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June 14-15, 2002
North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC

adidas Outdoor Championships

steveu's preview

Inside the Contenders
What Some AOC Distance Favorites are Saying

By Stephen (steveu) Underwood

Bobby Lockhart - Tim Moore - Bobby Curtis - Megan Kaltenbach - Molly Huddle -

Bobby Lockhart – The Virginia senior took the Nike Indoor 2-Mile title after a narrow runner-up finish at Foot Locker CC. His best spring effort was a then-nation-leading 4:08.35 at the Southern Track Classic.

“I am definitely in much better shape than I was when I won the Nike Indoor Classic 2-mile.”

Lockhart regarding his Arcadia race (5th, 8:56.49) and the aftermath: “Before the race I felt very weak and my pulse rate was up considerably. After I got home ... I was sick for four more days. I just took it easy so I could get better. I had a pretty bad fever which included a high temperature, cough and sore throat.”

Lockhart on his progression the rest of the spring: “Training and racing have been going well since (recovery from) Arcadia ... At the Southern Track Classic I did feel good and ran a solid time (4:08.35 mile). I didn't run the time that I had anticipated before the race, but for the way I felt after I finished, I was pleased. Unfortunately I had to lead the whole race, which is a trend I have continued to see for a long time. At the beginning of the year I was hoping to run a sub-8:50 and a 4:05 or faster. I felt that these were goals that were certainly attainable but the opportunities just haven't been there. Maybe I can run a fast time at AOC.”

Lockhart on what he’s looking for at AOC: “I feel confident coming into this week. I certainly feel that I can definitely go under 8:50. Based off of my track workouts I am ready to run fast. I am definitely in much better shape than I was when I won the Nike Indoor Classic 2-mile. There I ran an 8:58 unpushed, so I should run a PR. I'm not sure what it is going to take to win the race. I know that a few of these guys are in good shape -- and so am I -- so I’m just hoping for a good, honest run so we can all run our best.”

Lockhart on post-Raleigh possibilities: “I'm thinking about possibly running the Jr. Nationals 1500. I know right now that I can run a sub 4:05 mile; I just need the competition to do it. I heard that Webb and Lukezic are going to be there, so I might give it a shot. I'll decide after this weekend.”


Tim Moore – The Michigan senior went to the top of the pack when he won Foot Locker CC nationals. He was the leading prep in the World Jr. CC Trials, but has been somewhat in the background since.

“I feel ready to roll for the first time in a very long time.”

Moore on the World CC Experience: “As far as the total experience in Ireland, it was great. It was just a fun time to hang with the US guys and learn from the Seniors. It was also my first time watching and, obviously, competing at the world level. As far as the race was concerned, I was disappointed big-time. I had looked forward to that competition for quite some time and to go there and blow up was rough. Regarding my health: about 3 weeks prior to the race I got sick with a mild fever for 4 days, then for a couple more weeks I had bad congestion and a wicked cough. I did my best to train through it for Worlds, and by the time the race had come, I still had mild symptoms.”

Moore on his spring track campaign: “The training has gone fairly well. I was able to keep my mileage in the high 60's (miles) while doing 2 workouts a week -- plus a duel meet in which I would run 3 races at the minimum. The beginning and the end of my season were filled with races ... way too many. That is one thing I wasn't pleased with; I think there was a one-week span where I raced 11 times. It's crazy. I wish I could have run a little faster for the 800m and the 1600m, but that is the trade-off I made when I did World CC.”

Moore on his recent state meet: “In the big picture, I was pleased with states; when wins happen you shouldn't complain. I wish I could have run a faster 3200m, but 1200m into it, things basically fell apart for me. It went according to plan in that I expected to win both my races, but the 3200 time should have been quicker.”

Moore on his preparation for AOC: “I feel ready to roll for the first time in a very long time. My workouts have improved over the past few weeks due to much less racing and my leg speed finally coming around somewhat. The hot weather doesn't really bother me too much -- which I think is in my favor -- so I plan on running a PR for myself. For me to win, the pace will have to be honest from the gun, so I can neutralize the kicks that some of these guys have. My speed isn't too sharp right now, so I can't rely on it; it simply has to be a brutal race.”


Bobby Curtis – After two Nike Indoor titles and this spring’s Arcadia gold, the Kentucky junior’s mile fortunes slipped a bit at Penn. He moved back to a runner-up slot with a PR last week at Golden West.

“(Golden West) let me know that I’m ready to run faster.”

Curtis on Golden West: “GWI went well -- I ran kinda fast -- but that race let me know I'm ready to run faster.”

Curtis on some of this season’s racing highlights: “I broke 9 all alone on a hot, humid afternoon, so it was nice to get that goal out of the way. As far as the 800, I'm far better then 1:53 and look forward to racing it, along with the 2 mile, a little more next season.”

Curtis on bouncing back after GW and the AOC mile: “I'm on top of things. I still feel very fresh like I don't want the season to end. But the mile is loaded and I’m saying it will take at least 4:05 for the win, maybe 4:04.”


Megan Kaltenbach – The Colorado junior has been winning everything she’s tried this spring. But she entered truly elite territory last weekend with her 10:03 3200.

“I think I have a good mile in me, so I want to run it fresh and see what happens.”

Kaltenbach on last weekend’s breakthrough: “Golden West was just an awesome experience. It was really fun staying with all the runners and building awesome friendships. I think it takes a little bit of pressure off when you are with athletes also experiencing pre-race anxiety. There were so many cool things to do there and it made me not as nervous for my race, which really helped.
“I am usually used to running a negative split, but I wanted to run around 10 flat so I knew I was going to have to go out fast and then just keep up that pace. The first mile wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I think it was just because 5 flat at altitude is a lot harder. I always had confidence that I would run faster than 10:11 this year, I have been training hard and this just happened to be the right day to do it. The competition was awesome and it always helps when you are running next to someone.
“I’m just really happy with my race and excited for this weekend!”

Kaltenbach on trying to bounce back this week: “The whole year we have races every weekend, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal. I’m just taking good care of my body and moving on and not thinking about last weekend’s race. I can think about my 10:03 after this weekend. Right now I just have to focus on what is in front of me, not what has already happened.”

Kaltenbach on her choice of races at AOC: “Unfortunately, I will only be running the mile here. I would like to run against Molly, too, but I think I have a good mile in me, so I want to run it fresh and see what happens.”


Molly Huddle – An incredible senior year for the New Yorker has been framed by a Nike Indoor Mile title and a New York state record 3k.

“I was a little worried after the first lap (a 69, starting off her state record 9:21 3k), but I was 4:50-something at the mile and I still felt OK.”

Huddle on the ups and downs of her outdoor season: “Toward the early to middle part of the season, I had some problems with my IT-band. I didn’t really recognize it at first and starting running weird on my Achilles. It was slow to heal and my speedwork suffered. I think that’s why my 1500/1600 has not been as good as indoors. Instead, I’ve concentrated more on my 3000 and 3200.”

Huddle on last weekend’s New York state meet: “Getting the state 3000m record was definitely a surprise. But I knew what it was and it didn’t seem impossible … and I was really ready to race when I stepped on the line.
“I was a little worried after the first lap (69), but I was 4:50-something at the mile and I still felt OK. It was a great way to end the season (in New York).”

Huddle on how this week has gone and her goals for the 2-mile: “This week there’s been a lot of stuff going on at school that’s interrupted things. I only did a hard workout on Tuesday and we had a senior trip on Wednesday, so I didn’t get to run then at all. But I went out Thursday morning and worked out the soreness.
“I thought I would get to run against Megan and she would push me to a PR … but my goal is still to set a PR and win.”

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