4/21/01 at Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut CA

43rd Mt. SAC Relays

Girls 800 - 1500 - 3000

Text by Doug Speck
Photos and layout by John Dye

Amber Steen continues her great senior season;
Heather Hennessey returns.

800 - 1500 -3000

Girls 1500 Meters

The Girls "almost a mile" group looked very good, with National 800 leader Shannon Rowbury (Sacred Heart Cathedral) and Amber Steen (Newport Harbor) among others at the line. A Chinese visitor went to the lead with the first 200 going by a 35.1. Amber Steen was next, with thre to go coming by at 53.7 with a visitor from Mexico moving to the lead at 71.8. The pace continued to slow through a 1:480 600, with 2:06.7 at the two to go point. A pack of five was together at the 800 at 2:25.7, with Steen on the leader's shoulder and Rowbury the Americans among the group. Steen led at 1000 metes at 3:02.3, with a good last lap assured. 3:20.3 with one to go, with Steen leading, the 1200 coming by at 3:37.2. Down the backstretch Steen pulled away from one of the foreign athletes and was 3:53.6 at the 1200 point. Rowbury was battling for second, but Steen cruised along to about a 20 meter win in the high 4:27's. Great race from Steen.

Interview: Amber Steen
Strategy coming in: "I wanted to push the third lap more than I have in past races."
What was it like to have foreigners that you do not know in the race with you? "It was good, they did a good job of taking the lead and running exactly the pace that I had hoped for."
Happy with time? (when told it was 4:27) "Yeah, I am really happy, as that is much faster than I thought that I could run."
Where to College, "I am going to the University of Arizona."
Goals for the year, "To go all-out, to win CIF, Master's Meet, State, then go on to the National meet in North Carolina! I would like to run in the low 4:40's, but now think I can race in the high 4:30's!"
When asked how fast she thought she could run an 800, "I have run 2:15, but think I can get under 2:10 in a good race."

1. Amber Steen (Newport Harbor) 4:28.00, 2. Shannon Rowbury (Sacred Heart Cathedral, SF) 4:30.28, 3. Shuay Zhery (China) 4:31.95, 4. Maria Valencia (Mexico) 4:32.41, 5. Ming Xu (China) 4:38.11, 6. Sarah Pizzo (Mullen, Denver) 4:41.15, 7. Jessica Kanin (Woodbridge, Irvine) 4:41.44, 8. Lori Mann (Santa Margarita, Rancho SM) 4:41.98, 9., Vanessa Kelly (Marina, Hunt Bch) 4:42.27, 10. Jaclyn Pederson (Royal, Simi Valley) 4:42.90, 11. Kim Conover (Gilbert, Az?) 4:43.46, 12. Jenny Esser (Foothill, Pleasanton) 4:47.69, 13. Alicia Veiss (McFarland) 4:48.84, 14. Michelle Sizer (Sultana, Hesperia) 4:49.54, 16. Meghan Manwaring (Santa Margarita, Rancho SM) 4:50.09, 17. Kelly Rogers (Healdsburg) 4:51.46, 18. Lindsay Duke (Bonita, La Verne) 4:51.69, 19. Ava Jones (La Habra) 4:52.06, 20. Sarah Scarfe (Campbell Hall, North Hollywood) 4:52.77.

Large field on first lap

Second lap, Maria Valencia of Mexico leads two Chinese girls in red, with redhead Amber Steen (in blue) and Shannon Rowbury (white IRISH singlet) accepting the challenge for the USA.

Steen and Rowbury move to the front starting the bell lap.

Steen wins


Girls 800 Meters

Event was dominated by the visitors from Mexico, with a 31.2 opening 200 and 65.4 400 leading to the win by Gabriela Medina at 2:13.58.

(Inv 50) 1. Gabriela Medina (Mexico) 2:13.58, 2. Mariana Barrios (Mexico) 2:14.37, 3. Barbara Parker (GB) 2:14.55, 4. Ashley Caldwell (Los Gatos) 2:15.08, 5. Gaelle Banini (Kajaks, Can)b 2:15.85, 6. Ashley Freeman (Wilson, LB) 2:15.98, 7. Jessica Kanin (Woodbridge, Irvine) 2:16.67, 8. Keyotta Delemenea (Poly, LB) 2:17.93, 9. Brooke Ecklund (GB) 2:18.44, 10. Anna-Marie Allander (Tyreso TC) 2:19.42.
(50B) 1. Maria Valencia (Mexico) 2:16.61, 2. Heather Hennessy (Los Gatos) 2:19.60, 3. Jenn Saura (Miramonte, Orinda) 2:19.91, 4. Anna Reeve (Newport, Wash) 2:20.33.

Inv Section: Mariana Barrrios of Mexico 2:13.58
leads foreign contingent to first four positions.

Open Section: Los Gatos sr Heather Hennessey (black), 2:08.84 winner of the Golden West and 2:07.73 runnerup in the Foot Locker Outdoor last year, ran her first race of the season after a 6-month layoff with a fractured back suffered in a summer accident. She chose the Open section instead of the Invitational and was hoping for 2:16. She got 2:19.60 and slumped to a seat afterwards saying, "I'm not in shape." She just started training again a month ago and does not harbor hopes of reaching last year's level in her senior year. "I'm just trying to get in shape for college next year." (She has signed for Southern California.)

Girls 3000 Meters

(Inv 58)
1. Zhao Yuan (China) 9:54.60, 2. Xu Min (China) 9:54.96, 3. Kristy Smith (Canada) 9:58.22, 4. Lori Mann (Santa Margarita) 10:09.02, 5. Kristin Cohoon (Chadwick, Palos Verdes) 10:21.60, 6. Sarah Swann (Canada) 10:25.20, 7. Ava Jones (La Habra) 10:25.55, 8. Kelly Rogers (Healdsburg) 10:29.79, 9. Meghan Mainwaring (Santa Margarita) 10:34.96, 10. Michelle Ziser (Sultana, Hesperia) 10:36.78, 11. Miriam Martinez (Mexico) 10:38.83, 12. Christina Jiminez (Granite Hills, Apple Valley) 10:40.27, 13. Kristen Browning (Templeton) 10:44.16, 14. Lindsey Grose (Trabuco Hills) 10:46.33, 15. Laura Meyers (Maranatha, Sierra Madre) 10:P47.55, 16. Maggie Cortez (Downey) 10:47.83.



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