4/21/01 at Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut CA

43rd Mt. SAC Relays

Boys Relays

Text by Doug Speck
Photos and layout by John Dye

Los Gatos and Matt Bates prevail over
Clovis and J.J. Duke in spirited DMR

4x100 - 4x200 - 4x400 - 4x800 - SMR - DMR - Shuttle Hurdles

Boys Distance Medley


Los Gatos prevails on Matt Bates' 4:15.4 anchor leg over Duke's 4:19.2 for Clovis

Great field had Russ Martin of Los Gatos and Matt Cooley of Clovis together through a 2:04 on the 1200 leg, with Art Garcia and Don Lugo next. Garcia moved up to lead at the 1200, with 3:07.5 at the 1200. Art had run the 4x800, Sprint Medley 1:56,and this here (wow!). Clovis was close to 50 the second leg to hold the lead. Clovis, with Justin Coburn on this leg, and Tomas Viramontes for Los Gatos, led the 800 leg through at 56 seconds. Viramontes challenged as the race went down the backstretch,but Coburn would not give in. At 1:26 for their 600 split the duo was side to side. JJ Duke would anchor for Clovis, with Matt Bates for Los Gatos!!! 1:57.4 for Viramontes on leg number three, with the time 5:56.1 with one leg to go. Bates held a narrow lead over Duke through the first lap, covered just under 62 seconds. Ozzie Pina anchored for LB Poly, about 35 meters back after one lap. Bates was 1:34 for the first 600 of his 1600 leg, so they were continuing to press. 800 rolled by at 2:06 with Bates a couple of meters on Duke. Bates looked strong with 600 meters to go, with one wondering when JJ planned his move. At 3:12 Bates had stretched the lead to 8 meters, and he continued to pull away on the way to a great 4:15.4 time with his team going 10:11 and change for a super clocking! JJ Duke anchored the fine Clovis squad with a 4:19.2.

Matt Bates - Los Gatos

DMR Anchor
Asked their schedule, did they plan on coming down here to run these events, or was it a result of their own Top 8 Meet being rained out last night, "We planned on coming down to run the 4x1600 later today, but when we were rained out we decided to do the Distance Medley Relay also."
Goal, "To try to break the school record of 10:23. We ran right at that time last weekend, but tried to break it this weekend, and I guess we kind of destroyed it!"
Thoughts when he lined up even with JJ Duke of Clovis, State Cross-Country champ, for the anchor 4-lap leg. "Mainly I hoped that I could stay with him. I thought that I had a better kick, but he is very good in Cross-Country."
Thoughts on his overall 4:15 effort, "I was very happy with my time because it was kind of windy down the backstretch."
Goals for the 4x1600 later today, "Not sure, probably to try to break the school record and run another state leading time."

Invitational (37A) 1. Los Gatos (Martin - Hoeft - Viramontes - Bates) 10:12.09, 2. Clovis 10:16.02, 3. Poly (LB) 10:23.24, 4. College Park (Pleasanton) 10:30.57, 5. Belmont (LA) 10:30.92, 6. Don Lugo (Chino) 10:31.93, 7. Royal (Simi Valley) 10:34.43, 8. Sutlana (Hesperia) 10:35.35, 9. Canyon Springs (Moreno Valley) 10:37.06, 10. St. John Bosco (Bellflower) 10:37.50, 11. Claremont 10:40.75.
(37B) 1. East Valley (Redlands) 10:42.46, 2. Etiwanda 10:44.56, 3. Alhambra 10:53.18

Clovis (blue) and Don Lugo (gold) battled
through the opening 1200-meter leg.

Los Gatos (black) joins the fray after the 400 meter leg

42 Good anchors dig in for 1600 meter leg:
Matt Bates of Los Gatos and J. J. Duke of Clovis.

Bates and Duke continue their duel


Boys 4x400


Great contest, with Long Beach Poly leading after Chreston Anderson made a huge move at the 200 mark on leg three to move ahead. On the anchor it was first Santa Margarita, then Mullen of Denver who challenged the anchor runner, Walton, for Poly, with Jason Lovell screaming down with a 46.2 leg. However, no one could catch the Poly Jackrabbits, with 50.2, 48.7, 48.5, and 48.5 legs making up their 3:15.97 winning squad.

(Inv 59A) 1. Poly (LB) 3:15.97, 2. Mullen (Denver, Co) 3:16.16, 3. Cleveland (Reseda) 3:16.52, 4. Santa Margarita (Rancho SM) 3:17.13, 5. Carson 3:17.33, ,6. Bakersfield 3:21.19.
(59B) 1. Wilson (LB) 3:22.42, 2. Clovis 3:23.03, 3. De lal Salle (Concord) 3:23.93, 4. Gardena 3:24.49, 5. East Valley (Redlands) 3:24.76, 6. Deer Valley 3:26.70.
(59C) 1. Morningside (Inglewood) 3:21.49, 2. Lincoln (SD) 3:26.00.
(59D) 1. Poly (LB) (B) 3:25.35, 2. Hug (Nv) 3:26.86.
(59E) 1. CEBETTS 62 (Canada) 3:21.72, 2. Cathedral City 3:29.79.
(59F) 1. Ayala (Chino Hills) 3:31.35, 2. Warren (Downey) 3:31.61.
(59G) 1. Alhambra (Martinez) 3:28.19, 2. Nordhoff (Ojai) 3:29.46.
(59H) 1. Canyon (CC) 3:27.88, 2. Glendale 3:28.44

Poly Long Beach CA wins closely fought race over Mullen Denver CO (blue)
and Cleveland Reseda CA (black), with five teams under 3:20.


Boys 4x800


Long Beach Poly broke on top the first leg, with a fine 56.1 opening 400, with Castro Valley and Don Lugo moving past on the backstretch into the lead. Arturo Garcia moved strong down the homestretch for Lugo with De la Salle (Concord) coming from far back at the exchange. Don Lugo was 1:57.6, with Eric Maldonado on leg 2 for Lugo. There were still 15 teams within 15 meters at the first exchange!! The cool weather seemed conducive to some fast running here!!! By the end of the first last of the second leg it was still Long Beach Poly back into the lead. The time was at around 57 for that first 400 for the Poly runner, who pulled away from Castro Valley down the backstretch. 150 Meters from the second baton exchange De la Salle started another pressing run to move up to second. De la Salle moved into the lead just after the exchange, with the Poly runner probably 1:58 for his leg. De la Salle and Poly had separated themselves from the pack a bit, with Bosco Tech (Rosemead running third). Opening 400 for leg 3 was about 58 seconds, with Poly moving back ahead and leading down the backstretch. Hug of Reno had a great third leg, and had moved up from the next pack into third with 200 to go. Poly came into the homestretch in leg three looking strong, with about a 15 meter lead going into the anchor. A 2:00.3 third leg had Poly with about a 20 meter lead at the exchange, with Ozzie Pina on Poly's anchor. De la Salle was second, Fountain Valley third, and Hug, moving strongly in fourth. Pina raced a strong first 400, continuing to edge away, with a 56.7 second opening 400 for the 4:15 1600 star. With 200 to go Pina had 25 meters over Hug (Nevada). Pina drove aggressively with his arms all the way through the finish, with Raphael Asafo-Agyei a huge last lap to move up for a high place. Ozzie Pina was 1:59.3, with Asafo-Agyei 1:52.3 for Lugo.

Poly wins opening race of day with Ozzie Pina anchoring -
Raphael (Big Ralph) Asafo-Agyei, closing strong in gold singlet on left, isn't enough for Don Lugo.

1. Long Beach Poly (Malik Mohammed, Dione Cason, Kevin Wood, Ozzie Pina) 7:56.98, 2. Fountain Valley 7:59.21, 3. Don Lugo 7:59.37, 4. De la Salle (Concord) 7:59.44, 5. Hug (Nevada) 8:01.20, 6. Wilson (LB) 8:04.33, 7. Don Bosco (Rosemead) 8:06.24, 8. St. Ignatius (San Franc) 8:10.79, 9. Amador Valley (Pleasanton) 8:11.04, 10. Castro Valley 8:11.55, 11. Mullen (Denver, Co) 8:12.17, 12. Belmont (LA) 8:24.63.
(Seeded) 1. Lancaster 8:11.65, 2. Poly (Long Beach B) 8:12.00, 3. Ayala (Chino Hills) 8:14.93, 4. Eisenhower (Rialto) 8:18.17, 5. Washington (LA) 8:28.88, 6. Bell Gardens 8:29.83, 7. Pasadena 8:33.09.


Boys 4x100 Relay

Invite Section had many of the state's best plus a strong Western of Las Vegas squad. University of San Diego had blown out through the first two legs, with a five meter margin into the anchor. No one came close, though Western had a screeching anchor to come closest to Uni's 42.31 winner. Kind of early to run really fast in a sprint relay!!! University City's team was Anthony Lewis, Blake Frazier, Baumar Brumfield, and Chauncee Smith.
Carson looked good in winning the second heat in the 42.40's.
(15A) 1. University City (SD) 42.31, 2. Western (Las Vegas) 42.74, 3. Birmingham (VN) 42.77, 4. Poly (Long Beach) 42.87, 5. Dominguez (Compton) 43.11, 6. Santa Monica 43.20.
(15B) 1. Carson 42.43, 2. Lincoln (SD) 43.07, 3. Claremont 43.19, 4. Cathedral City 43.54, 5. Muir (Pasadena) 43.69, 6. De la Salle (Concord) 43.91.
(15C) 1. Mojave (Las Vegas) 43.07, 2. Eisenhower (Rialto) 43.10, 3. Loyola (LA) 43.17, 4. Crenshaw (LA) 43.53, 5. Glendale 44.01, 6. Arroyo Grande 44.01.
(15D) 1. Etiwanda 43.44, 2. Freedom 44.60, 3. Hug (Nv) 44.64, 4. Dominguez (Compton) 44.73.
(15E) 1. Poly (LB) "B" 43.23, 2. East Union (Manteca) 43.66, 3. Fairfax (LA) 43.85, 4. Walnut 44.05.
(15 F) 1. Morningside (Inglewood) 43.61, 2. LA Baptist 44.31, 3. Rialto 44.56.
(15G) 1. Eisenhower (Rialto) 44.15, 2. Reed (Sparks, Nv) 44.52.
(15H) 1. Brea-Olinda (Brea) 44.65, 2. Canoga Park 44.85.

Boys 4x200 Relay

Invitational Boys 4x200 Meter Relay -
Mullen (Denver) and Taft (Woodland Hills) hooked up, with Noah Smith of Taft running down the Mullen anchor on the 4-turn stagger setup, with Taft racing a super 1:26.44 clocking!
(Inv 44A) 1. Taft (Woodland Hills) 1:26.44, 2. Mullen (Denver, Co) 1:26.63, 3. Poly (LB) 1:27.33, 4. Mojave (LV) 1:28.73, 5. University City (SD) 1:29.23, 6. Western (LV) 1:29.63, 7. Bakersfield 1:29.85, 8. Santa Monica 1:29.93.
(44B) 1. Eisenhower (Rialto) 1:28.95, 2. Dominguez (Compton) 1:29.05, 3. Deer Valley (Antioch) 1:30.22, 4. Cimarron-Memorial (Las Vegas) 1:30.70, 5. China 1:30.78.
(44C) 1. Carson 1:29.21, 2. Lincoln (SD) 1:30.28, 3. Etiwanda 1:30.63.
(44D) 1. Morningside (Inglewood) 1:29.24, 2. California (SR) 1:31.77.
(44E) 1. Reed (Sparks, Nv) 1:32.89.
(44F) 1. Rancho Cucamonga 1:31.39.

Boys Sprint Medley


Good field, with Long Beach Poly and Birmingham (Van Nuys) even through two opening 200 legs that averaged 22.2 each. Birmingham's Ramal Porter ran a fine 48.9 third leg to give the baton to teammate soph Damian Rinaldi with a few meter lead. Rinaldi ran a fine leg, but it was Rancho Cucamonga's Justin Conroe, who exploded down the homestretch for the win for his team.

(21A) 1. Rancho Cucamonga 3:30.65, 2. Birmingham (Van Nuys) 3:31.72, 3. Wilson (LB) 3:32.32, 4. Poly (LB) 3:33.88, 5. Don Lugo (Chino Hills) 3:34.41, 6. Dominguez (Compton) 3:35.98.
(21B) 1. Granite Hills (Apple Valley but could be Granite Hills) 3:25.20, 2. Eisenhower (Rialto) 3:36.89, 3. Van Nuys 3:37.70.
(21C) 1. East Union (Manteca) 3:39.13, 2. Damien (La Verne) 3:40.49.

Rancho Cucamonga wins close finish
over Birmingham Van Nuys and Wilson Long Beach.


Shuttle Hurdles

Good group in the first event, with Long Beach Poly showing its overall program depth with a steady 15-15.5 effort by four of its hurdlers to win at 61.87. Benicia, with the Santana triplets was second
(Inv) 1. Long Beach Poly 61.87 (Walker - Hawkins - Gooden - Chasten), 2. Benicia 62.29 (C. Santana - N. Santana - J. Santana - Campbell), 3. Arroyo Grande 64.62, 4. Mullen (Denver, Co) 64.62.
(5B) 1. Warren (Downey) 66.76,
(5C) 1. Rancho Verde 64.91, 2. Rowland (Rowl Hts) 66.65, 3. Marina (Huntington Beach) 67.43, 4. Ganesha (Pomona) 68.52.


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