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Heartland Regional
November 15, 2008 at Sioux Falls SD

Iowa - Kansas - Minnesota - Nebraska - North Dakota
South Dakota - Wisconsin

Donna on the Side
by Donna Dye
 Part 1 - The Scene
Part 2 - Meet Dinner
Part 3 -  The Meet
Part 4 - Entertainment
 Part 5 - Heading for Portland
Part 6 - Championship Races
Part 7 - Open Races
Part 8 - Freshman - Sophomore Races
 Part 9 - Everything Else on the Side
Part 10 - The Wave
Part 11 - Workerbees

There was entertainment!

In between warming up, racing, watching and cheering, there was entertainment for people to enjoy.  On the stage there were two different dance groups.  On the microphone there was a trivia content based on Heartland and local facts. 

One group of dancers was from the Flandreau Indian School and another from the Midwest Dance Center in Sioux Falls.  The Flandreau Indian School is an off reservation boarding school providing quality education for Native Americans.  Students come from various tribes across the United States.  The dancers wore dress from their respective tribe.  The costumes were very colorful and as one of the dancers said:  "very heavy."

"Breakdancing" was the other dancing, performed by students of the Midwest Dance Center.  Their moves were very physical.  While eyes were on the dancers, bodies swayed and toes tapped on the side.  Great way to keep warm.


More Dancers.....

Donna at NXN Heartland - Entertainment