4/21/01 at Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut CA

43rd Mt. SAC Relays

Girls Sprints & Hurdles

Text by Doug Speck
Photos and layout by John Dye

Unique Monique has a dazzling double: 11.68 and 23.15 - soph Allyson Felix moving up - Mexicans double in 400 - Lashinda Demus steps down to 100m hurdles

100 - 200 - 400 - 100H - 300H

Girls 100 Meters

Great group headed by Angel Perkins (Gahr, Cerritos), Monique Henderson (Morse, San Diego), and 2001 star Allyson Felix (LA Baptist, North Hills). The field broke even, with Henderson and Perkins pulling away. Perkins sat a few inches back inside of Henderson, and one waited for someone to change gears. It never really happened, but Henderson did not give up an inch, eventually coming in ahead by about a half a meter in a super 11.68 (wind legal), with Perkins next at 11.76, and Allyson Felix 11.87.

Interview: Monique Henderson
General thoughts on the race (which she won at 11.68), "Well, I usually do not run the 100 so it was very different."
Asked what it was like to have Angel right on her shoulder, "I definitely felt her there the entire race."
When asked what she thought about doing mechanically the final part of the race with Perkins very close, "I forgot about mechanics, and everything except running really hard to the finish!"
What about the rest of the season after the prep season is over, "I am not sure what I will be running after the high school season. I may take some time off during the summer and get ready for College."

(Invit - 35A) 1. Monique Henderson (Morse, SD) 11.68 (-1.1), 2. Angel Perkins (Gahr, Cerritos) 11.78, 3. Allyson Felix (LA Baptist, No Hills) 11.87, 4. Shalonda Solomon (Poly, LB) 12.05, 5. Sierra Hauser-Price (Notre Dame, SO) 12.12, 6. Jasmine Lee (Poly, LB) 12.36, 7. Angel Tate (Wilson, LB) 12.55.
(35B) 1. Chanda Picott (Poly, LB) 11.98 (+1.6), 2. Tishira Thomas (Miller, Fontana) 12.14, 3. China Jones (Deer Valley, Antioch) 12.17, 4. Quian Hodges (Wilson, LB) 12.18, 5. Marcia Fenton (Dorsey, LA) 12.25, 6. Madely Romero (Mexico) 12.28, 7. Randi Houston (Upland) 12.57, 8. Jamesha Bell (Dominguez, Compton) 12.57.
(35C) 1. April Brown (Bellflower) 12.04w (+3.3), 2. Laquita Landers (Miller, Fontana) 12.20w, 3. Marjorie Jackson (Deer Valley, Antioch) 12.26w, 4. Crystal Davis (Valley, Santa Ana) 12.33w, 5. Michelle Stinnette (Cleveland, Reseda) 12.36w, 6. Annisa Fagur (Muir, Pas) 12.37w, 7. Tar Davis-Quarrie (St. Lucy's, Glendora) 12.54w.


Monique Henderson (white) races through the finish
with Angel Perkins (blue) and Allyson Felix (black) alongside.


Girls 200 Meters

Great event. Allyson Felix (LA Baptist) the National Outdoor Leader off her 23.48 win at Arcadia last week would face Monique Henderson her conqueror at 100 Meters. Felix was in Lane 4, Henderson in 5.

Henderson had a blazing start, absolutely blasting the first 50 meters zooming by from the field. Over the best at the prep level she had an amazing 3-4 meter gap off the turn. Down the straightaway it was the surprising Felix who closed some, with Henderson the winner 23.16 and Allyson 23.31. Felix's time shockingly was equal to the #25 time in U.S. Prep history, with Monique's #13 All-Time.


(Inv 56A) 1. Monique Henderson (Morse, SD) 23.16 (wind +1.0), 2. Allyson Felix (LA Baptist, No Hills) 23.31. 3. Sierra Hauser-Price (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks) 24.57, 4. China Jones (Deer Valley, Antioch) 24.98, 5. Maxine Marlow (Centennial, Bakersf) 25.26, 6. Stephanie Blake (Parker, SD) 25.48, 7. Whitney Graham (Gahr, Cerr) 25.56, 8. Michelle Jones (Ranier Beach, Seattle) 25.82.
(56B) 1. Marjorie Jackson (Deer Valley) 24.90w (+4.0), 2. Deborah Bowser (Carson) 24.91w, 3. Madeli Romero (Mexico) 25.13w, 4. Kylie McCuen (Brea) 25.59w.




Morse San Diego superstar Monique Henderson (white and blue)
crosses the finish line with sophomore Allyson Felix of LA Baptist close.

Afterward, the budding star Felix was upbeat, even though Henderson knocked her off the top spot in the US this season. About running so close to Henderson, "I'm so excited," Felix said. She got a PR 23.31, a step up from her 23.48 in winning Arcadia last week.



Girls 400 Meters

Invitational Girls 400 Meters
Gabriela Medina from Mexico led the event by a meter or two as the field headed into the homestretch, with Shantae McKinney (Westchester) and Keisha Gaines (Stockdale, Bakersfield) eventually closing down, with Gaines recroding a fine 55.81 in second while losing by .02.

(25A) 1. Gabriela Medina (Mexico) 55.79, 2. Keisha Gaines (Stockdale, Bak) 55.81, 3. Shantae McKinney (Westchester, LA) 56.13, 4. Ashley Freeman (Wilson, LB) 57.12, 5. Stephanie Blake (Parker, San Diego) 57.25, 6. MacKenzie Hill (Wilson, LB) 57.43, 7. Shanon Meyer (Sultana, Hesperia) 57.49, 8. Michele Hunt (Poly, Long Beach) 58.10.
(25B) 1. Denef Cervantes (Mexico) 56.55. 2. Dashanta Harris (Poly, LB) 58.05, 3. Ericka Porter (Deer Valley) 58.64.




32 Gabriel Medina of Mexico (white on right) edges Keisha Gaines
of Stockdale Bakersfield (left, black and white) and
Shantae McKinney of Westchester LA (red).

Mexican girls won both sections of the 400 meters.
Denef Cervantes (left) and Medina.

Girls 100 meter Hurdles

Ginny Powell (Ranier Beach, Wash) has run 13.79, with Lashinda Demus (Wilson, Long Beach) her first serious effort this year in the event here. Powell was out ahead over the first couple of hurdles, but Demus battled back, with the duo stride for stride until Lashinda seemed to develop a bit more momentum over the last flight and a half, winning the run-in, with the duo recording super 13.61-13.69 clockings! The 13.61 ranks Lashinda among the top 25 preps ever!!!

Interview - Lashinda Demus
General thoughts on the race, "This was my first race of the year in the event so I was very excited!"
When asked what it was like to run in the 13.60's her first race out, "Wow, I am very happy. This is not my first race ever in the 100 hurdles, since I have run it a great deal in other years, but a personal best in my first race is great!"

1. Lashinda Demus (Wilson, LB) 13.61 (wind +1.0), 2. Ginnie Powell (Ranier Beach, Seattle) 13.69, 3. Undine Becker (Mt. Pleasant, San Jose) 14.05, 4. Lucilia Contreras (Mexico) 14.30, 5. Dana Bethel (Mission Viejo) 14.51, 6. Tunisia Johnson (Poly, LB) 14.84, 7. Brynne Steward (Cleveland, Reseda) 14.93, 8. Dominique Harper (Wilson, LB) 15.16, 9. Tracy Johnson (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks) 15.78.
(23B) 1. Sally Wong (Britannia) 14.67 (+0.2), 2. Chelsea Johnson (Atascadero) 14.69, 3. Willimena Cisco (Laguna Creek, Elk Grove) 15.08, 4. Miesha McClendon (Muir, Pasadena) 15.11, 5. Mary Timm (Sultana, Hesperia) 15.39, 6. Dana Rattler (Cleveland, Reseda) 15.44, 7. Tassia Cendejas (Ayala, Chino Hills) 15.67.

Girls 300 meter Hurdles

Undine Becker (Mt. Pleasant, San Jose) and Tiffany Brown (Stockdale, Bakersfield) were the early leaders, with the Central Section star Brown pulling away during the middle of the race. The 43.40 clocking was achieved with a little hesitation late over hurdles, so Tiffany can go faster.

(Inv 42A) 1. Tiffany Brown (Stockdale, Bak) 43.39, 2. Undine Becker (Mt. Pleasant, SJ) 43.67, 3. Tunisia Johnson (Poly, LB) 43.86, 4. Audrey Pound (Poway) 46.56, 5. Liu Pei (China) 46.85. (42B) 1. Tassia Cendejas (Ayala, Chino Hills) 46.01, 2. Michelle Ziser (Sultana, Hesperia) 46.05, 3. Janeshai Adams (Gahr, Cerritos) 46.06, 4. Unika Smith (Lincoln, SD) 46.66, 5. Dominique Harper (Wilson, LB) 47.29.

52 Tiffany Brown of Stockdale Bakersfield (black and white uniform) clears the last hurdle.

53 Brown beats Undine Becker to the finish.


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