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Utah Indoor 2000

1/5 Utah Newsletter

by Roger Buhrley

Utah Track and Field News January 5, 2000

UHSTCA Dec 10th Meeting
A big thanks to Bart Jorgensen of Parks Sportsman for
providing the meal, and to Evan Excell and Dave Wilkey
of the UHSAA for providing a great deal of insight to the
issues that were covered. Thanks to Timo Mostert for
setting up the facility. And finally, thanks to Alan Hansen
and Shane Quilling for all of their work to keep the
UHSTCA a viable organization. This will just be a
summary of the issues covered at the meeting.
Survey Issues (sent out to all Athletic Directors
at the start of the school year)

Cross Country Meet Date- It's very hard to move the
date later in the year unless an acceptable alternative site is
found. Several possibilities have been presented, but none
seem to be realistic at this time. Water is shut off at
Sugarhouse, they won't let us use it on Saturday, etc.

Cross Country Meet Site- Although several concerns
with Sugarhouse were expressed, there is an overwhelming
desire to keep the meet there. Issues that must be addressed
with the site are:
1. Problems with interference from fans, vehicles, etc. -
more help needed to marshal the course
2. Safety
3. Fairness to athletes
4. Course problems- specifically the bridge, start, finish,
sharp turn in northwest corner, etc.
a. Is there a better way to start and end the course
while still keeping it's integrity?
5. Bathroom facilities
6. Possibility of charging admission
7. Position Statement of Association- will be forthcoming.
Let us know ASAP if you have suggestions

Pole Vault Helmets - Strongly Recommended by our
association, but not required

Pole Vault Education and Testing- Clinics and
possibly a presentation via EDNET as well as a Tape will
be mandatory for all schools. A position statement of
Association and specifics will be forthcoming.

Girls Pole Vault- although all but 15 states have the
girls vault, and the vote is about 3-2 in favor, there is still
too much opposition to including it at this time.

4x800m Relay- Possibility to try for this year. The
vote is 2-1 in favor. 33 states run the 4x800, four states run
the 1600m medley relay (actually only Utah and South
Dakota run both boys and girls 1600m medley relays.
Idaho and Iowa boys run 1600, girls run 800m medley's.)
Triple Jump- 50-50 - not high enough for consideration
at this time.

Provisional Marks- hard to monitor- goal would be to
fill lanes in relays- how to select teams is the problem.
Suggestions are welcome.

Smaller Qualifying Invitationals (adopted)- Main
issue concerns adoption of marks for State Records.
Further information will be coming out.

Size and Site of State Track Meet- Dave and Evan
presented many obstacles to splitting the meet
1. The relationship and cooperation with BYU
2. Doubling the number of officials
3. Most small schools don't want to go elsewhere
4. Cost of running two meets
5. Proposal for making it a three-day event- is a
possibility- possible schedule in being drawn up
a. Would allow for awards to be "awarded"
b. Would allow warmup time for field events
6. Schedules will be revamped with changes in the field
7. Starting heights will be evaluated for 2000
Other Issues Covered

Javelin Standards- IAAF javelins are mandatory this
year. Safety Guidelines and form for coach to sign
acknowledging their safety practices will be forthcoming.

Uniform Rule Interpretations- Much discussion
concerning body suits. However, National rule cannot be
superceded. Still some room for interpretation-

Cross Country Qualifying- Why a "one-shot only"?
An option- Each region would be allowed to enter one
"hardship" athlete as an individual if their team doesn't
qualify. Discussion will be welcomed.

USU Clinics- USU- Hurdle Camp Jan 7, 5:00 pm:
Vault and Throws Camps Jan 8, 9:00 am: Sprint Camp Jan
8, 1:00 pm. Also, there will be camps held March 10th and
11th. Contact Coach Collier [(435)797-2058] for more info.
Pole Vault / Hurdle Clinic / Camp- Will be held at
Dixie High School, January 14-15. Contact Roger Buhrley
[(801)775-0122] for more information.

Summer Track- Timo Mostert has information

Outdoor Schedule- UHSTCA Meet- two days, boys
the first (March 31), girls the second (April 1)

Athlete and Coach of the Year - Is there a better way
to choose? Possibility of a committee to select Athlete of
the Year for each classification was proposed and approved.
There was near unanimous support for doing away with
Coach of the Year- perhaps starting a Coaches Hall of
Fame is a better choice for our award. Suggestions are

Dues- Shane pointed out that it should be impossible
for coaches to not know there is a coaches association for
track and cross country. Send dues to Doyle Holt at Kearns
High School.

Timing System- Floyd Ormsby has a timing system he
is willing to demonstrate. Contact Floyd at (801) 277-9042.
THANKS!!! to all who took the time to attend and

Foot Locker West Regional
As has been the case in recent years, Utah athletes
showed why the state is considered a hotbed for cross
country. Except for the much larger, host state, Utah
dominated the meet. Near ideal Southern California
weather conditions coupled with great competition led to
some outstanding performances.

In the seeded races, Provo's Josh Rohatinsky defended
his title covering the 5000 meter course in 15:37. Although
the time was a few seconds slower than his 1998 winning
effort, it appeared he was saving some for the finals to be
held the next week. He became only the 13th male to qualify
for three national finals. Orem's Golden Harper ran a
great race to finish 3rd in 15:59, giving Utah two national
finalists in the boys race. Bingham's Jeff Bullock was 11th,
missing a trip to the nationals by 16 seconds.

Bingham's Laura Zeigle earned a trip to Florida by
placing 4th in the Girls Seeded race with a time of 18:16.
East's Phebe Ko placed 9th in 18:59 to finish just one spot
out of becoming a national finalist. Zeigle seemed to run
comfortably, perhaps saving something for Florida.

#5 Parent/Coach- 3. Paul Pilkington, Roy (16:04); 4. Phil
Olsen, Provo (16:08); 12. Cameron Smith, Orem (16:53);
21. Glen Combe, Northridge (17:16); 25. Mike Kirk, ??
(17:21); 29. Timo Mostert, Am Fork (17:35); 49. Jon
Bowen, Murray (18:21); 50. Craig Fletcher, Davis (18:21).
#6 Freshmen Girls- 1. Kine Bjerga, Canyon View (19:45);
5. Amber Harper, Orem (20:14); 6. Lindsey Wilkinson, Mt
View (20:29); 10. Jamie Stubbs, Fremont (20:34); 11.
Andrea Stevens, Cottonwood (20:37); 18. Jenna Taylor,
Provo (21:00).
#7 Freshmen Boys- 20. David Shumway, Mt View
(18:56); 22. Chris Foster, Orem (19:01).
#8 Freshmen Boys- 2. Brandon Hebbert, Lone Peak
(17:18); 12. Steven Shepherd, Weber (18:18); 15. Mike
Steele, Mt View (18:29); 19. Sterling Goodwin, Mt View
(18:40); 23. Matthew Scott, SLC (18:55).
#9 Sophomore Girls- 8. Megan Matson, Orem (20:55); 20.
Brittany Bodine, Orem (21:44).
#10 Sophomore Girls- 6. Emily Bybee, Mt View (20:59).
#11 Sophomore Boys- 2. Jay Wentz, Am Fork (17:01); 18.
Clark Nielson, Orem (17:47); 21. Dustin Ormond, Orem
#12 Sophomore Boys- 11. Jason Hunt, Bingham (17:45);
22. Kent Hansen, SkyView (18:18); 23. Taylor Price,
Murray (18:19).
#13 Sophomore Boys- 16. Robert Espinosa, Orem
(18:06); 19. Ryan Greene, Logan (18:15); 20. Jared
Dimick, Bingham (18:16); 23. Richard Bennett, Davis
#14 Junior Girls- 1. Janene Whitley, Lone Peak (19:53); 2.
Elise Greenwood, Am Fork (20:10); 12. Chelsy Webb,
Davis (21:22); 22. Ashley Holt, Pl Grove (22:01);
#15 Junior Girls- 4. Meagan Schmutz, Cedar (20:58); 5.
Jennifer Brusch, Cottonwood (20:59); 7. Alisha Bezanson,
Cedar (21:08); 8. Rachel Kocherhans, Mt View (21:10); 13.
Lida Clapier, Skyline (21:20); 17. Leilani Bahr, Provo
#17 Junior Boys- 4. Ryan Andreasen, Box Elder (17:30);
6. Joseph Micham, Shelley (17:36); 10. Mark Hutchinson,
Provo (17:45); 11. Matthew Haberman, Bingham (17:51);
12. Bennion Redd, Orem (17:56).
#18 Junior Boys- 16. Daniel Call, Mt Crest (17:44); 17.
Sam Wolf, East (17:47).
#19 Senior Girls- 1. Kathrine Anderson, Davis (20:05); 2.
Catherine Creasy, Davis (20:18); 3. Amanda Archuleta,
Orem (20:30); 5. Jaime Pedersen, Bingham (20:46); 12.
Sharee Hatch, Mt Crest (21:22); 15. Jenni Bean, Davis
(21:29); 16. Kamie Sheffer, Bingham (21:34); 17. Kodi
Steele, Mt View (21:36); 19. Kristi Andersen, Orem
#20 Senior Girls- 8. Andrea Turley, Mt Crest (21:04); 9.
Kristen Coombs, Layton (21:18); 12. Carma Douglas,
Richfield (21:32); 13. Stephanie Hart, Cedar (21:35); 14.
Arianne Einfeldt, Cedar (21:36); 17. Jennifer Morris, SLC
(21:53); 20. Kristie Wolfley, Bingham, (22:04); 21. Andrea
Chugg, Fremont (22:07); 22. Robyn Willie, East (22:11);
24. Lorraine Looner, Brighton (22:17).
#21 Senior Boys- 3. Justin Pattee, Provo (17:23); 6. Curt
Adams, Wasatch (17:32); 9. Marc Davis, Mt View (17:35);
17. Jacob Jensen, Lone Peak (17:56); 22. Brandon Barclay,
Bountiful (18:09); 23. Paul Dixon, Orem (18:13); 24. Kit
Menlove, Alta (18:14).
#22 Senior Boys- 17. Jesse Baumgartner, Cedar (18:05);
18. Joe Cummins, Judge (18:06); 20. Todd Mack, Orem
(18:07); 22. Christopher Holdener, Alta (18:11).
#23 Senior Boys- 2. Justin King, Davis (17:17); 3. James
Neeway, Judge (17:18); 4. Jason Ross, Northridge (17:22);
7. Trent Vukich, Bingham (17:23); 8. Jason Carroll, Alta
(17:24); 12. Jon Schmidt, Brighton (17:38); 14. J.D.
Casperson, Fremont (17:48); 23. Justin Wheeler, Mt Crest
#24 Seeded Girls- 4. Laura Zeigle, Bingham (18:16);
9. Phebe Ko, East (18:59); 16. Michelle Hatch, Mt
Crest (19:13); 17. Kassi Andersen, Provo (19:15); 21.
Jess Winters, Bingham (19:23); 29. Jacqueline Zeigle,
Bingham (19:34); 30. Emily King, Davis (19:35); 32.
Charity Catmull, Bingham (19:37); 42. Christi Howell,
Sp Fork (19:51); 47. Heidi Bouwhuis, Fremont
(19:56); 48. Lisa Paxton, Bingham (19:57); 65. Stacie
Grover, Bingham (20:13); 68. Tiffany Strickland, Mt
View (20:19); 73. Sheena Curtis, Mt Crest (20:24);
76. Lynette Mantz, Bingham (20:27).
#25 Seeded Boys- 1. Josh Rohatinsky, Provo (15:37);
3. Golden Harper, Orem (15:59); 11. Jeff Bullock,
Bingham (16:19); 16. Dustin Bybee, Mt View (16:24);
24. Colby Frazier, Sp Fork (16:33); 26. Seth
Pilkington, Roy (16:34); 39. Brett Andrus, Mt View
(16:42); 41. Brock Call, Mt View (16:43); 42.
Chandler Goodwin, Mt View (16:43); 44. Matt
Hansen, East (16:44); 51. Joseph Bendoski, Provo
(16:50); 52. Mark Lott, Fremont (16:50); 57. Tyceson
Low, Bingham (16:53); 61. Parker Low, Bingham
(16:55); 73. Duncan Lindquist, Judge (17:04.

Foot Locker nationals
Utah was well represented at the Foot Locker
National Championships held December 11 in Orlando,
Florida. Running with the lead pack most of the race,
Provo's Josh Rohatinaky finished in 4th place with a
time of 14:36. Michigan's Dathan Ritzenhein won the
title with a time of 14:29. Illinois' Don Sage (14:33),
and Oregon's Ian Dobson (14:34) also finished ahead
of Rohatinsky. Orem's Golden Harper completed a
great high school cross country career as he finished
10th in 15:10. Has there ever been two from Utah in
the top ten? Doubtful.

Bingham's Laura Zeigle felt she was not at the
top of her game, but still finished 12th in 17:40.
Victoria Chang of Hawaii won the title in 17:05.

Lady Miners named National Champions
It's official: The Bingham Lady Miners were
named the 1999 National Cross Country Champions
by Harrier Magazine. The title is another feather in the
cap of Coach Jeff Arbogast. How many have
coached teams that have won both boys and girls
national championships? Anyone besides Dave Houle
of Mountain View? The Bruins bid to repeat as
national champions came up short as York, Illinois was
declared the winner. Mountain View finished 2nd. The
Miner boys finished the year ranked 11th, making this a
banner year for Bingham.

Bingham was led by Foot Locker finalist Laura
Zeigle, but she had plenty of help from twin sister
Jackie, Lisa Paxton, Lisa Campbell, Jess Winter,
Charity Catmull, Stacie Grover and Lynette
Mantz. Not only was this team declared the national
champions, but high school track/cross country guru
Doug Speck has tabbed them the best girls team ever.
With their performances at the Great American Cross
Country Festival and the State 5A Championships,
who can argue? Congratulations to the Lady Miners,
Coach Arbogast, and wife Debbie, the person behind
the scenes.

collegiate action
Southern Utah stages Huge Upset in
the Mountain Regional
Southern Utah University pulled off one of the
great upsets of all time as it captured the Mountain
Regional Men's title over nationally ranked teams
from Colorado, BYU, Weber State and Utah. The
Thunderbirds used a two-three finish from Curtis
Moore and Jody Benson to finish with 57 points to
Colorado's 61 and BYU's 91. Weber State finished
5th with 132 points. BYU and Weber were chosen as
at-large teams to compete with SUU in the national
championships, while Utah's Chris Merkley and
Travis Hildebrand received invitations as individual
In the women's team race, BYU's top five
finished with a four-second split to sweep places two-
six. Their 20 points easily defeated closest
competitors Colorado (55) and Northern Arizona (95).
Utah State was the next highest Utah college,
finishing 5th with 151 points. While no other Utah
colleges were chosen for at-large berths, Utah's
Johanna Nielsen earned a trip to the nationals as one
of the top individual finishers.
Women's Team Scores- 1. Brigham Young (20); 2.
Colorado (55); 3. Northern Arizona (95); 4. Montana State
(162); 5. Utah State (171); 6. Idaho State (174); 7. Weber
State (175).... 11. Southern Utah (244)... 13. Utah (276).
Women's Individual Results- 1. Kara Wheeler,
Colorado (16:39); 2. Sharolyn Shields, BYU (17:03); 3.
*Elizabeth Jackson, BYU (17:05); 4. *Susan Taylor, BYU
(17:05); 5. *Tara Rohatinsky, BYU (17:07); 6. *Kara
Ormond, BYU (17:07)... 12. *Johanna Nielsen, Utah
(17:29)... 15. Laura Heiner, BYU (17:34)... 18. Angie
Winkler, USU (17:47)... 21. Jill Rencher, BYU (17:58)...
27. *Genny Minnoch, WSU (18:10)... 31. *Beka Barron,
USU (18:18)... 33. *Kelly Hansen, WSU (18:21)... 41.
Rebekah Thonley, USU (18:32); 42. *Angie Beck, WSU
(18:34); 43. *Loni Spencer, USU (18:38)... 45. *Ilene
Dixon, SUU (18:39)... 46. *Teresa Rice, SUU (18:39)...
52. *Cynthia Losee, WSU (18:51)... 54. *Jackie Jensen,
WSU (18:57)... 56. *Robyn Adams, Park City (19:03)...
61. *Angie Poulsen, WSU (19:06)... 64. *Robyn Hill,
WSU (19:11)... 66. *Kelly Moore, SUU (19:20)... 71.
Daisy Freedman, Utah (19:23); 72. *Shae Messersmith,
USU (19:24)... 74. *Julie Osguthorpe, Utah (19:28); 75.
Karen Olsen, USU (19:29); 76. *Robyn Truman, SUU
(19:29)... 78. *Amber Tubb, USU (19:32); 79. *Shelby
Steele, SUU (19:34)... 82. *Jandee Hood, SUU (19:39).
* = Utah High School Graduates
Men's Team Scores- 1. Southern Utah (57); 2. Colorado
(61); 3. Brigham Young (91); 4. Northern Arizona
(124); 5. Weber State (132); 6. Idaho State (158); 7. Utah
(175)... 13. Utah State (288).
Men's Individual Results- 1. Ron Roybal, Colorado
(30:10); 2. *Curtis Moore, SUU (30:20); 3. *Jody Benson,
SUU (30:23); 4. John Hedengren, BYU (30:24); 5. Emry
Carr, ISU (30:28); 6. Bryan Berryhill, CSU (30:29); 7.
*Chris Merkley, Utah (30:30); 8. *Jason Schoenfeld, WSU
(30:36); 9. Mike Friedberg, Colorado (30:49); 10.
*Zachary James, SUU (30:59); 11. Travis Hildebrand,
Utah (31:00); 12. Randon Richards, BYU (31:12)... 14.
*Mark Wright, SUU (31:20)... 19. *Jed Johansen, WSU
(31:29); 20. *Teren Jameson, Utah (31:32); 21. *Dula
Parkinson, BYU (31:35)... 24. Marc Lawson, BYU
(31:40)... 28. Dustin Hudspeth, SUU (31:47)... 30. *David
Danley, BYU (31:48)... 34. *Joel Atwater, WSU (32:00);
35. *Mark Jolley, WSU (32:05)... 37. Joe Wilson, WSU
(32:12)... 43. Marcus Morgan, USU (32:33); 44. *Jeremy
Tolman, WSU (32:36)... 47. *Matt Poulson, BYU (32:42);
48. *Hugh Christiansen, WSU (32:45); 49. *Demetrio
Cabanillas, USU (32:47)... 61. Jason Jones, USU (33:10)...
63. Nathan Harrison, BYU (33:14)... 74. *Lion Gallegos,
Utah (33:42)... 80. Nick Russell, USU (33:55)... 83.
*Adam Stark, Utah (34:04)... 87. Jacob Johnson, USU
(34:21)... 91. Chris Gartz, Utah (34:55)... 97. Rob Oslund,
SUU (35:19)... 99. *Travis Dean, USU (35:27); 100.
*Mike Strauss, Utah (35:37).
*= Utah High School Graduates

BYU Sweeps NCAA Women's Championship
Coach Pat Shane's Lady Cougars won their
second NCAA title in three years as they turned in a
near flawless TEAM effort to destroy favored
Arkansas and Standard. Local products Elizabeth
Jackson (East), Kara Ormond (Orem) and Tara
Rohatinsky (Provo) placed in the top 20 to secure the
victory. While the top three runners from the top
three teams were about equal, BYU's depth paid off
as their number's four and five runners (Sharolyn
Shields and Laura Heiner) placed among the top 20
scorers to give BYU 72 points. Arkansas' number
five runner placed 78th, while Stanford's was 74th to
give the Cougars the huge margin of victory. Who
says cross country is and individual sport?
On the men's side, Weber State was the highest
local finisher in 18th place. Southern Utah could not
duplicate their earlier effort at the Mountain Regional
and placed 21st, while BYU's team fell victim to some
injuries and illnesses to finish 30th. Individually,
Utah's Chris Merkley had a great race to finish in
11th place, earning All-American honors. WSU's
Jason Schoenfeld finished in 38th, also earning All-
American honors. Merkley is a product of American
Fork, while Schoenfeld prepped at Roy High.
Women's Team Scores- 1. Brigham Young (72); 2.
Arkansas (125); 3. Stanford (127); 4. Wisconsin (185); 5.
Kansas State (232); 6. North Carolina (294); 7.
Georgetown (321); 8. Colorado (351); 9. Brown (354); 10.
Providence (368).
Women's Individual Results- 1. Erica Palmer, Wisconsin
(16:39); 2. Amy Yoder, Arkansas (16:44); 3. Larissa
Kleinman, Arkansas (16:48); 4. Hanna Lyngstad, Tulane
(16:50); 5. Lauren Fleshman, Stanford (16:50); 6. Leigh
Daniel, Texas Tech (16:51); 7. Erin Sullivan, Stanford
(16:56); 8. Maria-Elena Calle, Virginia Commonwealth
(16:57); 9. Kara Wheeler, Colorado (16:58); 10. Korene
Hinds, Kansas State (16:58); 11. Elizabeth Jackson, BYU
(16:59)... 16. Kara Ormond, BYU (17:11); 17. Tara
Rohatinsky, BYU (17:13)... 23. Sharolyn Shields, BYU
(17:16)... 26. Laura Heiner, BYU (17:17)... 58. Sarah
Ellet, BYU (17:42)... 72. Johanna Nielsen, Utah (17:49)...
107. Susan Taylor, BYU (18:03).
Men's Team Scores- 1. Arkansas (58); 2. Wisconsin
(185); 3. N.C. State (201); 4. Stanford (223); 5. Michigan
(282); 6. Oregon (306); 7. Colorado (307); 8. Notre Dame
(312); 9. Iona (338); 10. Arizona (346)... 18. Weber State
(450)... 21. Southern Utah (466)... 30. Brigham Young
Men's Individual Results- 1. David Kimani, So Alabama
(30:06); 2. Michael Power, Arkansas (30:09); 3. Steve
Fein, Oregon (30:14); 4. Matthew Downin, Wisconsin
(30:25); 5. Matthew Lane, William & Mary (30:27); 6.
John Schoenfelder, Wisconsin (30:35); 7. Andrew Begley,
Arkansas (30:40); 8. Paul Morrison, Princeton (30:42); 9.
Keith Kelly, Providence (30:42); 10. James Karanu,
Arkansas (30:44); 11. Chris Merkley, Utah (30:45)... 38.
Jason Schoenfeld, WSU (31:17)... 52. Jody Benson, SUU
(31:29)... 54. Travis Hildebrand, Utah (31:30)... 62. Curtis
Moore, SUU (31:36)... 72. Randon Richards, BYU
(31:48)... 76. Zachery James, SUU (31:51)... 116. Jed
Johansen, WSU (32:16)... 127. Joe Wilson, WSU
(32:24)... 135. Jeremy Tolman, WSU (32:33)... 152. Scott
Dickey, WSU (32:44)... 157. John Hedengren, BYU
(32:49)... 165. Joel Atwater, WSU (32:55)... 169. Mark
Wright, SUU (32:56)... 194. Mark Jolley, WSU (33:23)...
196. David Danley, BYU (33:24)... 221. Dustin Hudspeth,
SUU (33:55); 222. Dula Parkinson, BYU (33:55)... 228.
Nathan Harrison, BYU (34:07)... 240 Marc Lawson, BYU
(34:52)... 248. Rob Oslund, SUU (37:04).

Odds and Ends

Indoor Meets- You should have already received
information concerning the Utah State Indoor Meet to
be held January 22nd. Contact Greg Gensell or Curtis
Collier if you haven't received anything. You will
shortly receive info for the Weber State and UHSTCA
meets. For information about the Simplot Games, go
to the web at:

Pole Vault Summit- For information and entry
blanks for the Pole Vault Summit, go to the web at:

Coaches and e-mail Updates- If there have been
coaching changes at your school, let us know. Also,
if you haven't been receiving periodic e-mail
messages from me and would like to be included,
send me your address. I still have many that I have
been getting returned as "undeliverable".

Meet Schedule- Let me know of invitationals that
should be included in the next newsletter.

Graduates- If you have had athletes leave the
state to compete in cross country or track and field, let
me know. I would like to track the progress of as
many Utah High School graduates as possible.
Anything- Send me anything you think may be
relevant to our sports. They will be included.

Results- The best place for results, rankings, etc.,
is:  John Dye does a great job of
keeping up with high school cross country and track
and field. Check it out to keep up on the national

How to get info to me:

Roger Buhrley
Davis High School
325 South Main
Kaysville, UT. 84037
(801) 546-7940 (school) or (801) 775-0122
Or, the easiest:
[email protected]

Jan 7-9 USATF Level I Clinic @ UNLV
Jan 7 USU Hurdle Camp- 5:00 pm
Jan 8 USU Vault, Throws Camps- 9:00 am
Jan 8 USU Sprints Camp- 1:00 pm
Jan 14-15 Vault/Hurdle Clinic @ Dixie High
Jan 21-22 Pole Vault Summit @ Reno
Jan 22 USU Meet- 9:00 am
Jan 28 WSU Meet (field events)- TBA
Jan 29 WSU Meet (running events)- TBA
Feb 5 UHSTCA Indoor Championships @
Feb 17-19 Simplot Games
Mar 10-11 Rocky Mountain Elite Clinics @ USU
Hurdles, Sprints, Throws, Jumps
Mar 10-12 Nat'l Scholastic Indoor Championships
@ NY
Mar 11-12 Nike Indoor Classic @ Bloomington, IN
Mar 24-25 Pine View Invitational
Mar 31 Boys UHSTCA Invitational
Apr 1 Girls UHSTCA Invitational
Apr 7-8 Cottonwood Relays
Apr 8 Old Capital Invitational @ Millard High
Apr 8 Arcadia Invitational
Apr 14-15 WSU Invitational
Apr 15 Gunnison Valley 1A-2A Invitational
Apr 22 Davis High Invitational
Apr 28-29 BYU Invitational
May 12-13 State Championships

FALL, 2000
Sept 22-23 Great American CC Festival @ NC
Sept 23 Triple Crown Inv @ BYU



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