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2002 California Outdoor

Pasadena Games

Allyson Felix, Chaunte Howard dazzle

3/30/02 at Pasadena CA

Detailed Results: Boys - Girls - Highlights by Dave Jones -
More pix: California girls beaming and Bill Leung's collage

photo by Bill Leung


by Dave Jones

It was a "Chaunte Howard day" at the Pasadena Games on a sunny and breezy
Saturday at the fine Pasadena City College facility in the San Gabriel
Valley. Howard, Georgia Tech bound, went from one field event to another
with a series of stunning perfomances that was probably the best day of
jumping event results in U.S. Prep history.
Howard's meet started in the Long Jump, with a 19-07.75 opening effort
(wind -0.7), with 13-11.5, 18-08.25, 19-03.75 efforts to win that event over
Michelle Sanford (Woodbridge, Irvine), fresh off the basketball court, who
was 18-11.5 (-0.8) in second. From there the North star went over to the

photo by Dave Jones

High Jump pit, where she left everyone behind at 5-08, then cleared 5-08, and
5-10, before slinking over 6-00 even, with good efforts at 6-01. From there
Chaunte moved to the Triple Jump run-way, with 40-07, 40-09.75, and 41-03
efforts (wind -.40) on that effort, with a 39-02.75 final effort in the
four-jump series! That was 19-07.75 in the Long Jump, an event she first
started practicing Wednesday, 6-00 in the High Jump, and 41-03 in the Triple
Jump. The High Jump and Triple Jump are probably top-fifty all-time U.S.
individual efforts, with us a bit forgiving in the Long Jump, with a four-day
career there.
Chaunte also competed in the 100m Hurdles, where she was fourth at 14.96,
with California having a four-event limit on events in one day.
We caught up with the North star during and after her events were
When asked what it felt like to complete what may have been the greatest
one day ever of jumping in U.S. Prep history, Chaunte replied, "It felt
When asked if she had special motivation this day, she said, "I would like
to be honest. There are some people around who want to see me fail, and it
makes me madder to want to do better."
Asked about the nearly foot and a half improvement in the Triple Jump, she
stated, "It was part of that same drive to do better to prove to people that
I can do it."
A favorite event? "I do not really have a favorite. I am trying to improve
in the hurdles, as they are still new."
Asked about the heptathlon, "I would like to try a heptathlon. I was a bit
afraid of the Long Jump, but when I tried it the first time in a meet last
Thursday I went 19-08, so it looks like I can do a good job there. I have
run two 800 meter races in meets, with a best of 2:30."
George Tech as a college choice? "I really liked my visit there and my
teammates. Coach Tish Waller and the other coaches are great. I want to
major in business and the Atlanta area is among the top areas for business in
the world."
Caught before the hurdles in mid-day, asked if she expected the three field
event performances this day, she replied, "I am very happy, but when I got up
this morning I was tired. I stayed out late last night. I just prayed for
some good performances this day."
Asked about the difficulty in moving between all three field event areas,
she replied, "It was really easier than I thought to do all three this day."

Allyson Felix (LA Baptist) was also very impressive this day, with 100
meter (11.56) and 200 meter (23.62 wind +2.0) wins. The winds in the 100 meters for three straight races were -2.8. It is our belief that they were all wind legal, but the wind was not nearly ten meters per second in the face of runners as they competed in those events. With no wind subtract two or three tenths of a second from Felix's time, and we just do not think that she is there right now.

Anyway, in the 100 Felix was stunning, with a powerful build that had her steadily move away from a good group to win by six meters in an impressive 11.56. Over the 200m she was equally as impressive, here with twice the distance after a strong turn to move away to nearly a 15 meter win in a stunning 23.62.

Asked how she felt in the two events this day, Allyson replied, "I felt
good today with my arm drive feeling very strong." Was there one event that felt better than the other? "No, both felt very good."
Approach to the 200 this day, "I was trying to work very hard through the
relay zone near the start of the straightaway and felt very good there. I am
very happy with how I ran today. I feel I am ahead of last year. I think I
ran 11.8 and 23.7 here last year. Next week I will go to Oakland to run, and
the week after that at Arcadia. I hope to race this summer after qualifying
for the U.S. Junior Team in the Junior Nationals."
An eye ahead to college? "I think I would like to stay close to home."

Boys Results

(Wind -2.8) Chauncee Smith (University City, SD) 10.83, 2. Ramal Porter
(Birmingham, VN) 10.90, Raphael Amey (Warren, Downey) 11.04, Tremond Jackson
(Jefferson, LA) 11.19, Ian Bell (Muir, Pas) 11.26, Jason Martin (Muir, Pas)
(Wind +1.0) Chad Green (Birmingham, VN) 10.86, Turrill Engelman (Marina,
Huntington Beach) 10.94, Jason McKinney (Inglewood) 11.07, Brian Paysinger
(Wilson, LB) 11.10, Cary Harris (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks) 11.13, Aaron Ware
(Oaks Christian) 11.22.
(wind +1.1) Noah Smith (Taft, Woodland Hills) 21.38, Ramal Porter
(Birmingham, Van Nuys) 21.97, Chauncee Smith (University City, SD) 22.08,
Randy Bundy (Cleveland, Reseda) 22.57, Pelma Lahsaei (Taft, WH) 22.60, Cary
Harris (Notre Dame, SO) 22.72.
(+2.6 mps) Durrell Burns (Blair, Pas) 22.67w, Adam Hayward (Marina, Hunt Bch)
Randy Bundy (Cleveland, Reseda) 48.64, Blake Mackey (Bakersfield) 48.99,
DaSean Cunningham (University City, SD) 49.32, David Shipp (Valencia) 49.37,
Paul Pratt (Taft, WH) 50.30.
Terrell Thomas (Rancho Cucamonga) 49.77, Anthony Randolf (Wilson, LB) 51.50.
Leon Smith (Wilson, LB) 1:56.63, Damian Rinaldi (Birmingham, VN) 1:56.95,
Russell Kraus (Diamond Ranch) 1:56.96, Rickey Barnes (Garces, Bakersf)
1:57.35, Ryan Rodie (Royal, Simi V) 1:59.11, Michael Lucero (Bakersfield)
Rian Gray (Upland) 1:56.96, Ramces Soto (Downey) 1:58.55, Ian McCollum (LA
Baptist, North Hills) 1:58.76, Taylor Hermes (Oak Park) 1:59.87.
Luke Llamas (Canyon, CC) 4:19.01, Travis Patterson (Royal, Simi V) 4:22.24,
Kyle Ivie (Burbank) 4:23.60, Jameson Mora (Canyon, CC) 4:24.49, J.D. Krawczyk
(Marina, Hunt Bch) 4:27.53, Taylor Lucero (Bakersf) 4:28.97, Kern Huerta
(University City, SD) 4:29.73, Jose Casillas (Downey) 4:23.41.
Ryan Morgan (Canyon, CC) 9:23.84, 2. Serrano (Royal, Simi) 9:26.71, Manual
Ruiz (Monroe, Van Nuys) 9:30.19, 4. Jose Casillas (Downey) 9:35.88, 5. Chase
Ferrell (Oak Park) 9:38.87, Raemon Rodriguez (Marina, Hunt Bch) 9:38.88, C.J.
Howard (Crescenta Valley, La Cresc) 9:39.13, Chris Snyder (Crescenta Valley,
La Cresc) 9:45.78, Taylor Lucero (Bakersfield) 9:50.09, Stee Lore
(Eisenhower, Rialto) 9:50.22, Micah Tyhurst (Loyola) 9:50.90, Charlie Serrano
(Royal, Simi) 9:53.88.
(Wind +1.8)
Thomas Mack (Bakersfield) 14.23, Blake Frazier (University City, SD) 14.49,
Deonte Strobell (Muir, Pas) 14.86, Wayne Jenson (Notre Dame, Sherm Oaks)
14.92, Deron Ware (Dorsey, LA) 15.01, Antwine Barfield (Cleveland, Reseda)
15.09, Jon Patton (West Torrance) 15.10.
(Wind +1.4)
Marquis Profit (Muir, Pas) 14.94, Chris Chuteik (Valencia) 15.07, Bossy
Brackenridge (Upland) 15.11, Julian Van Hook (Warren, Downey) 15.31, Thad
Jones (Birminjgham, VN) 15.55.
Thomas Mack (Bakersfield) 37.97, Wayne Jensen (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks)
38.89, Marquis Profit (Muir, Pas) 39.09, Jon Patton (West Torrance) 39.28,
Chris Chutuk (Valencia) 39.91, David Brooks (Burroughs, Burbank) 40.91.
Ron Howard (North, Riv) 40.10, Marques Valentine (Bakersfield) 41.19, Jake
Symons (Clairemont, SD) 41.24.
400m Re
Taft 42.06, Birmingham (VN) 42.23, Bakersfield 42.41, University City (SD)
42.67, Muir (Pas) 43.03, Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks) 43.23, West Torrance
43.27, Jefferson (LA) 44.12
Inglewood 42.91, Rancho Cucamonga 43.36, Cresnahw (LA) 43.91
1600m Re
Taft 3:17.42, Bakersfield 3:17.87, University City (SD) 3:19.80, University
City (SD) 3:19.80, West Torrance 3:22.54 (dq), Wilson (LB) 3:22.59, Notre
Dame (SO) 3:24.07, Muir (Pas) 3:25.04 (dq), Pasadena 3:26.01
Rancho Cucamonga 3:22.00, Cleveland (Reseda) 3:24.53, Loyola 3:27.15,
Burroughs (Burb) 3:30.37 (dq), Eisenhower (Rialto) 3:32.12.
Dist Med Re
Royal (Charlie Serrano - Mike Duarte - Brian Groedy - Travis Patterson)
10:25.98, West Torrance 10:34.52, Rancho Cucamonga 10:39.39, Loyola (LA)
10:44.38, Birmingham (VN) 10:50.74, Pasadena 10:52.27, Eisenhower (Rialto)
10:55.12, Lakewood 10:55.29
Gerald Alexander (Rancho Cucamonga) 6-08, Jon Wratten (Pasadena) 6-06, Ryan
Hollins (Muir, Pas) 6-04, Kevin Finney (Torrance) 6-02, Tyrone Melton (Taft,
WH) 6-02, A.J. Armstrong (Bakersfield) 6-02
Albert Bolle (Temple City) 14-00, Curtis Hendrick (Marina, Hunt Bch) 13-06,
Brad Cordova (North Bakersf) 13-06, Ivan Ho (Temple City) 13-00.
Brian Paysinger (Wilson, LB) 22-09.5 (-1.1), Ronald Howard (North, Riv) 21-10
(+0.8), Ninh Bui (Marina, Hunt Bch) 21-04.5 (+0.7), Reid McLean (Coronado)
20-10w (+3.0).
Ezek Staples (Warren, Downey) 43-08w (+2.3) (43-00.25 wind legal -.6),
Anthony Randolph (Wilson, LB) 43-07.5 (-1.6), Kevin Finney (Torrance)
43-03.25 (-.5).
Rion McKinney (Newport Harbor) 49-00.5, Shannon Odom (North Bakersfield)
Michael Singer (Valencia) 145-04, Charles Duetsch (Torrance) 139-06..

Girls Results

(wind -2.8) Allyson Felix (LA Baptist, North Hills) 11.56, Jacqueline Earls
(Rancho Cucamonga) 12.28, Michelle Stinnette (Cleveland, Reseda) 12.32,
Eghosa Isa (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks) 12.53, Victoria Tollivar (Wilson, LB)
(Open) -2.8) Vonnie Fulford (Birmingham, VN) 12.14, Annisa Faquir (Muir, Pas)
12.53, Hudson (Maranatha, Sierra Madre) 12.58, Sarah Rencher (Muir, Pas)
(Wind +2.0) Allyson Felix (LA Baptist, North Hills) 23.62, Jacquline Earls
(Rancho Cucamonga) 25.15, Danielle Stinnette (Cleveland, Reseda) 25.40,
Deshana Tripp (Dorsey, LA) 25.88, Victoria Tolliver (Wilson, LB) 25.93.
(Open) - not held
Ashely Freeman (Wilson, LB) 54.85, Tijanni Newton (Rancho Cucamonga) 56.33,
Shakira Lott (University City) 57.93, Tiffiny Williams (Rancho Cucamonga)
57.95, Kerry Gamble (Notre Dame, Sherm Oaks) 57.96, Lili Calhoun (North, Riv)
58.42, Jasmine Collins (Wilson, LB) 59.75.
Nicole Stone (Rancho Cucamonga) 55.86, 2. Alisia Johnson (Canyon, CC) 56.09,
Brenda Austin (Dorsey, LA) 58.66, Samone Hebbert (Cleveland, Reseda) 59.09,
Erica McCoy (Birmingham, VN) 59.77.
(Inv) Ashley Freeman (Wilson, LB) 2:13.94, Rayshonda Williams (Dorsey, LA)
2:17.91, Jasmine Collins (Wilson, LB) 2:18.38,, Casie Mota (Wilson, LB)
2:18.89, Laura Sharp (Torrance) 2:19.14, Daniella Padilla (Westlake, WV)
2:19.30, Michala Brook (Westlake, WV) 2:23.57.
(Open) Mollie Gabriel (University City, SD) 2:23.59, Shaqueya Harris (North,
Riv) 2:28.24.
Lesie Barrie (Torrance) 5:07.32, Jesse Ooms (University City, SD) 5:11.61,
Rebecca Bostwick (Univ City, SD) 5:13.18, Michala Brook (Westlake, WV)
5:19.23, Glennis Scott (Wilson, LB) 5:21.44, Daniella Padilla (Westlake, WV)
5:23.94, Rayshonda Williams (Dorsey, LA) 5:26.79.
Laura Myers (Maranatha, Sierra Madre) 11:25.31, Brenda Stevens (Canyon, CC)
11:26.79, 3. Anna Attard (Marina, Hunt Bch) 11:31.72, 4. Gina Attard (Marina,
Hunt Bch) 11:35.99, 5. Glennis Scott (Wilson, LB) 11:41.72, Jennifer Mobara
(Birmingham, Van Nuys) 11:41.72, Brenda McDonald (Birmingham, VN) 11:57.45.
(wind +1.1) Domenique Manning (North, Riv) 14.20, Brynne Steward (Cleveland,
Reseda) 14.71, MacKenzie Hill (Wilson, LB) 14.93, Chaunte Howard (North, Riv)
14.96, Tiffany Wright (Wilson, LB) 14.98, Andranicka Fomlay (Muir, Pas)
15.27, Dianna Gooden (Wilson, LB) 15.43, Brittanie Johanssen (Diamond Ranch,
Pomona) 15.75.
(Race #2)
(wind -0.9) Alisha Thompson (Canyon, CC) 15.69, Leslie Mitchell (Muir, Pas)
15.71, Katie Kirst (Valencia) 15.77. 300mH
(Inv) MacKenzie Hill (Wilson, LB) 43.82, Domenique Manning (North, Riv)
44.68, Lili Calhoun (North, Riv) 45.85, Brynne Steward (Cleveland, Reseda)
46.48, Tiffany Wright (Wilson, LB) 46.83, Kelly Cochran (Westlake, WV) 47.03,
Julie Ese (Upland) 47.55, Marquita Stamps (Dorsey, LA) 47.96.
(Open) Dianna Gooden (Wilson, LB) 44.75, Kelly Ostro (Upland) 45.90, Ashley
Muskrat (North, Bakersf) 46.64, Amber Milton (Muir, Pas) 47.32, Dana Rattler
(Cleveland, Reseda) 48.00.
400m Re
(Invite) Wilson (LB) 47.11, Rancho Cucamonga 47.77, LA Baptist (No. Hills)
47.93, Cleveland (Reseda) 48.02, Muir (Pas) 48.90, Dorsey 48.95, Diamond
Ranch 49.01
Upland 48.91, Birmingham (VN) 49.06, Notre Dame (Sherm Oaks) 49.54,
Bakersfield 50.88.
1600m Re
Wilson (LB) (Deanne Gooden 57.9 - Tifany Wright 56.0 - MacKenzie Hill 54.7 -
Ashley Freeman 54.3) 3:42.74, Rancho Cucamonga 3:49.16, Cleveland (Reseda)
3:54.75, Muir (Pas) 4:02.97, Diamond Ranch (Pom) 4:07.84.
Upland 4:04.56, Eisenhower (Rialto) 4:05.50, Muir (Pas B) 4:07.88, Notre Dame
(SO) 4:09.64, Rancho Cucamonga (B) 4:10.56.
Chaunte Howard (North, Riv) 6-00, 2. Lena Bettis (North, Riv) 5-06, 3. Topaz
Marcos (Upland) 5-40, 4. Alisha Thompson (Canyon, Canyon Country) 5-02, 5.
Tori Curtis (Cleveland, Reseda) 5-0.
Kristen McGregor (Marina, Hunt Bch) 11-00, 2. Pauleen Kaufman (Arcadia)
10-06, 3. Cara Walker (Marina, Hunt Bch) 10-06, 4. Michelle Rivera
(Birmingham, Van Nuys) 10-00, 5. Paige Mahler (Canyon, CC) 10-00
Chaunte Howard (North, Riv) 19-07.75 (wind -0.7 mps), Michelle Sanford
(Woodbridge, Irvin) 18-11.5 (-0.8), Lena Bettis (North, Riv) 18-10.5 (+0.5),
Annisa Faquir (Muir, Pas) 18-08.5 (-0.8), Dianna Gooden (Wilson, LB) 17-05
(0), Anesha Malone (Wilson, LB) 17-00.75 (+0.4), Eahosa Isa (Notre Dame,
Sherman Oaks) 16-09.25 (-0.9).
Chaunte Howard (North, Riverside) 41-03 (-.40), Michelle Sanford (Woodbridge,
Irv) 40-03.75 (+2.0), Amber Lejay (Upland) 36-05 (+1.5), Elizabeth Clayton
(Newport Harbor, Newp Bch) 35-02.25, Kristen McGregor (Marina, Hunt Bch)
Brittany Ricketts (LA Baptist, North Hills) 39-08.75, Ellen Shepstone
(Birmingham, VN) 39-07, Dominque Pounds (Muir, Pas) 35-11.25.
Sally Mills (Malibu) 120-06, Jennifer Jenkins (Bakersfield) 116-05, 3.
Jilliane Whitfield (Newport Harbor) 110-11. .

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