27th Foot Locker
cross country championships

the national individual championship
for US high school cross country runners

DyeStat has on-site coverage
of all regionals and the national finals.
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Dec 10, 2005
Balboa Park,
San Diego CA
Nov 26
Van Cortlandt Park
New York City
Nov 26
McAlpine Park
Charlotte NC
Nov 26
Kenosha WI
Dec 3
Walnut CA

Foot Locker Statistical Analysis

  • by Richard Randall (aka - Dyestatter) & Andrew Jervis, both students at West Chester Henderson in PA, for a school project.

  • An investigation of trends at the Foot Locker Cross Country National High School Championships in an observational study from the years 1979 through 2005 (excluding races in Orlando, FL)

  • CLICK HERE for the PDF file.

DyeStat on-site in San Diego - 80 runners converge on Coronado Island and Balboa Park for the national finals. DyeStat is gathering there too to bring you all the action for the 7th straight year. This year's crew includes John, Donna and Derek Dye, Rich Gonzalez, Steve Underwood, Marc Davis, Doug Speck, Mike Kennedy, Don Rich, and a whole bunch of photographers.

steveu's Foot Locker - analysis of the favorites and contenders

FL regional honor roll - runners who qualified for DyeStat Elite national ranking at the regional meets.

New Qualifying Procedure
Top 2 West region runners at NTN will qualify for San Diego.
Other 3 regions expanded to 10 qualifiers.
Foot Locker and Nike make announcements.

This an elite weekend at an elite hotel. A select few runners are flown to San Diego to stay at the posh Hotel del Coronado ("the Del"), one of the moxt luxurious resort hotels in America. There is sun, sand, dinner, dancing, shopping -- and, oh yes, a fierce 5k to run on Saturday over the historic hills of Balboa Park. The sun setting on the Pacific Ocean ends a day at The Del, just as Foot Locker national finals end the high school cross country season.


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