June 16-17, 2001 at Richmond VA

USATF Junior Nationals

Schedule Conflict between
adidas Outdoor and Jr Nationals


by John Dye

Elite winners in the adidas Outdoor national championships (formerly Foot Locker Outdoor) often pursue higher glory the following week at the USATF Junior Nationals, which decides members of US teams for international competition.  That will be difficult or impossible this year because the two meets overlap on the same weekend --  adidas is Friday-Saturday June 15-16 in Raleigh NC and Jr Nationals are Saturday-Sunday June 16-17 in Richmond VA. 

The two cities are 155 miles of interstate apart, so some athletes will be able to compete in both events, depending on the order of events.  To facilitate this, the National Scholastic Sports Foundation, manager of the adidas meet,  is providing free busses from Raleigh to Richmond Friday night and Saturday night. 

Some parents and coaches have complained to DyeStat about the schedule conflict, so we asked Jim Spier of NSSF, to comment on the situation.  Here is his response: 

The promoters of the outdoor track and field championships (The National
Scholastic Sports Foundation). have maintained their weekend (usually the
third weekend in June) for the past several years. Whereas USATF normally
schedules their junior championships the following week, the USATF scheduled
their Junior Championships on the same weekend as the high school outdoor

The NSSF has been assured by USATF that this will not happen
in the future. (It is especially disheartening to the NSSF as the reason
that organization is in existence is to help fund athlete's travel to the
USATF Junior championships in order for them to qualify for national teams.
The NSSF has furnished many tens of thousands dollars since 1991 toward that
end. That, of course, will not be possible this year).

In an effort to make a bad situation better, the NSSF has revised their
schedule so that athletes may compete in both meets wherever possible.

Additionally, at their own expense, the NSSF will be furnishing
transportation (in the form of busses) free of charge from Raleigh to
Richmond, VA both Friday and Saturday nights after the competition (June

Here is the schedule of the two meets showing which events have conflicts and which events could double. 

Event adidas USATF
100 Fri trials-finals Sun trials-finals
200, 400, 800,
Mile, hurdles
Sat Finals Sat Prelims
HJ - W Fri Sat
HJ - M Sat Sun
PV - W Sat Sun
PV - M Fri Sat
LJ - W Fri Sat
LJ - M Fri Sat
TJ - W Sat Sun
TJ - M Sat Sun
SP - W Sat Sun
SP - M Fri Sat
DT - W Fri Sat
DT - M Sat Sat
HT - W Fri Sat
HT - M Sat Sat
JT - M Sat Sun
Walks Fri Sun
Steeple Sat Sun
Distance 2-mi Fri 3k/5k/10k
Sat & Sun


Jim Spier

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