27th Simplot Games
Feb 17-19, 2005 at Idaho State University, Pocatello ID -
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Brittany Daniels soars,
J-Mee Samuels roars.

Bianca Knight, Kira Robinson, Nicole Leach, Ebony Collins, Justin Oliver, Heidi Houle, Teekay TC (Wilson Long Beach), and Michaela Wallerstadt also star as US#1 and all-time ranking performances abound.
Doubles by Daniels 20-5 and 43-5. Samuels 6.72 and 21.47. Oliver 47.68 and 23-6.5, and Teekay TC 1:38.77 and 3:48.85. Eleven Simplot performances are US#1 for the season on the NIKE LIST.

Saturday Event by Event - Mike Kennedy's notes on every final.

Doug Speck's Simplot Pix: Album 1 - Album 2 - Album 3 - Album 4

J-Mee Samuels NC 6.72
Qual - J-Mee Samuels NC 6.88
Ebony Collins CA 7.46
Qual - Sarah Matthews CO 7.66
J-Mee Samuels NC 21.47
Qual - Justin Oliver GA 22.42
Bianca Knight MS 23.70
Qual - Ebony Collins CA 24.77
Justin Oliver GA 47.68
Qual - Justin Oliver GA 49.75
Nicole Leach CA 54.05
Qual - Nicole Leach PA 56.23
Bob Hewitt-Gaffney WY 1:55.15
Qual - Bob Hewitt-Gaffney WY 2:00.35
Heidi Houle UT 2:07.00
Qual - Heidi Houle UT 2:18.94
Josh Adams UT 4:16.26
Qual - Josh Adams UT 4:26.96
Dana Morgan 5:05.93
Qual - Elisabeth Goshu CO 5:10.96
Jared Rohatinsky UT 9:24.07
Qual - Brett Kotter UT 9:38.80
Wendy Harris 11:11.03
Qual - Vanessa Hawkins UT 11:16.72
Darius Reed CO 7.95
Qual - Darius Reed CO 8.33
Kira Robinson CO 8.34
Qual - Kira Robinson CO 8.72
Montbello Denver VO 1:28.72
Qual - Montbello Denver CO 1:31.38
Teekay Track Club CA 1:38.77
Qual - Teekay Track Club CA 1:41.93
Transit Tech NY 3:21.07
Qual - Speed City CA 3:27.18
Teekay Track Club CA 3:48.85
Qual - West Coast Heat CA 3:56.45
RIC Rojas Running CO 8:09.78
Wolfpack Track Club UT 9:36.17
Cincinnati Express Track Club OH 3:38.14
Qual - Transit Tech NY 3:43.06
Zzyzx Track Club NY 4:06.64
Qual - Zzyzx Track Club NY 4:14.05
Trevor Hainer UT 6-10
Chelsea Taylor CO 5-10
Justin Oliver 23-6.5
Brittany Daniels CA 20-5
Nkosinza Balumbu CA 49-3.5
Brittany Daniels CA 43-5
Jordan Savidge NV 15-9
Annelis Bertleson ID 11-9
Eric Flores SD 60-10.5
Michaela Wallerstadt NE 47-4.5
Trevor Kraychir CA 65-0.5
Sarah Cardinal ID 49-0


J-Mee Samuels 6.72 and 21.47
Mt. Tabor NC senior explodes at the finishes to beat Nate Yorks CO 6.80 in the 60m and Justin Oliver GA in the 200m. Both are US#1 times this season, the 60m is US#9t all time, and the 200m is a Simplot meet record.


Brittany Daniels CA 20-5 and 43-5. Below, Daniels soars to 20-5 long jump, breaking the meet record three times in an earlybird special (started at 8:15 am). She returned in the afternoon to break the meet record in triple jump at 43-5, second best indoor TJ ever in the US.


Bianca Knight 23.70 200m US#11 all time
Ridgeland MS soph is only 0.06 off the national sophomore class record (23.64 by Sanya Richards in 2000). Relegated to the morning sections after running 10th in the prelims Friday, Knight burned up the track with a good night's rest, winning the event outright when Ebony Collins won the seeded section in 24.02. Knight got into Pocatello at midnight Thursday after an ordeal trip with 2-hour flight delays on each of three flights between Mississippi and Idaho. Knight, below, later ran 55.68 in the 400 meters, also in one of the "slower" morning sections.


Nicole Leach 54.05 (left), Elan Hilaire 54.06 in a fabulous finish that required 5 minutes study of the Lynx photos. The Owings Mills MD freshman beat Leach to the turn after the break and held a little daylight into the far turn. Leach spurted off the last turn and looked ready to put Hilaire away, but the two churned furiously side by side to the tape. Hilaire set a new freshman class national record (was 54.25 by Char Foster in 1995).

Simplot photos by John Dye


Highlights of Saturday finals

by John Dye

Saturday - all finals - "slow" sections in the morning, seeded sections in the afternoon, field events all day. Standout events include:

  • G-LJ - Brittany Daniels CO 20-5, breaking Shana Woods' meet record. Could be the best event of the meet, pitting seasonal US#1 Sarah Griffen Matthews CO, national triple jump record holder Brittany Daniels CA, and soph class national record holder Shana Woods CA.
  • G-TJ - Brittany Daniels 43-5 US#2 all time and another meet record. Brittany Daniels CA tries to add the indoor national record (43-11.5 by Juliana Yendork in 1991) to her outdoor national record (44-11.75 last year).
  • G-60 - Ebony Collins 7.46 (Shana Woods 7.48) US#2 Sarah Griffen Matthews CO 7.66 leads seeded final separated by only 0.09 second, with nine more girls under 8.00 in the morning sections.
  • G-200 - Bianca Knight MS 23.70, winning the 3-section final from section 2 in the morning. Ebony Collins CA 24.77 and Sade Williams CA 24.86 led the prelims, with Nicole Leach PA 25.10 lurking.
  • G-400 - Nicole Leach 54.05, Elan Hilaire 54.06 in a fabulous finish that took the judges 10 minutes to study the Lynx photos. US#1 Nicole Leach PA (53.05 season best and 56.23 in heat) stands out.
  • G-800 - Heidi Houle 2:07.00 US#8 all time, holding off Libby Jenke in a wire to wire performance with splits of 30.3, 62.1 and 1:34.1. US#1 Heidi Houle UT breezed in her heat (2:18.94) while Libby Jenke CO 2:19.23 and Stacy Slight WY 2:19.23 battled in another heat.
  • G-60H - Kira Robinson 8.33 US#1 and just 0.01 off the national record. US#1 Kira Robinson CO 8.72 and Shana Woods CA 8.98 were only qualifiers under 9.00
  • G-4x200 - Teekay Track Club (Wilson Long Beach CA) 1:38.77 US#1 in a rout from the start. California girls - 5 of 6 teams in seeded section are from the Golden State, led by Teekay TC (Wilson Long Beach) 1:41.93, along with US#3 Middle College at Medgar Evers NY.
  • G-4x400 - Teekay Track Club (Wilson Long Beach CA) 3:48.85 US#2. West Coast Athletic Club gave a stiff fight and it came down to the two anchors -- Teekay's Ebony Collins and West Coast's Sade Williams -- with Collins winning this matchup. More California girls, with Sade Williams-led West Coast Heat 3:56.45 and Teekay 3:59.48 leading the way. Jeavon Benjamin's Awesome Power 4:00.47 is the lone New York challenger.
  • G-SMR - Zzyzx Track Club of New York, led by Joy Henry and freshman Elan Hilaire, was fastest qualifier at 4:14.05.
  • G-HJ - Chelsea Taylor CO 5-10. Chelsea Taylor CO has done 6-0 and Jenna Utecht FL 5-8.
  • G-SP - Omaha NE sr Michaela Wallerstedt is US#1 this season at 46-6.75.
  • B-60 - J-Mee Samuels 6.72 US#9t all time. Nate Yorks 6.80. Showdown between J-Mee Samuels NC, US#1 in 55m and fastest qualifier at 6.88, and Nate Yorks CO, US#2 in 60m, and a 7.08 qualifier. Cameron Island CA 7.03 split them in the prelims.
  • B-200 - J-Mee Samuels 21.48 MR, exploding off the turn to beat Justin Oliver. Southern battle between Justin Oliver GA 22.42 and J-Mee Samuels NC 22.58. Colorado speedsters J.T. Scheuerman 22.91, Tim Greer 22.94 and Darryl Sampson 22.95 were the only others under 23.00 in the heats.
  • B-400 - Justin Oliver 47.69 US#1 made up for his disappointment in the 200 in a big way in a rough and tumble race. Oliver and Clemore Henry raced to the first turn afer the break and Oliver got inside position as the two bumped. There was squeezing again on the far turn as J.T. Scheuerman made it a 3-way battle, but Oliver was clear in the stretch; Scheuerman 48.55 getting second just ahead of Henry 48.58. Justin Oliver GA 49.75 was the only sub-50.00 in the heats, but US#1 Clemore Henry NY 50.17 and J.T. Scheuerman CO 50.59 are dangerous.
  • B-4x200 - Montbello Denver 1:28.71 US#2 wire to wire. Montbello Denver CO 1:31.38 was clearly best in the heats, with Transit Tech NY 1:33.35 second.
  • B-4x400 - Transit Tech 3:21.07 as anchor Clemore Henry catches Speed City on the final turn. Speed City CA (Poly Long Beach) 3:27.18 was 6 seconds better than US#4 Transit Tech NY in the heats.
  • B-SMR - Cincinnati Sprint Club. US#6 Transit Tech NY 3:43.06 led the qualifiers.
  • B-LJ - In addition to his sprinting, Justin Oliver GA is a 24-foot long jumper.
  • B-SP - Eric Flores. Custer SD jr Eric Flores has thrown 61-11 this year.
  • B-TJ - Another from the James Logan arsenal, Nkosinza Balumbu, was a 50-footer last year as California state champion.


Friday results & pix Boys - Girls
Southern sprinters rule prelims
Justin Oliver GA 22.41 and 49.75 was fastest qualifier in both the 200m and 400m. J-Mee Samuels NC 6.88 and 22.58 was fastest qualifier at 60 meters and second fastest at 200 meters. Bianca Knight MS left home planning to do the same in the girls sprints, but was derailed by a rough journey -- 2-hour flight delays on three segments, arriving in Pocatello at midnight, and luggage lost along the way. She was 10th in both 200 and 400 prelims, making the 3-section finals but missing the seeded section. Fastest girls were Sarah Griffen Matthews CO 7.66 60m, Ebony Collins CA 24.77 200m, and Nicole Leach PA 56.23 400m. Mathews will also be in a stellar long jump final Saturday morning defending her US#1 ranking (20-8.5) against national triple jump record holder Brittany Daniels CA and Shana Woods CA.

Thursday - Local favorite Sarah Cardinal, of Blackfoot HS, and soph Trevor Kraychir CA win weight throw. Top qualifiers are Josh Adams UT 4:26.96, Brett Kotter UT 9:38.80, Elizabeth Goshu CO 5:10.96 and Vanessa Hawkins 11:16.72.

Big meet in Pocatello ID has 2,000 athletes from 28 states. Fields are loaded with big names: Kevin Craddock CA, Brittany Daniels CA, J-Mee Samuels NC, Nate Yorks CO, Justin Oliver GA, Poly Long Beach CA, Transit Tech NY, Montbello CO, Sarah Matthews CO, Ebony Collins CA, Bianca Knight MS, Sade Williams CA, Nicole Leach PA, Jeavon Benjamin NY, Elan Hilaire MD, Heidi Houle UT, Libby Jenke CA, Rolanda Bell NY, Kira Robinson CO, Deana Carson CA, Shana Woods CA, Jenna Utecht FL, Wilson Long Beach CA, James Logan CA, Chelsea Taylor CO, Michaela Wallerstedt NE, and Sarah Cardinal ID.


Athletes to Watch

by the meet management

A list of athletes to watch at Simplot Games, based on information provided by athletes and their coaches:

Kevin Craddock
Senior, Union City , California
(60m Hurdles, 400 meters, 4x400)
High school record holder in the hurdles, USATF Junior title, World Championship Bronze medal and many times All-American.

Brittany Daniels
Senior, Tracy , California
(200 m, Triple Jump, Medley Relay)
National and American Junior record holder in the triple jump, 9 th place finish at the 2004 Olympic Trials. 

Sarah Cardinal
Junior, Blackfoot, Idaho
(Weight Throw, Shot Put)
Returning Simplot Games Champion in the weight throw, sophomore class record holder in the weight throw.

Ebony Collins
Sophomore, Long Beach , California
(200 m, 400 m, 4x200, 4x400)
Currently ranked 8 th in the 400 meters and has quite a bit of talent to move up on the list.

Karleigh Gempler
Sophomore, Eagle, Idaho
(3200 meters)
Local young favorite in the distance races.

Heidi Houle
Senior, Orem , Utah
(800 meters)
Houle is a returning Simplot Games native vying for a championship in the 800 meters.

Bianca Knight
(Sophomore, Ridgeland , Mississippi )
(200m and 400m)
Ranked number one in the 200 and 3 rd in the 400 meter dash.

Nicole Leach
(Senior, Philadelphia , Penn)
(400m and 200m)
4 th at World Junior Championships in the 400 Hurdles, has the No. 2 mark on the all-time 400 meter indoor list. 

J-Mee Samuels
(Senior, West Salem , No. Carolina )
(60m dash and 200m)
Currently ranked number one in the Boy's 100 and 200 meter dash.

Shana Woods
(Junior, Long Beach , California )
(Long Jump, 60m Hurdles)
Currently tied at number one ranking with Brittany Daniels in the long jump, sophomore class record holder in the event and returning champion of the Simplot Games.
Sophomore class record in the long jump, national pentathlon record holder, has earned 5 All-America certificates from Track and Field News.

Jeavon Benjamin
(Junior, Far Rockaway, New York )
Ranks US#3 this season at both 500 meters (1:13.90) and 800 meters (2:13.99)

Michaela Wallerstedt
(Senior, Omaha , Nebraska )
(Shot Put and Weight Throw)
Ranked #1 is the shot put for high school athletes and is the returning many time champion of the Simplot Games.

Clint Silicock
(Senior, Arco , Idaho )
(High Jump)
Local field event athlete puts himself on the map ranked 10 th currently.

Elan Hilliare
(Freshman, New York , NY )
Has run 7.04h 55m, 24.64 200m, 39.24 300m and 55.97 400m this year.

Prior Years

2004 - Elzie Coleman NY 45.92 400m and Ashley Owens CO 7.19 60m were national high school records, and Shana Woods CA 19-11.75 LJ was a national sophomore class record.

Records fell in Pocatello last year - Elzie Coleman NY 45.92 400m USR (left) and Ashley Owens CO 7.19 60m USR (right). Also, Shana Woods CA set a national sophomore class record with a 19-11.75 long jump.


2003 - Donovan Kilmartin is King - 7-0, 17-1, 8.01 60H triple. Poly Long Beach girls just miss 4x200 record. Poly's Jasmine Lee 23.55 US#2 all time edges Allyson Felix 23.57 US#3 all time in the fastest indoor 200m ever. Julene Bailey 13-0 PV. Wilson Long Beach girls just miss 4x400 record. Philadelphia soph Kimarra McDonald 2:13.71 won the 800 in US#2 time.

2002 - Strong doubles by Allyson Felix, Donovan Kilmartin, Rubin Williams, the Zeigle twins, Transit Tech NY boys. Heidi Magill 2:10.02 800m over Selena Sappleton 2:10.27.

2001 - Tiffany Abney-led United Stars of Philadelphia doubles over Lashinda Demus-led Teekay Track Club (Wilson Long Beach CA). Other doubles by Alexis Joyce, Nik Arrhenius , and St. Mary's Berkeley CA boys.

2000 - US#1 performances by Alicia Craig, Aisha Margain, Alexis Joyce, Beau Walker, Josh Rohatinsky, and Dwight Thomas , plus meet record 3200m by Canadian Emily Kroshus in 10:32.41, faster than any US performer of the season.

1999 - Dwight Thomas, Alexis Joyce, Michelle Kercado.

1998 - Angela Williams doubles. Other winners are Lashinda Demus, Lindsay Hyatt, Michelle Dela Vina, and Maureen Griffin.


Day 1 - Thursday - February 17, 2005

5:00 pm Boys' 3200 Meters Prelim
6:15 pm Girls' 3200 Meters Prelim
6:30 pm Girls' Weight Throw Final
7:00 pm Boys 1600 Meters Prelim
7:30 Boys Weight Throw Final
8:45 Girls' 1600 Meters Prelim

Day 2 - Friday - February 18, 2005

8:00 am Coaches Meeting
9:00 Boys' Pole Vault Qualif
9:00 Girls' Long Jump Qualif
9:00 Boys' High Jump Qualif
9:00 Boys' 4 X 200m Relay Prelim
9:35 Girls' 4 X 200m Relay Prelim
10:00 Boys' 4 X 400m Relay Prelim
10:40 Girls' 4 X 400m Relay Prelim
11:00 Boys' Long Jump Qualif
11:00 Girls' High Jump Qualif
11:10 Boys' 200m Qualif
12:00pm Girls' Pole Vault Prelim
12:00pm Boys' 60m Hurdles Prelim
12:00pm Girls' Shot Put Qualif
12:05 Girls' 200m Prelim
12:45pm Boys' 400m Prelim
1:00 Girls' Triple Jump Qualif
1:00 Girls' 60m Hurdles Prelim
1:30 Girls' 400m Prelim
2:00 Boys' Shot Put Qualif
2:00 Boys' 60m Qualif
2:10 Boys' 800m Prelim
2:30 Boys' Triple Jump Qualif
2:55 Girls' 800m Prelim
3:00 Girls' 60m Prelim
3:00 Exhibition Pole Vault Prelim
4:30 Boys' Sprint Medley Relay Prelim
5:15 Girls' Sprint Medley Relay Prelim

Day 3 - Saturday - February 19

8:00 am Girls' 60m Hurdles 2 Heat/Final
8:10 Boys' 60m Hurdles 2 Heat/Final
8:20 Girls' 60m 2 Heat/Final
8:30 Boys' 60m 2 Heat/Final
8:40 Girls' 800m 2 Heat/Final
8:45 Girls' Long Jump Prelim/Final
8:50 Boys' 800m 2 Heat/Final
9:00 Coaches' 200m Exhibition
9:00 Girls' Pole Vault Final
9:00 Girls' High Jump Final
9:00 Boys' Shot Put Prelim/Final
9:10 Girls' 200m 2 Heat/Final
9:20 Boys' 200m 2 Heat/Final
9:30 Girls' 1600m 2 Heat/Final
9:45 Boys' 1600m 2 Heat/Final
10:00 Girls' 400m 2 Heat/Final
10:00 Boys' Long Jump Prelim/Final
10:10 Boys' 400m 2 Heat/Final
10:20 Girls' 4 x 800m 2 Heat/Final
10:45 Boys' 4 x 800m 2 Heat/Final
11:05 Coaches' 1600m Final
11:20 Ceremonies
12:15 Girls' 60m 1 Heat/Final
12:20 Boys' 60m 1 Heat/Final
12:30 Girls' Shot Put Prelim/Final
12:30 Girls' Triple Jump Prelim/Final
12:30 Boys' High Jump Final
12:30 Girls' Medley Relay 2 Heat/Final
12:30 Boys' Pole Vault Final
12:50 Boys' Medley Relay 2 Heat/Final
1:05 Girls' 60m Hurdles 1 Heat/Final
1:13 Boys' 60m Hurdles 1 Heat/Final
1:20 Girls' 200m 1 Heat/Final
1:28 Boys' 200m 1 Heat/Final
1:35 Girls' 1600m 1 Heat/Final
1:45 Boys' 1600m 1 Heat/Final
1:55 Girls' 400m 1 Heat/Final
2:00 Boys' Triple Jump Prelim/Final
2:05 Boys' 400m 1 Heat/Final
2:15 Girls' 800m 1 Heat/Final
2:25 Boys' 800m 1 Heat/Final
2:35 Girls' 4 X 200m 2 Heat/Final
2:45 Boys' 4 x 200m 2 Heat/Final
2:55 Girls' 3200m 1 Heat/Final
3:10 Boys' 3200m 1 Heat/Final
3:25 Girls' 4 X 400m 2 Heat/Final
3:40 Boys' 4 X 400m 2 Heat/Final

Simplot Meet Records

60 Meter 6.68 Kenny O'Neal, Sacramento, CA 2004
60 Meter Hurdle 7.82 Jason Richardson, Cedar Hills, TX 2004
200 Meter 21.53 Derrick Jones, Long Beach, CA 2004
400 Meter 45.92 Elzie Coleman, Newburg, NY [email protected]#
800 Meter 1:50.80 Michael Granville, Bell Garden, CA 1995
1600 Meter 4:14.88 Seth Pilkington, Roy, UT 2001
3200 Meter 9:11.05 Josh Rohatinsky, Provo, UT 2000
4X200 Relay 1:27.96 Newburg, Newburg, NY 2004
4X400 Relay 3:14.84 John Muir R.C., Pasadena, CA 1996
4X800 Relay 7:47.88 Bingham Track Club, So. Jordan, UT 1998
Medley Relay 3:27.80 John Muir R.C., Pasadena, CA 1996
High Jump 7' 2 ¼ " Alfredo Deza, Lima, Peru 1998
Long Jump 24' 8 ½" Clarence Scott, Long Beach, CA 1996
Triple Jump 52' 2 ¾" Greg Yeldell, Spencer, NC 1998
Shot Put 67' 10 ½" Brent Noon, Vista, CA 1990
Pole Vault 17' 6 1/4" Pat Manson, Denver, CO 1986
Weight Throw 82' 7 1/4" Leif Arrhenius, Orem, UT 2004

60 Meter 7.19 Ashley Owens, Colorado Springs, CO [email protected]#
60 Meter Hurdle 8.33 Nichole Denby, Chino Hills, CA 1999
200 Meter 23.46 Shalonda Solomon, Long Beach, CA 2004
400 Meter 53.38 Lashinda Demus, Long Beach, CA [email protected]#
800 Meter 2:08.20 Tara Mendozza, Aurora, CO 1996
1600 Meter 4:51.65 Alicia Craig, Gillette, Wy 2000
3200 Meter 10:32.41 Emily Kroshus, Calgary, Alb, CA 2000
4X200 Relay 1:36.55 Teekay Track Club, Long Beach, CA [email protected]
4X400 Relay 3:44.26 United Stars Track Club, Philidelphia, PA 2000
4X800 Relay 9:12.22 Bruin T.C., Orem, UT 2003
Medley Relay 3:56.40 Zodiacs T.C., New York City, NY 1996
High Jump 6' 3" Lisa Bernhagen, Hailey, ID [email protected]#
Long Jump 19' 11 3/4" Shana Woods, Long Beach, CA 2004#
Triple Jump 41' 6.25" Toni Smith, Denver, CO 2003
Shot Put 51' 5 ¾" Collinous Newsome, Denver, CO 1994
Pole Vault 13' 0" Julene Bailey, Boise, ID 2003
Weight Throw 60' 0" Maureen Griffin, Pocatello, ID 1998

200 Meter Men 22.38 Josh Roth, Jackson, WY 2004
200 Meter Men 40+ 23.48 Raphael August, Colorado Springs, CO 2002
200 Meter Women 24.84 Jackie Poulson, Pocatello, ID 2004
1600 Meter Men 4:09.02 Elvis Terry, Pocatello, ID 1999
1600 Meter Men 40+ 4:26.87 Jay Woods, Lehi, UT 1998
1600 Meter Women 4:53.94 Nicole Burke, Salt Lake City, UT 1992

@ National Record #Age Group National Record

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