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MHSA Montana State Championships

University of Montana, Missola MT

Saturday, October 25, 2008
From Brian Fortmann - Boys - Girls
Race Distance: 3.0 miles

Heidi Turner, NW#5 Bozeman girls are winners
Jordan Schlender and the Bozeman boys make it clean sweep

Team Champs:
  • Class AA - Bozeman boys (73) over Missoula Hellgate (118); Bozeman girls (52) over Billings Senior (102)
  • Class A - Hamilton boys (77) over Columbia Falls (125); Whitefish girls (43) over Fergus (89)
  • Class B - Darby boys (106) over Manhattan (120); Glasgow girls (46) over Malta (138)
  • Class C - Joliet boys (13) over Winnett (16); Belt/Centerville girls (19) over Culbertson (30)
Class AA Highlights
  • NW#5 Bozeman girls run an 18:52.38 average, scores 52 points to win team title over Billings Senior (102) and  West (115)
  • Heidi Turner (Bozeman) runs the fastest time of the day in 17:40.49 to win the girls individual title over Billings Senior junior Alexa Aragon (17:54.51) and Butte junior Keli Dennehy (18:05.82). Billings Senior freshman Dani Aragon (18:19.70) and Billings West sophomore Nicole Rietz (18:20.05) round out the top 5 in the state's premier race.
  • Bozeman boys run a 16:28.72 average and scores 73 points to win team title over Missoula Hellgate (118) and Helena (135)
  • Jordan Schlender (Bozeman) runs 15:44.75 to claim the boys individual title over Butte sophomore Ethan Shrader (15:49.99)
Class A Highlights
  • Drew Coco (Whitefish) runs the fastest time of the day in 15:26.88 to win title over Fergus junior Caleb Bentley (16:02.53)
  • Whitefish girls run a 19:26.08 average and scores 43 points to claim the team title over Fergus (89) and Hamilton (101)
  • Hamilton is the only boys A team to average under 17:00 as they run 16:45.62 and score 77 points to beat Columbia Falls (125)
  • Brook Rodgers (Fergus) wins the girls individual title in 18:45.32 over Whitefish sophomore Jackie Cassidy (18:53.79)
Class B Highlights
  • Darby runs a 16:56.75 average and wins the boys team title with 105 points over Manhattan (120) and Glasgow (127)
  • Glasgow girls run a 19:33.26 average and scores 46 points to win the team title over Malta (138) and Colstrip (153)
  • Matt Stout (Darby) wins the individual title in 15:43.47 over Manhattan junior Mike Asay (15:55.42)
  • Darby junior Heather Demorest claims the individual title in 18:44.37 over Sweet Grass County frosh Selene Johnson (18:55.36)
Class C Highlights
  • Ryan Ketterling (Joliet) crosses the line in 15:42.73 to win the individual title over Ennis junior Gavin Owens (16:17.36)
  • Joliet boys (13) outduels Winnett (16) to win the 3-man scoring of the Class C championships
  • Belt/Centerville girls (19) wins the 3-runner scoring of the Class C team championship over Culbertson (30) and Drummond (38)
  • Joliet sophomore Mackenzie O'Dore (19:15.26) wins the individual title over Belt/Centerville soph Mariah Gondeiro (19:27.51)

Meet Schedule

Class B Girls   11:00 am
Class C Girls   11:35 am
Class B Boys   12:10 pm
Class C Boys   12:40 pm
Class AA Girls    1:10 pm
Class A Girls      1:45 pm
Class AA Boys   2:20 pm
Class A Boys      2:50 pm