4/21/01 at Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut CA

43rd Mt. SAC Relays

Boys 800 - 1500 - 3000

Text by Doug Speck
Photos and layout by John Dye

Ben Aragon breaks up monopoly of international visitors

800 - 1500 - 3000

Boys 800 Meters


Chris Wells-Anders led through a 26.6 opening 200, with a 55.5 through the 200 Chris had company from one of the visiting athletes from Mexico. Meanwhile Ben Aragon of West Hills was sneaking close. The leaders came through the 600 at 1:24.6, with the front duo abreast and Aragon charging partway down the homestretch Aragon was up and past, finishing off a super double (see 1500 above) with a 1:53.45 win!!!

(Inv 46A) 1. Ben Aragon (West Hills, Santee) 1:53.45, 2. Craig Haddon (Comox Valley, Canada) 1:54.31, 3. Chris Wells-Anders (El Camino Real, Woodland Hills) 1:54.63, 4. Liu Chang-Liang (China) 1:56.35, 5. Tony Ahr (Burroughs, Burbank) 1:57.19, 6. Kevin Woodhouse (Laguna Creek, Elk Grove) 1:57.52, 7. Oscar Mendez (Poly, LB) 1:57.59, 8. Alan Thomas (Hug, Reno, Nv) 1:57.80, 9. Nick Arciniaga (Fountain Valley) 1:58.00.
(46B) 1. Mario Cobian (Rosemead) 1:58.56, 2. Daniel Lindstrom (Granite Hills, Apple Valley) 1:59.06, 3. Alex Garcia (Mountain View, El Monte) 1:59.50, 4. Tom Stepp (Arcadia) 1:59.84.

Ben Aragon, West Hills Santee, wins in 1:53.45


Boys 1500 Meters


A big field, including some interesting foreigners, made up the field here. Lucero of Bakersfield and Ben Aragon of West Hills broke quickest with a fine 28.9 for the first 200. Three to go came by at 44.1. At the 400 it was Barrios from Mexico and Ben Aragon at 59.3. A Chinese athlete was third with Aragon close on the Mexican leader at 1:30.5 at the 600. The front duo had separated seriously from the field with 1:46.0 with two to go. Barrios (the leader from Mexico) was 2:01.0, with Aragon within a second there. Ben looked like he was hanging on for a super time!!! Aragon was 2:33.8 at 1000 meters, with 2:49.8 with one to go in second. Aragon was 3:06.2 with the leader close to 3:02 at the 1200. Ben was 16.5 for the next 100 (3:22.6 at the 1300 meter mark with a half a lap to go). Aragon finished in 3:54.5 (final lap 64.7), a great time!!!! Barrios raced 3:47.66 for the win.

Results: 1. Juan Barrios (Mexico) 3:47.66, 2. Ben Aragon (West Hills, Santee) 3:564.63, 3. Liu Changkuan (China) 4:00.34, 4. Grame Wells (Kajaks, Canada) 4:02.36, 5. Tim Ramirez (Royal, Simi Valley) 4:03.78, 6. Robert Kubler (Crespi, Encino) 4:04.93 , 7. Steven Murray (Santa Margarita, Rancho SM) 4:05.94, 8. Zach Vorbeck-Bates (Rocklin) 4:07.93, 9. Calum Neff (Calgary) 4:08.29, 10. Jordan Horn (Alta Loma) 4:10.09, 11. Josh Yelsey (Corona del Mar, Newport Beach) 4:10.16, 12. Art Avita (Big Bear) 4:10.56.


Juan Barrios of Mexico wins for the second straight year.


Boys 3000 Meters


A group of five had broken away by the 1600 point in 4:36.0. Visitors from Canada and Mexico broke away after that point, with Nathan Brassmassery of Alameda, Art Diaz of Fontana and Jordan Horn of Alta Loma the first Americans as the foreign athletes strung together laps of 70.

(Inv 57) 1. Robbie Nissen (Capital City, Canada) 8:38.37, 2. Julio Martinez (Mexico) 8:39.22, 3. Nathan Brassmassery (Alameda) 8:43.85, 4. Art Diaz (Fontana) 8:44.29, 5. Jordan Horn (Alta Loma) 8:52.52, 6. Raemon Rodriguez (Marina, Hunt Bch) 8:56.71, 7. Joey Pacheco (Canyon Springs, Moreno Valley) 8:56.90, 8. Manueljo Ruiz (Monroe, Sepulveda) 8:57.40, 9. Puneet Mahan (Norwalk) 8:57.66, 10. Robert Kubler (Crespi, Encino) 8:59.23.

Robbie Nissen of Canada led most of the way, including the finish.


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