Foot Locker Cross Country
Nov 25 - Dec 9, 2006

a DyeStat featured meet

Donna on the Side at 2006 Foot Locker Nationals

Part 1 - scene
Part 2 - winners
Part 3 - the wave
Part 4 - sideline supporters
Part 5 - the races
Part 6 - potpourri

by Donna Dye

The sun rises.....the races begin!

All eyes on the jumbotron for a front row seat.


"Dad, can you believe it? I won. I won the whole thing." Kathy Kroeger tells Dad, back home in Tenneessee. Mom, Nancy Kroeger stands by.
Kaitlyn Vanatta so CO gets a hug from mom.
Aurora Scott jr VA after the race.
2nd Aurora Scott jr VA with her parents Spencer and Ozella (back row in yellow and pink)
family, coaches and friends.
4th Kaitie Vanatta so CO with her parents Chris and Mike
9th Carly Seymour fr PA with her family and fans
9th Carly Seymour and mom, Paula
Midwest Girsl: 20th Emily Infeld jr OH; 11th Katelyn Bastert sr IL; 6th Alex Grits sr MN
13th Emilie Amaro jr FL with her family and fans.
15th Cory McGee fr MS with her family, coaches and fans
17th Alex Banfich jr IN with fellow Plymouth IN Hoosier, John Dye.
18th Alison Smith sr MD with her coach and dad
21st Kayla Hale so FL with her parents Jim and Sue
24th Jessica Tonn fr AZ and 34th Elizabeth Coe jr CA with their fans.
Jessica Tonn with her family, coach and fans.
28th Rita Jorgensen sr TN family, coach and fans
35th Kristen McGlynn sr CO with her parents George and Susie and coach Jeanie Boynel
36th Alex Kosinski sr CA with her frend Joe.
South Girls: Cory McGee, Rita Jorgensen, Virginia Hine and Kathy Kroeger



1st Chad Hall and 2nd Craig Forys congratulate.
Chad gets a hug from mom.
Fans celebrate with Chad.
1st Chad Hall sr CA with his parents Mickey and Susie
Chad and big brother Ryan Hall. Ryan an elite runner in high school is now a professional athlete.
2nd Craig Forys sr NJ and 12th Brandon Jarrett jr NJ(yellow shirt) hangs out with the Jersey crowd.
3rd Steve Murdock sr NY gets a lift from his family and coach after a tough race.
8th Matthew Centrowitz sr MD with parents Matt and Beverly
13th Russell Farnsworth sr ID with his former coaches and fans.
14th Jake Reily sr WA with his parents Ralph and Kathi Peacock
Northeast Guys: (from left) 16th Sintayehu Taye jr MA, 17th Ryan Collins sr MA, and 8th Matthew Centrowitz sr MD
18th Richard Medina sr CO with his Coach; parents Martin (black hat) and Rose and Aunt Esperanza Espy (r)
27th Anguel Tolev sr CO with Coach Suzanne Hammerschmidt
29th Evan Appel so CO with his family and coaches: (from left) Coach Mike Callor, Evan, coach Mark Stenbeck; parents, Scott and Ann; and brother, Austin
33rd Elliott Heath sr MN
Elliott Heath with his fan club: (from left) Carol roth, Elliott, Linda Heath, Judy Lawson, Grace Roth Stephanie Roth
36th Luke Lovelace jr SC with his parents Oscar and May


Part 1 - scene
Part 2 - winners
Part 3 - the wave
Part 4 - sideline supporters
Part 5 - the races
Part 6 - potpourri

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