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Summer running camps provide high school athletes with great opportunities, including the chance to improve their fitness, mentally prepare for another season and form friendships that will last a lifetime. DyeStat has compiled some 2008 camp experiences from around the country.

Compiled and edited by Laura Magee

Steens Mt Running Camp photos at Kevin Jantzer Creations - MORE California camp pics at DyeStatCal

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Camp Name
The most interesting counselor at camp was...
The most challenging run of the week... Why did you choose this camp? The funniest thing at camp was...
How many miles did you run at camp?

Briarwood Running Camp

Furlong PA

JB Haglund; a 4X NCAA D3 champ for Haverford. I've known him for years, and he is always fun to be around. Not only is he a very talented runner, he is a very interesting person.
- Patrick,
Wynnewood PA
Probably the 11-miler on Thursday morning. It is a long run (longest of the week for most) and there is a massive hill in the 6th mile. We usually run the 11-miler very hard.
- Patrick
Good coaches, family friend of owner Gary Gordon and Head of the camp, Fred Rosenfeld.
- Patrick
Probably my bunk skit
- Patrick
Cal Poly Distance Running Camp

San Luis Obispo CA

Kimberly and Lauren because they were very interactive, funny, and gave us a great perspective on their college experiences.
- Taylor & Alice, Berkeley CA
Poly Canyon...I liked the challenging hills.
- Chris, Salinas CA
I favor Cal Poly, and I have a brother that goes here.
All of the times with our counselors.
- Taylor & Alice
About 65
- Taylor & Alice

Humboldt State University Distance Running Camp

Arcata CA
All of the counselors I met with this week were very kind and inspirational.
- Rosie, Pleasant Hill CA
Tall Trees
- Cary, Mt. Shasta CA
My team has been coming for years, and I was hooked after my freshman year.
Crawling up the stairs to the third floor with my roommate trying to get to the showers first after a long run.
-Allie, Bayside CA
- Sara
- Cary
About 56
- Rosie
43 miles
- Allie
Melody Fairchild Running Camp

Boulder CO

Terry, because he has a great outlook on life and is completely inspirational.
- Megan,
Chippewa Falls WI
The most challenging run was the 16 mile run/hike over the Continental Divide.
- Sam, Boulder CO
...because I knew what Melody accomplished in high school, and she is just the most inspirational person I’ve ever met! Also, I was extremely excited to run at altitude to get stronger and prepared for my first year of hs cross country.
- Sam

The funniest thing at camp was when we were at the Cheesecake Factory.
- Megan
Around 50
- Megan
Santa Barbara Cross Country/ Track & Field Camp

Santa Barbara CA
That would be DJ...or "General Fun" as we liked to call him. There was nothing that he couldn't make funny and his degree in Classical Opera made him that much more enjoyable to be around. Wow, that guy can sing!
-Bryan, Irvine CA
The most challenging run of the week was a hour run with a 15min tempo.
- Dani, Downey CA
Location, coaching staff, reputation
- Bryan
The funniest thing that happened at the camp was the games.
- Dani
About 35-40
- Dani

About 40 miles
- Bryan


- Geoff
Steens Mountain Running Camp

Burns OR
Matt Dettman, it was cool talking to an Oregon runner.
-Seth, Bend OR
The most challenging run at this camp was probably the Uphill 5k. It is pretty much uphill the whole way and very challenging. But everyone works together to make sure no one gives up, so it’s a very cool race.
- Ashley, Lakeview OR
To become an overall better and tougher runner.
- Seth
Definitely the skits at the end of the camp where the teams made fun of other tents and counselors.
- Trevor, Kodiak AK

Only about 40 miles, the different challenges definitely made up for it.
- Trevor

About 38 miles.
- Ashley

About 65 miles
- Seth