2002 Great American XC Festival
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Great American
Cross Country Festival
is on for 2002

by John Dye

BALTIMORE 11/30/01 -- There WILL be a Great American Cross Country Festival in 2002 after all, but with some changes.

Founder and meet director Rick Hill, who was considering not continuing the wildly popular meet, has decided to continue. The 4th edition of GACCF will be held the third or fourth weekend of September 2002, most likely in a mid-Atlantic city, although Hill is keeping his options open. Hill told DyeStat there would be the following changes and additions:


1. The meet management will move from a Hill family endeavor to an eight person Executive Organizing Committee, a coach's advisory committee and to the host city's sports commission. The objective is to have multiple managers of various elements of the event.

2. I will become an Executive Director of the meet in 2002 and 2003 and a Meet Director will be named in the spring. I will focus my time on team and coach relationships and turn administration over to the meet director.

3. The 2002 event will focus on meet management, systems and processes, while maintaining the pageantry and highest level of team competition.

4. The Race of Champions in 2002 will be for teams only, no individuals. Individuals will run in the Seeded Invitational.

5. We will restrict growth in 2002. We will do this by enforcing early entry deadlines, eliminating late entries and reducing the number and size of races.

The above steps are being taken in order to provide the highest level of competition and service for those teams that want to run against the best.




2002 Great American

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