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2007 Updates and Leaders!!

June 8
May 31
May 24
May 16
May 9
May 2
April 25
April 18
April 14

Points Table
Desert Vista (AZ) Boys, A&M Consolidated (TX) Girls In the Lead! check regional leaders here


June 8 - Last weekend of Nike Web Nationals and TX A&M girls and Desert Vista boys still rule
May 31 -
TX A&M girls and Desert Vista AZ boys top the ranks
May 24 - Newcomer Texas A&M Consolidated girls team comes in and takes over
May 16 - Desert Vista AZ, DeSoto TX still on top

May 9 - DeSoto TX girls hit the scene at US#1
May 2 -
Warren Central boys move up to US#2
April 25 - Desert Vista AZ boys, Kingwood TX girls lead US
April 18 - Kingwood TX Takes Over Girls Standings
April 14 - Boys - Desert Vista AZ Seizes Lead

Nike Web Nationals – YOU Can Compete For The Title

By SteveU

How Cool Would It Be …

What if there was a national high school track meet that brought together all of the best teams in the country in one place, all in peak form at the same time, with their top athletes in each event facing off in high-octane competition?

Sounds awesome, right? The true team element in what is often considered a team sport. We are fortunate in track and field to have national championship meets that bring together most of the nation’s top individual standouts in June. But having a team event like that is just a dream so far.

With Nike Web Nationals, however, the dream comes true – well, to the greatest extent possible, anyway. In a new fresh incarnation in its third year, the 2007 Nike Web Nationals has been brought together by Nike, Eastbay, and DyeStat. It aspires to bring more teams from more regions and states to the table than ever before. Bringing them together, that is, to submit their very best performances throughout the season in 10 events, and see how they rate with the best from throughout the country.

How Does It Work?

At this point, you may be asking exactly the above question.

Well, each team’s best mark in the following events will be accepted: 100m, 400m, 100/110m hurdles, mile/1500/1600, 2 mile/3000m/3200m, pole vault, high jump, long jump, shot put, and discus throw. Each mark is tallied for an overall point total, which is comparable to any team across the country.

Is it “like a decathlon?” Only in the sense that there 10 events and a rough maximum of 1,000 points per event, but the calculation of values is unique to NWN.

Decathlon scoring is based on a theoretical calculation of degree of effort to achieve different performance levels. The NWN point table is built in reference to the national record and the DyeStat Elite cutoff for an event. The national record at the start of NWN (2005) is given a value of 1,000 points. The DyeStat Elite cutoff in 2005 is assigned a value of 700. All other performances are interpolated by calculating the value of an inch or a second in the 300 point difference between the national record and the DyeStat Elite cutoff. An average performance tends to settle in the 400-500 point range, but it varies somewhat for different events. The 1000-point and 700-point performance levels are not changed from the initial values due to the value of having year-to-year comparisons. Thus, if someone beats the national record that existed in 2005, they would get more than 1,000 points.

In the near future, we will publish tables in this space with scores at different time, distance, and height intervals.

Check out this page for the info
Check out this page for the current top teams in the country and by region

While there is obviously a big thrill in competing for the NWN National Championship, don’t hesitate to play if you’re not sure if your team is quite up to that caliber. Results will also be tracked by region, so whether you’re in Maine, Florida, Arizona, or Washington, you’ll be able to compare yourself with your region counterparts. The regions are the same as they have been for NTN regions, with the states divided into the Northeast, Southeast, South, Midwest, Heartland, Southwest, Northwest, and California.

In addition, data is sortable by school size, with five classes ranging from under 500 to over 2500.

What Do You Get?

The Nike Web Nationals allows participating teams to:

• See how their team’s best track and field performances rate across the country
• See their team’s successes online
• Compare performances to other teams across the country
• Find out what scores would raise their rank
• Watch teams improve throughout the season

Each week, the regional and overall boys and girls leaders will be updated and, in this space, you will read about the top marks and how they are affecting the team race. The winners will be announced on June 16th, before – you guessed it – the Nike Outdoor Nationals.

There’s benefits for participation – and winning – beyond just what’s mentioned above.

• For signing up, a coach will receive a Nike DyeStat Dri-fit t-shirt, 10 limited-edition GHAC shirts for their team and a $25 Eastbay Reward card.
• Each week, the coaches that have updates will be placed in a drawing to receive a $100 Eastbay Reward card.
• Overall regional winners will win a $100 Eastbay Reward card.
• Overall girl and boy team winners will win Nike uniforms.



Nike Web Nationals