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June 14-15, 2002
North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC

adidas Outdoor Championships

This is the 12th edition of the National Scholastic Sports Foundation's outdoor nationals, which started in Southern California in 1991 and moved to Raleigh in 1994.
3 National Records
Auburn WA boys
7:32.89 4x800
Bronxville NY girls
20:11.56 4-mile relay
Molly Huddle NY
10:01.08 2-mile
Athletes of the year?
The US leaders in both boys and girls 400 meters dropped down to the 100 and 200 here and doubled, making strong cases for Athlete of the Year honors.

Kelly Willie beat Brendan Christian in the 200, 20.83 to 20.97, duplicating Friday night's win in the 100, 10.39 +0.0 to 10.50.

Sanya Richards, one of the newest US citizens, wins the 200 in 23.03 +0.0, breaking the meet record held by Marion Jones and adding to her 11.48 win in the 100 Friday.


Near record DMRs close fantastic meet
Auburn WA 9:50.98 -
2nd fastest all-time - Chris Lukezic's 4:03.6 anchor leaves them only 1.2 seconds behind Alan Webb's 2001 South Lakes VA team here last year. Same four boys set new 4x800 relay record Friday night. (below).
Red Bank NJ 11:42.17
- 2nd fastest all-time - Amanda Trotter's 4:52.2 anchor leaves them only 0.89 behind Alejandra Barrientos' San Lorenzo Valley CA team in the 2000 Penn Relays.

More Saturday highlights
Woodrow Wilson CA 3:40.66
for a relay double
Megan Kaltenbach CO 4:43.54
over Molly Huddle
Ashton Collins LA 45.95 400m
Samantha Shepard MA 13-00.25
Richard Smith VA 1:49.04 800
Glenn Digiorgio NJ 213-04 discus -
wins on last throw
Jesse Wiliams NC 7-01.75
over Andra Manson TX
Ken Ferguson MI 50.55
- 7th performer/12th performance all-time in 400 hurdles despite crashing hurdles in duel with Bershawn Jackson
Bronxville NY 20:11.55 breaks 4x1mile relay National Record (had to run fast to catch a 10:45am plane for graduation)
Hudson OH 17:41.31 wins 4-Mile relay


Auburn WA 7:32.89 breaks 4x800 record (10 teams under 7:50)
Kelly Willie 10.39 beats Brendan Christian 10.44 (Willie Hordge 10.49)
Molly Huddle 10:01.08 breaks 2 mile record all alone
Sanya Richards 11.48
Kevin Bookout 69-4.25 (Glenn DiGiorgio 67-6 - 6 throwers over 64 feet)
Austin Reagan 1:25.74 wins 4x200 out of "slow" section
Wilson Long Beach CA girls 1:36.63 (Elsik TX 1:37.06)
Beaumont OH 3:55.95 SMR behind Maggie Infeld anchor
Chaunte Howard 6-1.5 MR
Ronda Gullette GA 154-7

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