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Heartland Regional
November 15, 2008 at Sioux Falls SD

Iowa - Kansas - Minnesota - Nebraska - North Dakota
South Dakota - Wisconsin

Donna on the Side
by Donna Dye
 Part 1 - The Scene
Part 2 - Meet Dinner
Part 3 -  The Meet
Part 4 - Entertainment
 Part 5 - Heading for Portland
Part 6 - Championship Races
Part 7 - Open Races
Part 8 - Freshman - Sophomore Races
 Part 9 - Everything Else on the Side
Part 10 - The Wave
Part 11 - Workerbees

Dinner Time - Meet and Greet

The Friday night dinner party was a time to relax, meet new friends and hear from a professional Nike athlete, Matt Tegenkamp.  The food was good, Matt's talk was inspirational, the company fun.  But the most engaging and highlight event of the event was the T-shirt exchange.  It was a bring a shirt, take a shirt event.  Kids lined up.  Then, when given the ok, they ran to the tables to get a shirt of their choice.  It was a fun warm up for the Saturday regional races.




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Donna on the Side