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1/24/98 at Princeton University, Princeton NJ

New Jersey

Princeton Relays

Detailed Results courtesy of Reuben Frank



Summary by Ed Grant

Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 18:04:02 -0500

From: "Edward  J. Grant" <[email protected]>

Subject: t-and-f: Princeton Relays


        Some of the top performances of the current Eastern indoor HS

season were turned in today at the Princeton Relays.

        Simon Gratz of Phiadelphia dominated the girls' action, tripling in

the 800R, 1600R and 3200R at 1:43.2, 3:54.4MR and 9:33.5MR. Boys and Girls

of Brooklyn won the boys' 3200R in a record 7:55.8 and the DMR in 10:29.2.

It was the second time this winter that these two schools had crossed the

Delaware and Hudson Rivers, respectively to make such strong showings.

Their previous visit was to the Seton Hall meet just four weeks earlier.

        Columbia of South Orange-Maplewood held up the home state's honor

by taking the girls' DMR in 12:15.6, second fastest in the nation this

winter. Natalie Deffenbaugh and Dara Crocker, member's of the 1997 Penn

Relays champs at this distance and also of the national record-seeting

(indoors and out) 3200R team, ran the 1200M and 1600M legs in 3:42.2 and


        The meet also produced the second fastest boys' 800R in the nation

this winter wwith Rob Gary of NJ's Lenape HS running a 21.6 anchor leg to

give Lenape a 1:31.4 win over Glen Mills of Pennsylvania.

        Individual field event action was highlightd by a MR 39-1 1/4 TJ

for Jamillah Wade of Simon Gratz, another MR 49-5 1/2 TJ for Tuan Wreh of

Maryland's Richard Montgomery HS and a 60-1 3/4 SP for Keith Rzewuski of

St. Joseph, Metuchen (NJ).


        Mile: 1-Ernest Reynolds, Woodson (DC) 4:28.5. 2-Greg Lugones,

Lawrenceville (NJ) 4:28.9. 3-Dan Babich, North Edison (NJ) 4:30.4. 4-Brad

Einboden, St. Marys Ryder (Md) 4:30.9. 5-Steve Gross, State College (Pa)


        HJ: 1-Ivan Schmidt, Penncrest (Pa) 6-6. 2-D.K. Osseo-Asare, State

College (Pa) 6-4. 3-Alan Fryer, St. Benedict's(NJ) 6-4.

        PV: 1-Austin Romberger, State College 14-1MR. 2-Mike Castelein,

Downington (Pa) 13-6.

        LJ: 1-David Gary, Cheltenham, Pa 22-8. 2-Alan Fryer, St. Benedict's

22-3. 3-Gerren Ryan, Central (Phil.) 22-1. 4-Ernest Tymes, Penn Wood (Pa)

21-10 1/2. 5-Erik Newby, Mervo (Md) 21-10 1/4.

        TJ: 1-Tuan Wreh, Montgomery 49-5 1/2MR. 2-Bob Thompson, Penn Wood

47-1 1/4. 3-Taj Hill, Central 46-4 3/4. 4-Gerren Ryan, Central 44-3.

5-David Gary, Cheltenham 43-5.

        SP: 1-Keith Rzewuski, St. Joseph's 60-1 3/4. 2-Liam Morton,

Chaminade (NY) 55-4 1/4. 3-Frank Simmons, Glen Mills (Pa) 54-5. 4-Joe

McAliley, Glen Mills 51-10 1/2. 5-Jon Andes, St. Joseph's (Metuchen)


        800R: 1-Lenape 1:31.4. 2-Glen Mills 1:31.5. 3-Bensalem (Pa) 1:32.9.

4-Thomas Jefferson (?) and Mervo (Md) 1:.3.3.2. 6-Southwestern (Md) 1:33.3.

        1600R: 1-St. Benedict's 3:24.4. 2-Boys and Girls 3:24.9. 3-Metuchen

(NJ) 3:25.2. 4-Plainfield 3:25.5. 5-Glen Mills 3:26.3. 6-Penn Wood 3:26.6.

        3200R: 1-Boys and Girls 7:55.8mR. 2-LaSalle (Phil) 7:57.2. 3-North

Penn (Pa) 8:07.3. 4-Glen Mills 8:09.6. 5-Central Bucks East (Pa) 8:15.2.

6-Newark Arts (NJ) 8:15.4.

        Distance Medley: 1-Boys and Girls 10:29.2. 2-North Penn 10:34.4.

3-Henderson (Pa) 10:44.2.

        Shuttle Hurdles: 1-Woodlawn (Md)31.4. 2-Camden (NJ) 31.9.

3-Willingboro (NJ) 32.1. 4-Phoenixville (Pa.) & Penncrest (Pa.) 32.2.

6-Shawnee 32.3.



        Mile: 1-Sheila Klick, Archbishop Prendergast (Pa) 5:05.9. 2-Carla

Costantini, Truman (Pa) 5:16.9. 3-Natalie DiFelice, Sun Valley (Pa.)

5;17.5. 4-Lisa Jevers, Horsemead (Md) 5:18.6.

        HJ: 1-Sharon Appell, Great Valley (Pa.) 5-4. 2-Emily Owens,

Montgomery 5-4. 3-Cathleen Campbell, Lower Merion (Pa) 5-4. 

        LJ-1-Bridgette Ingram, Columbia 18-1. 2-Lakeema Lewis, Plainfield

(NJ) 17-11. 3-Selena Johnson, Penn Wood 17-5 3/4.

         TJ-Jamillah Wade, Gratz 39-1 1/4MR. 2-Michawne Campbell, Mt.

Vernon (NY) 35-7 1/2. 3-Fatima Abbas, Walter Johnson (Md) 34-9 1/4.

        SP: 1-Nacole Moore, Bridgeton 41-4 1/4. 2-Melinda Boykin, Bridgeton

39-0. 3-Nicole Scott, Willingboro 36-6 1/2. 4-Colleen Shump, Penncreat


        800R: 1-Gratz 1:.43.2. 2-Chester (Pa) 1:44.7. 3-Penn Wood 1:45.8.

4-Penncrest 1:46.3. 5-Willingboro 1:47.3. 6-Montgomery 1:47.6.

        1600R: 1-Gratz 3:54.4MR. 2-Chester 3:55.9. 3-Willingboro 3:59.0.

4-Elizabeth Seton (Md) 4:03.0. 5-Mt. Vernon 4:04.9. 6-Nazareth 9Pa) 4:05.3.

        3200R: 1-Gratz 9:33.5MR. 2-Willingboro 9:36.9. 3-Council Rock (Pa)

9:50.7. 4-Southside (?) 9:52.8. 5-Walter Johnson 9:58.8.

        Distance Medley: 1-Columbia 12:15.6. 2-Nazareth 12:29.1. 3-Ridley

(Pa) 12:40.5. 4-Villa Maria 12:44.1. 5-Gratz 12:49.2. 6-State College (Pa)


        Shuttle Hurdles: 1-Notre Dame 32.2. 2-PennWood 32.5. 3-Willingboro

32.9. 4-Columbia 34.2. 5-Elizabeth Seton 34.5.

                                                Ed Grant 


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