4th Iolani Invitational
Hawaii Sept. 21
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43rd Golden West Invitational

200 meters

June 8, 2002 at Sacramento State University, Sacramento CA

Boys - Girls

Brendan Christian complete sprint double,
Shalonda Solomon turns tables on Marshevet Hooker


Brendan Christian - no sweat

Brendan Christian completes his double over a loaded field that was sort of a meet of Texas champions -- Texas 4A champ Christian, Texas 5A champ Jeremy Wariner, Texas 5A regional champ Ivory Williams, and Texas 3A 400 meter champion Kelly Willie. Unfortunately, the automatic timing system missed the start, so Christian's 20.1 hand time will miss the record books. Mike Loyd NC and Kevin Marion FL were the only non-Texans to brave this race, which pitted the Golden West 100 meter winner (Christian) and the 400-meter winner (Willie) meeting in the middle. As usual, Christian made it look easy. He glided across the finish line and showed no emotion afterward.

4 Christian at right, Willie on left, and Wariner (yellow) in the center.

Boys 200 Meter Dash


    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind


  1 Christian, Brandon           Reagan HS                20.1h   NWI 

  2 Willie, Kelly                Sterling HS              20.3h   NWI 

  3 Williams, Ivory              Beaumont HS              20.5h   NWI 

  4 Wariner, Jeremy              Lamar HS                 20.8h   NWI 

  5 Loyd, Mike                   Mount Tabor              21.3h   NWI 

  6 Marion, Kevin                Hollins HS               21.4h   NWI 




130 Shalonda Solomon evens the score on 100-meter winner 129 Marshevet Hooker,
with 133 Juanita Broaddus PA third

Girls 200 Meter Dash
Name Year School Finals Wind
1 Solomon, Shalonda Poly 23.38 1.3
2 Hooker, Marshevet Southwest 24.12 1.3
3 Broaddus, Juanita Penn 24.17 1.3
4 Hardeman, Christina Wilcox 24.43 1.3
5 Lee, Jasmine Poly 24.50 1.3
6 Menlove, Amy Alta 24.65 1.3
7 Jones, Debra Benson 24.94 1.3 .




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