Morgenstern NH, Kristin Mitchell CT, Abigail Iselborn ME.
11/24 Rankings
(based on season performance)
1. Aislinn Ryan NY (1)
2. Danielle Tauro NJ (3)
3. Nicole Blood NY (4)
4. Cassie Hintz ME (5)
5. Caitlin Lane NY (15)
6. Lindsey Ferguson NY (6)
7. Hannah Davidson NY (7)
8. Amanda Marino NJ (9)
9. Brianna Jackucewicz NJ (13)
10. Liz Costello PA (HM)
While on the surface, this region looks deeper than the Atlantic Ocean, picking most of the top ten was easier than I thought it would be (of course, I could be very wrong). There’s enough talent at the top and enough girls who’ve been here before. But the key factor down the list will be if the Saratoga girls run, how the former Saratoga runners do, who comes to the line healthy, and if anyone just “tries to qualify” instead of running all out.
Of course, defending national champ Aislinn Ryan NY is the heavy favorite and, given that she seemed a bit on cruise control for a few weeks before Feds and will probably not want to lose to Nicole Blood, expect her to be her dominant self.
So we finally get to see Nicole Blood NY, and Caitlin Lane NY, run against prep competition again. I feel I may have underrated these girls, especially Lane, in earlier lists. Their times in certain races, in a few instances of legit comparison, have been close to that of their former teammates. While I don’t feel that Blood is at the same level she displayed at Vanny last year, she’s still very, very good. Look for them to go 2-4.
Although there’s several runners returning who beat her here last year, I just have to pick Danielle Tauro NJ for third. She’s just ruled a really great state this year (my picks would seem to reveal a bit of a Jersey bias – blame it on my cronies from the message boards). It has been rumored that she’s not going to show all her cards this week, but I’d be surprised if she holds back much. I have her ranked ahead of Blood for the season, but I think Blood gets second here.
Blood and Lane aren’t the only ones running a non-prep schedule. I lost track of Cassie Hintz ME after Great American, but turns out she ran a 17:20 in a 5k road race last week. So she’s going to stay right in my top five.
After that, in rapid succession, I go with Saratogans Lindsay Ferguson and Hannah Davidson, Jersey’s much-improved Amanda Marino, PA champ Liz Costello, and NY’s Amanda Griggs.
Marino has been second to Tauro four times, including at NJ All-Group last week. Costello will have to rebound from a slightly off performance last week at the Mid-East Championships, and Griggs from an illness that left her sub-par at the New York Class AA race two weeks ago.
My next ten could represent the NE pretty well at nationals and, if anyone falters or if the Saratogans don’t run, they could make it. The group includes previous qualifier Brittany Sedberry NJ, who had a few awesome races but has battled injury and illness, and super Colts Neck NJ freshman Bri Jackucewicz. PA’s homeschooled Neely Spence could certainly be a qualifier.
It will be tough, though, to crack the NY/NJ axis of dominance. By themselves, either of these two states could field pretty good Foot Locker teams. Oops, there’s that bias again. Well, we know how NY dominated here last year. We’ll see how many other states can squeeze someone in the top 15 this year.
Last week: Ryan was back to her usual dominant self in the NY Feds meet, winning by more than 30 seconds, with Ferguson, Davidson, Greany, and McKenna following (Griggs didn’t run). … The pecking order at the NJ All-Group meet was Tauro, Marino, Jackucewicz, Vanessa Wright, Kristen Stevens, Lara Heigis, and Ashley Higginson. … Kirsten Kasper was the fastest in the two MA state division races by 27 seconds.

Nov 4 - Girls Northeast
SteveU’s Top Ten Contenders (Quick List)
(based on combination of credentials and current form)

1. Aislinn Ryan NY (1)
2. Brittany Sedberry NJ (HM)
3. Danielle Tauro NJ (HM)
4. Nicole Blood NY (2)
5. Cassie Hintz ME (3)
6. Lindsey Ferguson NY (4)
7. Hannah Davidson NY (5)
8. Amanda Griggs NY (6)
9. Amanda Marino NJ (HM)
10. Kacey Gibson PA (10)
11. Ashley Higginson NJ (8)
12. Shelby Greany NY (9)
13. Brianna Jackucewicz NJ (7)
14. Neely Spence PA (HM)
15. Caitlin Lane NY (HM)

HM:, Katherine Ward PA, Amanda Goetschius NJ, Jennifer Clausen NJ, Vanessa Wright NJ, Nicki Junod NY, Sarah Morrison PA, Liz Deir NY, Meghan Gregory NY, Elizabeth McMahon NY, Kara McKenna NY, Brittany Sheffey NY, Georgia Griffin NH, Lindsey Scheller PA, Maria Monks PA, Liz Costello PA, Reilly Kiernan NY, Colleen Weatherbee MA, Katie Meck PA, Kristin Reese NY, Lara Hergis NJ, Dominique Lockhardt MD, Marika Walker MD, Anna Brousell DE


I can sum up this region in one word for you: Terrifying.

Some sub-18 quality girls are NOT going to make the FL Finals out of here. Since I wrote my analysis for this list two weeks ago, my dawning realization of how outstanding this region is (through actual performances and my, uh, finding out about them!) has been staggering.

The threat of the NJ girls taking over FL Northeast grew last week as the Shore Conference Meet confirmed the level Danielle Tauro and Amanda Marino had displayed at Ocean County. With the No. 3 time in the long, storied history of Holmdel (17:52), she beat Marino (17:59) and the duo of Ashley Higginson and Briana Jackucewicz from Colts Neck. So Jersey has gone from 7-8 on my list to 2-3-9-11-13. Of course, we’ve already talked about Sedberry’s comeback. You folks who are going to be at Holmdel Nov. 19 … you lucky dogs.

The state meet march starts this weekend for both NJ and NY girls, the latter state, of course, having Aislinn Ryan and the many talented girls we’ve discussed before. But the path ends Saturday for the girls of PA, as we will see if the best performance is going to come from a veteran like Liz Costello and Sarah Morrison, a rising star like Katherine Ward, or the more unknown quantity that is Kacey Gibson. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see home-schooled talent Neely Spence against HS girls until FL NE, but she was 14th last year.

This weekend we’ve also got state meets in RI, CT (Open Championship), and NH (Meet of Champions), plus MA has its state track coaches’ invitational. In CT, watch for Kelly Sorrell (16th at FL NE last year) and Emma Perron, who had the fastest times in the divisionals last week.

Initial Analysis
SteveU’s Top Ten Contenders (Quick List)

(based on combination of credentials and current form)

1. Aislinn Ryan NY
2. Nicole Blood NY
2. Cassie Hintz ME
4. Lindsey Ferguson NY
5. Hannah Davidson NY
6. Amanda Griggs NY
7. Brianna Jackeweiuz NJ
8. Ashley Higginson NJ
9. Shelby Greany NY
10. Kacey Gibson PA

HM: Neely Spence PA, Caitlin Lane NY, Brittany Sedberry NJ, Danielle Tauro NJ, Katherine Ward PA, Amanda Goetschius NJ, Amanda Marino NJ, Jennifer Clausen NJ, Vanessa Wright NJ, Nicki Junod NY, Sarah Morrison PA, Liz Deir NY, Meghan Gregory NY, Elizabeth McMahon NY, Kara McKenna NY, Brittany Sheffey NY, Georgia Griffin NH, Lindsey Scheller PA, Maria Monks PA, Liz Costello PA, Reilly Kiernan NY, Colleen Weatherbee MA, Katie Meck PA, Kristin Reese NY, Lara Hergis NJ, Dominique Lockhardt MD, Marika Walker MD, Anna Brousell DE


There are a number of interesting questions about the top girls in the Northeast leading up to the Foot Locker regional this year. Will Aislinn Ryan continue her absolute dominance when racing Nicole Blood for the first time this year? Will the separate parts that used to be the Saratoga Springs whole perform as well as they did last year, when they took four of the top eight spots? And will some of the rising stars, several on this list, hold off the rallying veterans like Brittany Sedberry and Jennifer Clausen?

Ryan is having as good a season as a defending national girls champion has ever had, and it’s hard to imagine anyone beating her unless injury or other unforeseen problems arise.

Blood has, of course, continued to compete since the split from the Saratoga team. At times, she has been very close to her all-time best form, like last spring/summer when she hit her 3k and 5k times; other times, such as Great American, she’s a level below. It would put a nice cap on an amazing career if she really contended for the national title (she has an outdoor mile championship). With all she’s accomplished, she still merits a No. 2 ranking.

Former teammates and others follow close behind. Long-distance star Cassie Hintz has risen toward the top, her finest harrier performance yet coming on the big stage of Great American, where she earned her No. 3. Saratoga’s lead duo of Lindsey Ferguson and Hannah Davidson are next, with the senior having an ever-so-slight slight edge. Both continue to perform at a high level.

The best comeback from injury this year may be Amanda Griggs, who sizzled at Queensbury and McQuaid, then confirmed at Eastern States. Two more teammates, Ashley Higginson now joined by freshman Briana Jackucewicz at Colts Neck, have also risen into the top ten with several outstanding showings, including, again, Eastern States. The list of tough Jersey contenders, also including Danielle Tauro, Amanda Marino, and veterans Sedberry and Clausen, is long and distinguished. The latter two qualified as sophomores in 2003.

The two newest faces, Shelby Greany and Kacey Gibson, hope to come from virtually nowhere on the radar to qualify. Greany has a pair of sub-18s, as does Gibson, and Greany also finished a strong 7th at Eastern States.

Along with the New Jersey girls, 2004 qualifier and former Saratogan Caitlin Lane, home-schooled Neely Spence of PA, fast-rising Katherine Ward of PA, and Nicky Junod of New York are some others to watch.


1. Aislinn Ryan, 2006, (NE) Warwick Valley H.S., Bellvale NY

2005 CC: 1st Eastern States 14:04 (2.5M), 1st Great American ROC 17:06, 1st Paul Short 17:03, 1st Purple Wave 16:55

2005 Track: 2nd NON 10:20.02y, 9:39.5 (3k) 1st Section, 9:44.2 1st State, 4:28.99 (1500) 2nd State

2004 CC: 1st FLN 17:31, 2nd FLNE 17:47

2. Nicole Blood, 2006, Gansevoort NY

2005 CC: 3rd Dartmouth (Coll.) 19:23, 15th Great American (Univ.) 17:43

2005 Track: 9:29.44 (3k) Boston HP, 7th NON 10:32.72y, 4:26.34 1st NJ Int., 4:48.8y 1st Warwick

2004 CC: 1st FLNE 17:41, 21st FLN 18:34, 3rd NTN 18:20

3. Cassie Hintz, 2006, Old Town H.S., Stillwater ME

2005 CC: 2nd Great American ROC 17:35

2005 Track: 10:46.98 4th Loucks, 16:45.94i (5k) Terrier, 34:36.81 (10k) 5th Penn Relays

2004 CC: 15th FLNE 18:47

4. Lindsey Ferguson, 2006, Saratoga Springs H.S. Saratoga Springs NY

2005 CC: 7th Great American ROC 17:59, 3rd Eastern States 14:45 (2.5M), 2nd Brown 18:41

2005 Track: 9:53.59 (3k) 1st Penn, 6:39.60 (2kST) 1st NON

2004 CC: 24th FLN 18:48, 5th 18:16, 7th NTN 18:36

5. Hannah Davidson, 2008, Saratoga Springs H.S. Saratoga Springs NY

2005 CC: 9th Great American ROC 18:16, 2nd Eastern States 14:42 (2.5M), 1st Brown 18:13

2005 Track: 9:56.46 (3k) 2nd Penn, 6:48.64 (2kST) 2nd NON

2004 CC: 23rd FLN 18:40, 3rd 17:52, 6th NTN 18:34

6. Amanda Griggs, 2006, Hilton NY

2005 CC: 4th Eastern States 14:46 (2.5), 1st McQuaid 16:53 (3M), 1st Queensbury 17:48

2005 Track: 10:18.45 (3k) 8th State


7. Briana Jackucewicz, 2009, Colts Neck H.S. Howell NJ

2005 CC: 6th Eastern States 14:51 (2.5M), 2nd Paul Short 17:45

2005 Track: NTA (16:43.02i 5k 2004)

2004 CC:

8. Ashley Higginson, 2007, Colts Neck H.S., Colts Neck NJ

2005 CC: 5th Eastern States 14:48 (2.5M), 4th Paul Short 18:05

2005 Track: 10:02.48 (3k) 3rd Penn, 10:47.91 2nd NJMOC, 17th NON 10:54.25y


9. Shelby Greany, 2009, Suffern NY

2005 CC: 7th Eastern States 14:54, 1st Wizard 17:56, 2nd Queensbury 17:58

2005 Track: 6:56.2 2k ST, 10:07.8 (3k) 1st Section


10. Kacey Gibson, 2008, Neshannock H.S., New Castle PA

2005 CC: 17:27 1st Big Red, 1st Sharpsville 17:42,

2005 Track: 5:18.5 2nd Conference, 11:24.




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