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Summer running camps provide high school athletes with great opportunities, including the chance to improve their fitness, mentally prepare for another season and form friendships that will last a lifetime. DyeStat has compiled some 2008 camp experiences from around the country.

Compiled and edited by Laura Magee

Steens Mt Running Camp photos at Kevin Jantzer Creations - MORE California camp pics at DyeStatCal

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Camp Name
Describe your skit night or talent show performance. The group I ran with...
The most useful thing I learned at camp was... How will camp experience benefit you this fall?
Briarwood Running Camp

Furlong PA
We changed the lyrics to "Scotty Doesn't Know" by Lustra and played a live acoustic version; in the end, my friend Ivo belly-danced wearing a speedo (he spends alot of time in Europe)
- Patrick
Mostly, I ran with my team. We had 6 guys there, and they are a good group; 5 seniors (including me), and one sophomore. I have been running with them for years, but this week was lots of fun.
- Patrick
Live in the moment; we are always expected to look ahead to college, but you still need to enjoy what you are doing while you are doing it, and not let it pass you by. JB Haglund taught us this in his college talk.
- Patrick

The biggest things I take from camp are being closer with my teammates, meeting kids from other teams (more of an advantage in life than the fall season), and getting advice from runners and coaches who have been through the same things we have been through.
- Patrick

Cal Poly Distance Running Camp

San Luis Obispo CA
I believe I ran with the guys that were looking to go longer.
- Chris
Learning about life as an athlete in college, the drills and different group circuits.
- Taylor & Alice
I strongly believe the skills I learned this past week will cross over into my upcoming seasons.
- Chris
Humboldt State University Distance Running Camp

Arcata CA
It varied, I got to meet a lot of new people that pushed me and shared the same passion that I have.
I learned how to improve my running form because of the drills we learned.
- Rosie
It will serve as a great memory for times when running just sucks. It’ll be great motivation when I’m on hills or even when I’m just meeting new people. Camp is AWESOME. It brings out the best in everyone.

Melody Fairchild Running Camp

Boulder CO
They were fun, energetic, and had a great sense of humor.
- Megan
If you believe in yourself you can do anything.
- Megan
I think this fall season I will be more motivated to run. I will also have more tools to help me become a better runner.
- Megan
Santa Barbara Cross Country/ Track & Field Camp
Santa Barbara CA
On the last night, we got in groups to make a song. Personally, I just helped with the lyrics. I didn't do much singing...
- Geoff
The group I ran with was a group of girls, pushing themselves to their limits.
- Dani
A lot of race strategy tips as well as tips on being confident as a runner.
- Geoff
I gained knowledge about better running techniques and race strategies which will significantly improve the quality of my runs.
- Bryan
Steens Mountain Running Camp

Burns OR
We acted as cheerleaders and made fun of everyone.
- Seth
The group I ran with was pretty tough, we made it through the rough trails.
- Ashley
The most useful thing I learned was how I can encourage people when they feel like giving up. As I am going to be a captain on my team this year, all of the team-oriented activities were very helpful.
- Trevor

My camp experience will help benefit me this fall just like it has the last two camps have, they make me tougher and more involved with my team. This year, I really hope to break 18 minutes and all of my performances at camp show me moving toward that goal, which excites me a lot.
- Ashley