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Pennsylvania Cross Country 2001

Briarwood Invitational

9/15/01 at Belmont Plateau, Philadelphia PA - 5k

by Don Rich
publisher of PennTrackXC

PHILADELPHIA PA 9/15/01 -- Only four girls had ever broken 19:00 at Philly's Belmont Plateau before today. And what a day for a record. Only 96 hours after one of the darkest days in the history of our country, there were signs of hope. Athletes who gave their all. Parents who gave their support. Coaches who gave their knowledge and inspiration. Volunteers who gave their time. And one incredible course record.

Highlights: Council Rock takes both Championship races. Great Valley takes both Division Two races. Hatboro-Horsham girls and Father Judge boys take Division One races.

Girls' Championship Race: Sophomore Jessica Cickay, who runs for a school with a remarkable running tradition, ran the first sub-18:30 5K at Belmont Plateau during the annual Briarwood Invitational. Her time of 18:26.21 surpassed the likes of Donna Fidler, the Norristown star who was the first sub-19:00 at 18:56. And St. Hubert's star Jackie Kelly, who went 18:51 at last year's Ryan Invitational. And the runs of Footlocker Finalists Sheila Klick, Prendie (now at LaSalle), and Julia Pudlin, Baldwin School (returning from injury for her sr. year). Pudlin set the record last year at this meet with a 18:31.7. Cickay has already run 17:50 this year. It is just a beginning. Council Rock girls have to be considered a strong contender for State Champs, and maybe even national ranking, after their win. But what a team Cardinal O'Hara has assembled. Only three points back. It's a shame these two can't meet again in November.

Boys' Championship Race: Council Rock took a good Jersey program, Hunterdon Central, by 24 points. Their top duo of Mike DiDio and Rob Hampson, ran the entire race with Hunterdon #1 Jon Fox, until an all-out sprint at the end, when DiDio and Hampson went 1-2 in 16:11 and 16:13.

Girls' Division One Race (Large Schools) - Janine Ricci, a talented Hatboro-Horsham middle distance, as well as XC runner, held off Henderson's Marissa Murtaugh after the two exited the woods side by side. Ricci won in 20:23, leading her team to the title with just 44 points, over second place Henderson, with 51.

Boys' Division One Race (Large Schools) - Middle distance star Steve Craig showed he has some distance kick, touring the difficult Belmont Plateau course in the fifth fastest time of the day, and taking the Division One race by .18 over Justin Woodruff of West Chester East. His team didn't fare as well, getting fifth behind Father Judge, 67, Abington, 106, Central, 109, and a rebuilding Haverford (minus their #3), with 114.

Girls' Division Two Race (Small Schools) - Great Valley looks incredible this year with their top four going 5-6-7-8, beating Gwynedd-Mercy by 16 points in the Small Schools race. Gwynedd-Mercy's Meghan Bishop took top honors with a nice 20:14.

Boys' Division Two Race (Small Schools) - Great Valley boys took the Small Schools race with just 44 points, to hold off Mainland Regional (NJ) by a single point. The Patriot's Bill Patchak won the race for the Malvern school by taking Mainland's Brian Gerten by five seconds with his 16:48.

Girls Championship Division


Council Rock, 66
Cardinal O'Hara, 69
North Penn, 85
Shawnee (NJ) 103
St. Hubert's, 129


1. Jessica Cickay, Council Rock, 18:26.21 MEET AND COURSE RECORD, breaking record set by Footlocker finalist Julia Pudlin, Baldwin School, set at this meet last year.

2. Kim Malcolm, Villa Marie, 19:23.96
3. Amy Kelly, St. Hubert's, 19:27.77
4. Katie Irwin, O'Hara, 19:42.01
5. Lauren Morina, North Penn, 19:49.83
6. Nicole O'Dea, Archbishop Prendergast, 20:02.11
7. Danielle Schopf, O'Hara, 20:06.39
8. Katie Quinn, Shawnee, 20:11.05
9. Jen Shouldis, Council Rock, 20:14.95
10.Cheryl Dingman, North Penn, 20:19.26
11.Kate Mchaffey, St. Hubert's, 20:21.45
12.Lauren Kinsey, North Penn, 20:23.54
13.Lindsay Bloom, Council Rock, 20:31.37
14.Meryl Nash, Council Rock, 20:44.76
15.Mary Deberee, O'Hara, 20:49.34
16.Jenna Fasulo, Hunterdon Central, NJ, 20:51.47
17.Alex Glenn, Villa Maria, 20:53.61
18.Meghan Hallinan, O'Hara, 20:54.69
19.Justine Tidmarsh, Archbishop Prendergast, 20:55.88
20.Kim Bonner, Shawnee, 20:59.92

Boys Championship Division


Council Rock 53
Hunterdon Central 77
Cardinal O'Hara 79
West Chester Henderson 130
Paul VI 140
Monsignor Bonner 165
Archbishop Ryan 201.


1, Mike DiDio, Council Rock, 16:11
2, Rob Hampson, Council Rock, 16:13
3, Jon Fox, Hunterdon Central, 16:15
4, Ian Gottesfeld, Henderson, 16:30.
5, John Palumbo, Council Rock, 16:32
6, Joe Francisco, O'Hara, 16:35
7, Steve Hallinan, O'Hara, 16:36
8, Chris Pannone, Hunterdon Central, 16:36
9, Mike Kenny, Hatboro-Horsham, 16:47
10, Vince Granvelle, O'Hara, 16:48.

Girls Division I - Large Schools


Hatboro-Horsham, 44
WC Henderson, 51
Neshaminyh, 79
Paul VI (NJ) 97


1. Janine Ricci, Hatboro-Horsham, 20:23.30
2. Marissa Murtaugh, 20:28.06
3. Anna Baker, Hatboro-Horsham, 20:50.89
4. Marcy DeLorenzo, Archbishop Ryan, 20:55.18
5. Julie Mahoy, Neshaminy, 21:03.96
6. Vanessa Gibons, WWP North, 21.11.38
7. Liz Coughlin, Hatboro-Horsham, 21:14.46
8. Allison Bushy, WC Henderson, 21:17.62
9. Reisey Berger, Central, 21:17.87
10.Lauren Bahnatka, WC Henterson, 21:34.55
11.Heather Stoner, WC Henderson, 21:39.26
12.Krista Logan, Neshaminy, 21:43.78
13.Liz Kessler, Paul VI (NJ), 21:49.79
14.Caitrin Villmann, Paul VI (NJ), 21:54.76
15.Kelsey Kirkpatrick, Hatboro-Horsham, 21:57.91
16.Beth Bond, Archbishop Wood, 21:59.11
17.Erin Siguart, Paul VI (NJ), 22:00.00
18.Meghan Ryder, Hatboro-Horsham, 22:01.33
19.Erin Vaccaro, Neshaminy, 22:05.08
20.Sara Underwood, WC Henderson, 22:10.13

Boys Division I (Large Schools)


Father Judge 67
Abington 106
Central 109
Haverford High 114,
North Penn 127
Archbishop Wood 133
West Chester East 154
Absegami (N.J.) 176
Neshaminy 196.


1, Steve Craig, North Penn, 16:30.87
2, Justin Woodruff, WC East 16:31.05
3, John Leeds, Absegami, 16:51.48
4, Mike Syrnick, Central, 17:16.61
5, Chris Pomponi, Central, 17:20.40
6, Eddie Dutch, Haverford, 17.25.57
7, Tim Konopka, Haverford, 17:31.00
8, John Cartwright, Central, 17:32.04
9, Ryan Grant, Judge, 17:34.79
10, Chris Monreal, Neshaminy, 17:37.05
11,Adam Wilson, Father Judge, 17:42.12
12,Anthony McFadden, Father Judge, 17:45.22
13,Ian Maurer, North Penn, 17:48.50
14,Derrick Eyler, Abington, 17:49.95
15,Eric Gould, Archbishop Wood, 17:52.38
16,Seamus Sullivan, Abington, 17:53.09
17,Tim Creelman, Father Judge, 17:57.59
18,Pat Taggart, Father Judge, 18:06.61
19,Shane Roony, Conwell-Egan, 18:12.43
20,Ryan Rutherford, Abington, 18:13.04

Girls Division II - Small Schools


Great Valley, 50
Gwynedd-Mercy, 66
Villa Joseph Marie, 118
Mainland Regional (NJ), 128


1. Meaghan Bishop, Gwynedd-Mercy, 20:14.33
2. Katina Alexander, Pleasantville, 20:21.69
3. Jan O'Connor, Nazareth Academy, 20:23.05
4. Molly Maren, Lower Merion, 20:30.26
5. Chrissy Quinn, Great Valley, 20:34.74
6. Erin Schksing, Great Valley, 20:46.05
7. Karla Gardner, Great Valley, 21:01.42
8. Carolyn Auwaerter, Great Valley, 21:01.88
9. Kelly McGrath, Gwynedd-Mercy, 21:08.03
10.Nicole Blaesser, Oxford, 21:13.48
11.Dawn Healy, OJ Roberts, 21:21.11
12.Brighton Schlumpf, Baldwin School, 21:30.23
13.Amanda Foskett, Lower Merion, 21:32.50
14.Nicole Vit, AP Schalick, 21:33.37
15.Coleen Feriod, Villa Joseph Marie, 21:42.65
16.Mary Kate Heck, Gwynedd-Mercy, 21:46.12
17.Ashley Randall, Pottstown, 21:52.80
18.Ranita Sales, Penn Charter, 21:58.56
19.Christine Wall, Gwynedd-Mercy, 22:00.67
20.Krista Buzolits, Villa Joseph Marie, 22:03.69

Boys Division II (Small Schools)


Great Valley 44
Mainland Regional 45
Holy Ghost Prep 146
Penn Charter 165
West Windsor North 174
Owen J. Roberts 181
Hill School 210,
Lawrenceville 222
Schalick 224.


1, Bill Patchak, Great Valley, 16:48.97
2, Brian Gertzen, Mainland, 16:52.59
3, Greg Hughes, Mainland, 16:58.24
4, Lex Mercado, Penn Charter, 17:04.52
5, Neal Kerrigan, Great Valley, 17:04.68
6, Matt McGroarty, Mainland, 17:06.33
7, Brian Scott, West Windsor-Plainsboro North, 17:09.36
8, Sayyid Markar, Lower Merion, 17:09.52
9, Tim Egolf, Owen J. Roberts, 17:15.55
10, Steve Zeng, Great Valley, 17:15.72
11,Ben Franczuszki, Great Valley, 17:18.85
12,Matthew Oresky, Thomas McKean, 17:22.11
13,Phil Sibley, OJ Roberts, 17:30.42
14,Spencer Popson, Mainland, 17:30.59
15,Phil Ference, Holy Ghost, 17:32.59
16,Chris Wojciechowski, Holy Ghost, 17:32.95
17,Kevin McIntyre, Great Valley, 17:34.47
18,Galen Rivers, Great Valley, 17:36.02
19,Mark Collins, West Windsor-Plainsboro North,17:45.80
20,Blair Goltra, Mainland, 17:46.25

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