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DyeStat 2001 Outdoor

April 6-7, 2001 at Mobile AL

Mobile Meet of Champions

The Story in Pictures
Boys Track

100 - 200 - 400 - 800 - 1600 - 3200 - 110H - 300H

Boys 100

Award stand after the closest finish of the day: 3-1-2 are fr Michael Grant GA 10.86, fr Jerald Watson LA 10.52, and sr Ben Kittelson KY 10.53

Finish was too close to call without the photo timer between Watson (red, left) and Kittleson (blue)

Boys 200

Kittleson 21.32 wins the rematch over Watson 21.84 . . .

and gets handshake.

Boys 400

At the starting line

Jonathan Fortenberry
Marietta GA
Ashton Collins
J. S. Clark LA
Collins out of the blocks

Finish: Fortenberry 47.19 (right) edges Collins 47.54

Boys 800

Top seeded Catholic Pensacola FL sr Daniel Soule (left) ponders the race and Marietta GA sr Jonathan Fortenberry looks to add another gold medal. 

Big pack after one lap

Soule made a killer move with 200 meters to go, and Fortenberry followed. 

Soule wins in 1:52.04 (Fortenberry 1:54.00)

Soule gets congrats from Florida Peninsula buddies


Boys 1600


End Lap 1 - Joe Thorne, Lakeside GA, took command immediately.


Thorne wins in 4:15.12 

Boys 3200

top seed Scott Fuqua, Oak Mountain AL jr, warms up

awaiting the start: (from right) Fuqua, Pat Gavin LA, Rolf Steier FL, and Sean Stevens TN.  

the start - under the lights

Lap 1, Fuqua and Gavin lead the pack

Gavin led after 3 laps.  

Finding the pace too slow to his liking, Fuqua took back the lead through 1600 meters in 4:34.  

End of 6 laps - Fuqua is smoothly pulling away from the field.  

Fuqua finished in full command in 9:03.67.  The next three runners also broke the meet record - Stevens 9:10.09, Jake Raines MS 9:10.48, and Rolf Steier FL 9:15.07.  

Fuqua and coach have revised their goals.  As a freshman, Fuqua projected to 9:20 as a junior.  Now they are expecting sub-9:00 any day soon.  Fuqua said he had something left and felt he could have broken 9:00 tonight except for the slow second 800 meters.  

Boys 110 Hurdles

Winner Bershawn Jackson FL 14.04 -1.0 (left) gets handshake from 2nd Joshua Walker GA 14.11 as 3rd Dexter Faulk GA 14.16 looks on.  

Georgia hurdlers Walker and Faulk strain for the finish, but Jackson (out of picture in lane 1 beat them both 


Boys 300 hurdles

winner Bershawn Jackson FL has the look of the hunter after he captures his second gold medal of the day

Jackson peeks at the clock at the finish - it said 36.33, fastest in the US this year

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