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April 18 Update - Kingwood TX Takes Over Girls Standings

By Kirsten Leetch and SteveU

With schools in many of the Sunbelt states entering district and region action, and things just heating up in the NW, MW, Heartland, and NE, it’s time for more schools to seriously consider how they might fare when they pit their performances against the current crop of entries in the Nike Web Nationals.

A total of 263 schools have entered so far, 141 on the boys side and 122 for the girls. Check out the national and regional standings and team marks HERE. Beyond that, check out the rankings by school size. Is there a place for your school among the best in one of those categories? Look at the marks of the schools on the rank calculator. You might be surprised how many points it adds up to when you ring up your school’s best marks.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, enter your school in this online competition. Remember, this isn’t like a regular state or national meet when sometimes a small handful of sprinters or distance runners can win the battle for a team. With the 10 event format and scoring system, excellence and balance across the board is rewarded. Points are awarded in sprints, distance events, and five field events. If you don’t have someone solid in each event, it’s going to be difficult to score high.

On the other hand, if you have someone spectacular in a few events, then some up-and-coming athletes in others, you should compete as well. Just think how a few more weeks of action, regardless of what state you live in, might improve your marks. You have nothing to lose by entering your team and everything to gain.

Here’s how things shape up across the country going as of Wednesday evening, April 18, heading into another big weekend:

National Teams:

1. Desert Vista AZ boys - Strong all around with great performances from Allante Battle in the 100m and 400m, running 10.87 and 49.03, respectively, as well as a team best in the long jump of 22’4”. Good distance marks from Matt Boughton in the 1600 (4:26.3) and 3200 (9:29.90) and good field events make this a team hard to beat.

2. The Woodlands TX boys – Alex Neff brings this team onto solid ground with his 1600m mark of 4:15.83 and 3200m mark of 9:03.00. Sprint and hurdle marks are hard to beat from this team with marks from Brian Schmitt (10.69 in the 100m), Adam Hayes (49.79 in the 400m) and Terak Haider (15.08 in the 110m hurdles).

1. Kingwood TX girls – Newcomer school this week popping to the top spot in the nation edging Murrieta Valley. Kristen Hanselka has a strong 5:03.01 and a 10:56.89 in the 1600 and 3200, and a solid 100m Hurdle by Kathryn Lupton with a time of 14.40. This team is solid across the board from the sprints to the throws. The team to beat!

2. Murrieta Valley CA girls – Good all around marks from this team. Strong in the distances with Taryn Pastoor running 5:06.89 and 10:58.9, and again a solid 110m Hurdle performance of 14.8 from Amber Middleton. Heptathlete Kelsey Rubeor throws the discus 121’5” and puts the shot 43’3” to help the cause, as well as scoring in the jumps.

Regional Teams:

Northeast boys – Monsignor Farrell NY, newcomer this week, raised the bar in the NE with huge marks from Matt Frawley running 4:21.09 in the mile, Kyle Duggan vaulting 15’6” and Sean Potter in the 110m hurdles running 15.6.

Northeast girls - No changes in this region from last week. Notre Dame NJ stays on top with strong performances from Kristen Mahon in the 400m with a 56.7 and a solid 5:39.6 1600m from Ashley Buxton.

Southeast boys – No change in the top three ranking here but a few updates on all top three teams to raise their point total. McEachern GA, ranked fifth nationally, still holds the lead with 7713 points with strong performances from William Wynne in the 400m (46.72) and 110m hurdles (13.69). Ben Hubers is a star at the distances running 4:07.78 in the 1600m and 9:08.55 in the 3200.

Southeast girls – No change in the region of rankings. Collins Hill GA stays on top with marks from Nicole Okolo in the 100m hurdle (14.32) and long jump (17’3”). Our first sub five minute mile mark from these top teams shows up here with a great performance from Jackie Drouin with a 4:57.48 mark.

Midwest boys – This is the most tightly contested region with the top three teams split by 46 points. Hononegah IL leaped to the lead with strong performances from Ryan Jacobs running 4:29.3 in the 1600m and 9:16.00 in the 3200m, as well as Nic Haab in the 110m hurdles running 15.30.

Midwest girls – No changes here in rank and not much of a change in points. Westfield IN still leads with 6915 points. Kelsey Love helps the efforts with a 59.2 400m and Maggie Bingham does too with a solid 11:30.2 3200m run.

South boys – Texas teams reign strong in this region with The Woodlands TX still standing strong at number one and number two nationally. Newcomer Kingwood TX is giving The Woodlands a run ranked number two in the Southern Region and three nationally. The Woodlands stand strong with solid marks all around in particular Alex Neff’s 9:03.00 1600m and his 4:15.83 1600m.

Heartland boys – Lee’s Summit North MO has the lead with 7382 points with strong performances from Darius Walker in the 110m hurdles with a mark of 14.39 and Scott Betsher vaulting 15’3”.

Heartland girls - Yankton SD is strong here in first place. Solid performances all around makes this the team to beat with notable performances from Betsy Bies (2005 NTN overall winner) in the 1600m (5:07.0) and 3200m (10:52.45). Ashlea Johnson also excels with a 12.7 100m run.

South Girls – Kingwood TX is the newcomer this week, grabbing both the number one spots nationally and regionally. Solid performances all around prevail with notable marks from Kathryn Lupton in the 100m hurdle of 14.40, and good distance marks from Kristen Hanselka with a 1600m mark of 5:03.01 and a 3200m mark of 10:56.89.

Northwest Boys – Grant OR leaps to the lead from a second spot from last week from strong performances from Karl Acker in the 100m (11.13) and 400m (50.72), and Paul McCoy’s long jump of 21’5”.

Northwest Girls - No changes here in rankings with Grant OR still on top. Solid sprints in the 100m from Christene Jones (13.02) and 400m from Sara Wild (58.84) lead the team.

Southwest Boys – Desert Vista AZ still stands strong as the national number one and regional number one. Solid marks all around makes this team the one to beat. Notable marks from Allante Battle in the 100m (10.87) and 400m (49.03), as well as the long jump (22’4”), and a nice mark of 15’7” in the pole vault from Shea Kearney.

Southwest Girls –Xavier College Prep AZ is a newcomer this week grabbing the top spot from last week’s top contender, Davis. Xavier College Prep’s lead marks come from Jessica Tonn’s distance performances of 4:54.57 in the 1600m (second sub-five 1600m mark from the top schools this week) and 10:46.98 in the 3200m. Natalie Johnson has also run a great mark of 55.54 in the 400m to help the team’s efforts.

CA Boys – Jesuit leaped over Los Gatos this week to grab the number one spot in the tough region. Nationally, the top three teams did slip a bit in the rankings with strong performances from outside this strong state. Jesuit excels with efforts from Evan Watchempino running well in the 1600m (4:22.67) and two mile (9:24.04), as well as Troy Casteneda’s solid performance in the vault at 14’2”.

CA Girls – Powerhouse Murrieta Valley gets knocked off the top nationally by TX’s Kingwood, but remains strong on top of the this strong state. Taryn Pastoor has run well in the 1600m (5:06.89) and 3200m (10:58.9), as well as Amber Middleton in the 100m hurdles (14.8), and Kelsey Rubeor’s throws in the discus (121’5”) and shot put (43’3”).

Rankings as of April 18, 2007
Overall Rank Boys State Points
1 Desert Vista HS Arizona 8042
2 The Woodlands HS Texas 8024
3 Kingwood HS Texas 7831 3rd last week Brenham gets knocked down to 6th place

Kingwood - new this week!
Overall Rank Girls State Points
1 Kingwood HS Texas 7637 Kingwood - new this week!
2 Murrieta Valley HS California 7563 Kicks Murrieta Valley for lead
3 The Woodlands HS Texas 7442
Overall Rank Boys State Points
22 Monsignor Farrell New York 7257 Newcomer this week!
30 Don Bosco Prep New Jersey 7093 Huge Week from Don Bosco
42 Notre Dame New Jersey 6933
Overall Rank Girls State Points
35 Notre Dame New Jersey 6097
55 Southern Regional New Jersey 5040
74 Garden City New York 3381
Overall Rank Boys State Points
5 McEachern Georgia 7713
8 Brookwood Georgia 7533
12 Flagler Palm Coast Florida 7458
Overall Rank Girls State Points
4 Collins Hill Georgia 7192
18 TC Roberson North Carolina 6849
22 Osbourn Park Virginia 6580

Overall Rank Boys State Points
26 Hononegah Illinois 7147
27 Centerville Ohio 7140
28 Rolling Meadows Illinois 7101
Overall Rank Girls State Points
17 Westfield Indiana 6915
24 Plainfield Indiana 6560
26 Defiance Ohio 6447
Overall Rank Boys State Points
15 Lee's Summit North Missouri 7382
29 Bismarck North Dakota 7095
46 Yankton South Dakota 6865
Overall Rank Girls State Points
9 Yankton South Dakota 7103
19 Iowa City West Iowa 6825
57 Beatrice Nebraska 4956
Overall Rank Boys State Points
2 The Woodlands Texas 8024
3 Kingwood Texas 7831
Newcomer this week!
6 Brenham Texas 7696
Overall Rank Girls State Points
1 Kingwood Texas 7637 Newcomer this week!
3 The Woodlands Texas 7442
14 Canyon Texas 6969
Overall Rank Boys State Points
18 Grant Oregon 7328
32 Mt Spokane Washington 7072
40 Cheyenne Wyoming 6945
Overall Rank Girls State Points
25 Grant Oregon 6523
30 Hillsboro Oregon 6319
42 Mount Ranier Washington 5660
Overall Rank Boys State Points
1 Desert Vista Arizona 8042
4 Davis High Utah 7716
7 Albuquerque Academy New Mexico 7675
Overall Rank Girls State Points
10 Xavier College Prep Arizona 7086 Newcomer this week
15 Davis Utah 6949
46 Thompson Valley Colorado 5468
Overall Rank Boys State Points
9 Jesuit CA 7528
10 Los Gatos CA 7504
11 Vista Murrieta CA 7481

Overall Rank Girls State Points
2 Murrieta Valley CA 7563
5 Dana Hills CA 7176
6 Glendora CA 7147

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