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June 9, 2001 at American River College, Sacramento CA

Golden West Invitational

Pix Page: Boys 3200


The start
From right: Rod Koborsi, Sean Jefferson, Yong-Sung Leal, Seth Pilkington, Jason Sandfort,
Kevin Davis, Tim Nelson (hidden), Mark Nevers, Henry Hagenbuch, Erik Heinon.
After one lap in 68 seconds, Leal has slight lead over Pilkington
Pilkington leads a tight pack affter 800 meters in 2:16
No change after 3 laps.
At halfway point in 4:29, Koborsi joins Pilkington ,
followed by Sandfort and Leal.
Koborsi has narrow lead after 5 laps, with Sandfort third, and a gap opens before the rest of the field.
Start of bell lap, it's down to a 2-man race
with Koborsi still ahead of Pilkington
as they turn out 77-second laps
But Pilkington turns it on with
a 64-second last lap to prevail.
Koborsi (L) and Pilkington congratulate
each other on sub-9 performances.


                          Event 26 Boys 3,200 Meter Run                         


          National: 8:33.54 Jeff Nelson     Burbank (Burbank,CA)    1979       

        %     Meet: 8:40.99 Allan Sharsu      Fitch (Austintown,OH) 1978       


                      Finals - Results  - Saturday 06/09/01                    


     PLACE ATHLETE NAME              YR SCHOOL                    TIME         

     ===== ========================= == ========================= =========    

         1 Pilkington, Seth             Roy (Roy, UT)             8:55.17      

         2 Koborsi, Rod                 Jersey Vllg (Houston, TX) 8:57.13      

         3 Sandfort, Jason              West Plains (W Plains,MO) 9:00.13      

         4 Leal, Yong-Sung              Arroyo (San Lorenzo, CA)  9:01.48      

         5 Nevers, Mark                 Oak Park (Oak Park, CA)   9:06.55      

         6 Nelson, Tim                  Lbrty Christan (Rddng,CA) 9:09.00      

         7 Heinonen, Erik               South (Eugene, OR)        9:15.36      

         8 Hagenbuch, Henry             Cate (Carpenteria, CA)    9:18.22      

         9 Jefferson, Sean              Atlantic (Del Ray Bch,FL) 9:26.21      

        10 Davis, Kevin                 Clovis West (Fresno, CA)  9:50.37      

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