4th Midwest Meet of Champions
Sep 11, 2004 at Hilliard OH


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All M's at MMOC -
ichigan sweep, Clarkston's M&M girls, Milford repeats

US#3 Clarkston MI girls and US#17 Milford MI boys win, with US#9 Bowling Green OH girls and unranked Hamilton Southeastern IN boys close seconds.
Clarkston's Jenny Morgan wins girls race, and Hamilton Southeastern goes 1-2 with Justin Roeder and Jordan Kyle.

photos by John Dye. Dozens more coming, plus Donna on the Side

325 Mike Anderson and 339 Dana Pitcock led US#17 Milford MI to repeat title. They have now won three of the four MMOC meets and they lost the other one by only one point. Anderson is the only returning runner from last year's MMOC champion. Milford's #3 runner, Tim Wilkens, was sidelined by injury, but is expected back soon.
1. Milford MI 51
2. Hamilton Southeastern IN 59
3. St. Xavier Cincinnati OH 81
4. Dexter MI 103
5. LaSalle Cincinnati OH 122
6. Davidson Hilliard OH 146
Out with injuries: Dexter's #4 Danny Jackson and Milford #3 Tim Wilkens..
1. Clarkston MI 76
2. Bowling Green OH 83
3. St. Ursula Cincinnati OH 151
4. Goodrich MI 172
5. Cathedral Indianapolis IN 173
6. Colerain Cincinnati OH 210
Out with injuries: Clarkston #4 Ellie Kuhta and Colerain #3 Winters.

1. Justin Roeder, Hamilton Southeastern 15:44
2. Jordan Kyle, Hamilton Southeastern 15:55
3. Mike Anderson, Milford 15:59
4. Lex Williams, Dexter 16:06
5. Dana Pitcock, Milford 16:11
6. Tony Nallie, Dexter 16:17
7. Justin Mason, Cathedral Indianapolis IN 16:30
8. Rick King, St. Xavier Cincinnati OH 16:36
9. Madison Roeder, Ham. Southeastern 16:37
10., Joel Vanderworp, Milford MI 16:39
11. Nick Anderson, Milford MI 16:39
12. Jeffrey Schroer, Elder Cincinnati OH 16:39

Splits: 5:02 at 1600 meters, 10:05 at 3200 meters.

1. Jenny Morgan, Clarkston 17:54
2. Bekah Smeltzer, Monroe Jefferson MI 18:11
3. Liz Mengyan, Clarkston 18:28
4. Christy Titus, Bowling Green 18:36
5. Jenee Jones, Goodrich MI 18:40
6. Katie Haines, Rockford MI 18:42
7. Elizabeth Flood, CAthedral IN 18:49
8. Nikki Brown, E. Grand Rapids 18:55
9. Eileen Creutz, Saline MI 18:55
10. Erin Ragouzis, Colerain OH 18:59

Splits: 5:35 at 1600 meters, 11:30 at 3200 meters.

Clarkston's M & M girls : 212 Jenny Morgan wins and 211 Liz Mengyan is third to pace US#3 MW#1 team. Morgan, 9th in the Foot Locker Midwest region last year, moved to Clarkston this year from Barnesville OH when her Michigan native father moved back. "She makes everyone on the team better," said Clarkston coach Jamie LaBrosse. Mengyan, who PR'd with her 3rd place finish today, gladly welcomed Morgan to the team. "It's so nice to have someone to push me," Liz said. "Same for me," Morgan said. Both said they are "so excited" about the possibility of competing in the first Nike Team Nationals at Portland December 4. LaBrosse said he pushed back the team's training schedule to point toward NTN. "We are about 2 weeks behind last year." Clarkston will get even better with the return soon of injured #4 runner Ellie Kuhta.
Hamilton Southeastern's 1-2 punch: Justin Roeder (left) and Jordan Kyle (right) finish 1-2 to lead their team to a strong second place finish. The unranked team validated their claim to a Midwest NTN ranking after beating MW#2 Columbus North a week ago..


Davidson Hilliard coach Pat Schlecht started 3 years ago with a concept of inviting top teams from neighboring states to a kickoff meet in early September. The concept has proven sound as each year brings a bigger and higher quality field of state champions. It is the first major meet in the country that starts to give focus to regional and national rankings. The inaugural meet 3 years ago faced a decision whether or not to go on with the meet, just 4 days after the 9/11 disasters in New York and Washington DC.
DyeStat reported
The meet started with a minister asking why we should run today, leading the young athletes in the pledge of allegiance, and shouting, "RUN!" Then a very American boy of Ethiopian descent answered the minister's question with the most brilliant run of the day. "I just wanted to run hard, run proud," said Nef Araia, a junior from Lawrence North IN. "I wanted to show them (the terrorists) that we can still lead normal lives in America."

Prior Years on DyeStat

2003 - Christian Wagner, Alissa McKaig, Milford MI boys, Rockford MI girls are big winners.

Christian Wagner
Alissa McKaig

2002 - Nef Araia wins second straight MOC title. Carolyn Rauen, Columbus North boys, and host Davidson girls also win.

Nef Araia
Carolyn Rauen

2001 - High school runners show how to cope as inaugural meet takes place 4 days after the 9/11 disasters in New York and Washington DC. Nef Araia, Nikki Bohnsack, Carmel IN girls and Milford MI boys win.

Nef Araia 323 held off Wesley Smith.
Rockford's Nikki Bohnsack 241 held off
Carmel's Michelle Rafferty

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