4/21/01 at Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut CA

43rd Mt. SAC Relays

Boys Sprints & Hurdles

Text by Doug Speck
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Francis gets second major sprint double in 2 weeks

100 - 200 - 400 - 110H - 300H

Boys 100 Meters

A top group would dash here. Arcadia Invite and Open winners Phil Francis (Fairfax, LA) and Rod Martin (Western, Las Vegas), both in the mid-10.80's were next to each other. After 40 meters here the action was settled, with Francis off to the races, rocketing a 10.52 with wind legal conditions. The shocking time is the =#4 time in the nation and easily the fastest time run in California for the year. As Mike Kennedy of Track & Field News said, "We have a sprinter!"

Interview: Phillip Francis
Thoughts into this race, "I wanted to improve today towards my goal of a State Championship."
Fairfax does not have the track tradition that some other schools do, and how has he developed the confidence to compete with the athletes at the top level as he has, "It is my personality to run to my maximum, and not choose the minimum in any area of my life."
Asked his goal for this meet, "To run 10.3."
His mind set going into Arcadia (previous weekend where he handily taken both the State's best in both the 100 and 200), "To survive," asked what that meet did for him, "It showed me my potential and gave me confidence. It forced me to try harder in practice and to push myself beyond what I had done before. The meet last weekend and this weekend are part of a progression to the State Championships."
Other sports, "I play football, and was a tailback on the Varsity team this past Fall. I gained 760 yards. Our team record was not that good this year, but we are a good program, and in a couple of years they will be a super team."
College plans, "I do want to go to a four year school. I hope to do football and track in college. I like Idaho State at this time."
Family members in sports, "My mom was very athletic and did a number of sports basketball, volleyball, and track and field. Both my parents are from Jamaica. I was born in the U.S. and am a United States citizen."
Goals for the end of the season, "To win the State Meet, but also to have fun! I would like to run 10.28 for the 100 meters and 20.8 for the 200."
With that we let Phillip go stay warm for the 200.


Philip Francis of Fairfax (gold and red) starts his sprint double, matching his performance at Arcadia last week.

Francis after

Invite 26A - 1. Phillip Francis (Fairfax, LA) 10.52 (wind +0.3), 2. Wes Felix (Valenica) 10.75, 3. Rodney Martin (Western, Las Vegas) 10.78, 4. Chreston Anderson (Poly, LB) 10.85, 5. Chris Singleton (Etiwanda) 11.05, 6. Corey Lenaris (Santa Monica) 11.09.
(26B) 1. Vedell Lewis (Poly, Long Beach) 10.82 (+1.9), 2. Ron Hill (Walnut) 10.83, 3. Brandon Allen (Santa Monica) 10.88, 4. Bryn Davis (Mojave, Las Vegas) 10.96, 5. D'Aire D'Artagnan (West Covina) 11.00, 6. Mei Fei (China) 11.01, 7. Brandon Crawford (Inglewood) 11.08.
(26C) 1. Nathan Taylor (Comox Valley, Canada) 10.68 (+1.5), 2. Vince Miller (Poly, Long Beach) 11.10.



Boys 200 Meters


Phillip Francis of Fairfax jumped on this event right from the start, having a full three meter lead as the group came into the homestretch. Pressing hard the entire way, Francis went into the tape a big 21.04 winner with 3.4 meters per second of aiding wind. He would later split a 47.8 on the 4x400 team. .


(51B) 1. Mario Trillo (Mexico) 21.47w (+4.4 mps), 2. Marion Bassani (Irvine) 21.54w, 3. Nathan Taylor (Comox Valley) 21.85w, 4. Paul Smith (Western, LV) 22.15w.
*(51C) 1. Darren Brock (Rialto) 21.91w (+2.4), 2. Chris Singleton (Etiwanda) 22.20w, 3. Rafuel Bolton (Washington, LA) 22.27w, 4. Chris Clare (Comox, Canada) 22.42w, 5. Ken Hughes (East Union) 22.46w

Philip Francis (center, gold and red) completes a sprint double for the second straight week (Arcadia last week)

(Inv 51A) 1. Phillip Francis (Fairfax, LA) 21.04w (+3.4), 2. Rodney Martin (Western, LV) 21.35w, 3. Ruben Chavez (Mexico) 21.49w, 4. Jason Lovell (Cleveland, Reseda) 21.54w, 5. Robby Hambleton (Loyola, LA) 21.68w, 6. Gilbert Gregg (Mullen, Denver) 21.78w, 7. Damaine Reed (Carson) 21.79w, 8. Wes Felix (Valencia) 21.81w.

Boys 400 Meters


Darren Brock (Rialto) was out very quick, with Randy Bundy (Cleveland, Reseda) in land 6 out hard. Into the homestretch Bundy and Brock were even, with Bundy strongest on the run-in. Dominic Roux (Westchester, LA) moved strongly to get up to second, with the Serra (Gardena) soph transfer ending second at 49.25.


(24A) 1. Randy Bundy (Cleveland, Reseda) 48.84, 2. Dominic Roux (Westchester) 49.25, 3. Darren Brock (Rialto) 49.32, 4. Walton Dijon (Poly, LB) 49.70, 5. David Hill (Poly, LB) 50.20.
(24B) 1. Avantae Arrington (Carson) 50.40, 2. DeAngelo Davies (University City, SD) 51.16, 3. Demetrius Williams (De la Salle, Concord) 51.88.

Boys 110 meter Hurdles

A great group had Chris Johnson (Arlington, Riverside) out well, with Jeff Hunter (Granite Hills, El Cajon) closing down until half-way where he clobbered a hurdle, and walked through the barriers the rest of the way. Johnson was off to the races, winning in a wind-legal 14.12, continuing a super season.

Results (22A) 1. Chris Johnson (Arlington, Riverside) 14.12 (+.20), 2. Chris Foster (Ventura) 14/32, 3. Jermaine Rolison (Dorsey, LA) 14.44, 4. Jon Williams (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks) 14.46, 5. Ransom Minyard (Durango, Las Vegas) 14.67, 6. Terrell Walker (Poly, LB) 14.96, 7. Blake Frazier (University City, SD) 15.52.
(22B) 1. Luis Lopez (Mexico) 14.54 (wind +1.2), 2. Jose Beaton (Alta Loma) 14.56, 3. Nick Santana (Benicia) 14.83, 4. Jeff Santana (Benicia) 14.88, 5. Josh Hawkins (Poly, LB) 14.89, 6. David Brown (Diamond Bar) 15.35, 7. Alex Green (Poly, LA) 15.49.

Chris Johnson of Arlington Riverside (gold) edges Chris Foster of Ventura.

Boys 300 meter Hurdles


Jeff Hunter of Granite Hills had a fall in the Highs, and so he was mad and ran that way. Using a standing start, he was gone from the start, and it was basically a one-man race. He had a problem or two step-wise, but a fine effort of 37.62 in the wind.


(Inv 41A) 1. Jeff Hunter (Granite Hills, El Cajon) 37.62, 2. Jon Williams (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks) 38.61, 3. Thomas Mack (Bakersfield) 38.81, 4. Andrew Cook (Lord Byng, ?) 39.17, 5. Sean Zeitler (Santa Margarita, Rancho SM) 39.32,6. Jeff Santana (Benicia) 39.74, 7. Corey Sims (South Bak) 39.97.
(41B) 1. Ransom Minyard (Durango, Las Vegas) 38.68, 2. Chris Johnson (Arlington, Riverside) 38.79, 3. Shen Dingning (China) 39.05, 4. Elisha McCall (Cimarron, Las Vegas) 39.15, 5. Lewis Ennist (Pasadena) 39.63.
(41C) 1. Kenneth Thomas (Gardena) 39.08, 2. Ronald Howard (Moreno Valley) 39.90, 3. Nick Santana (Benicia) 40.32.


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