May 4-5, 2001 at Welcome Stadium, Dayton OH

27th Roosevelt Memorial photo page

Marc Sylvester - warrior

Marc Sylvester was everywhere -- sprint medley, 4x400, and 800 meters -- as he led his St. Ignatius Cleveland OH team to the boys team title.

In the 800 (below), Alan Webb of South Lakes VA was a no-show, but there was still a super race, maybe the best of the meet, between Sylvester and James Hatch of Colorado. Sylvester and Hatch both broke fast to get clear of a giant field of 20 or more runners, with Sylvester holding an edge through 200 meters in 24.5 and 400 in 54.2. On the back stretch of the second lap, Hatch pushed in front and looked a possible winner as he led through 600 meters in 1:22.7. But Sylvester lived up to his reputation as a warrior by fighting back on the turn, pulling even at mid-stretch, and easing off to a two-step victory at the end. Afterward, Hatch thought he might have made his move too early.

Later, with the team title on the line, Sylvester made the same move to win the 4x400 - losing the lead and getting it back in the last 200 meters.


800 meter duel between Sylvester and Hatch
Hatch takes lead with 250 meters left
Top of stretch
Sylvester moves by in mid-stretch

Hatch and Sylvester after 800
Sylvester's 47.8 split finishes St. Ignatius' meet record medley relay on Friday


Boys team title comes down to controversial finish in the 4x400 relay
Going into the closing 4x400 relay, Middletown led St. Ignatius by 5.5 points, and the two fought head to head through 3.5 laps. Anchor leg starts for Sylvester and St. Ignatius with slight lead over Middletown

Middletown takes lead on backstretch
Sylvester came back on the turn and the two anchors raced furiously toward the stretch when Middletown's anchor dropped the baton, and Sylvester came off the turn with a solid lead. Middletown did not finish, so St. Ignatius got a 10-point swing. Officials reviewed the race for several minutes and ruled there was no foul on the turn.


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