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California Cross Country 2001

California All-State #2

Billy Nelson keeps top spot after Mt. SAC;
DyeStat individual rankings as of October 23

by Brett Harvey

Boys - Girls


1. Billy Nelson, Taft. Big win at Mt. SAC with a blazing 14:48 no.12 all time on the course. He again was not head to head with Leal and won easy despite missing Leal's time by 5 seconds. He is still the no.1 runner in California until Leal beats him head to head.

2. Yong-Sung Leal, Arroyo San Lorenzo. 14:43 at Mt. SAC good for #8 all time. Won easy, I really hope we see a show down between him and Nelson.

3. Kevin Davis, Clovis West. Previously unranked, he burst on the scene with a 14:47 win at Mt. SAC in the team sweepstakes race. He defeated #12 Llamas and his time bettered Nelson's, trailing only Leal's on the day.

4. Carl Dambrowski, Granada. Ran 14:54 in the sweepstakes at Mt. SAC. Carl has shown up big at both his big races so far.

5. Brett Gotcher, Aptos. Did not run at Mt. SAC, ranking falls because he did not compete and the top 4 ran very impressive races there.

6. Mike Poe, Etiwanda. Impressive race at the sweepstakes at Mt. SAC. Just missed a sub 15 and defeated Horn for the 2nd time on the year. Continues a great season.

7. Jordan Horn, Alta Loma. Ran great at Mt. SAC he lost to Poe by 1 second, but still moves up a spot into 7th after a stellar 15:02 at Mt. SAC good for 5th in the stacked race.

8. Michael Hadden, Woodbridge. Despite winning his section of the Mt. SAC with ease in 15:06 Hadden takes a drop due to the exceptional racing from Poe, Horn and Davis. I think he would have broken 15 were he in the race with those guys.

9. Luke Llamas, Canyon. Came up big with an impressive 14:55 in the team sweepstakes to lead his Canyon mates to victory. Trailed only Davis in the race. Continues to run impressively.

10. Henry Hagenbusch, Cate School. Henry who? Thats what I thought too when I saw the results, but he gets the credit...15:00 beat Poe and Horn and damn near everyone else in taking 3rd in the sweepstakes race. Wish I knew more about this guy.

11. Jameson Mora, Canyon. Hard to believe a team could have a guy at 15:01 on Mt. SAC and not be there no.1 runner. Such is the top 3 at Canyon that Mora's 15:01 trailed teammate Llamas and was just ahead of the 15:11 of their no.3 man Ryan Morgan. Is it any wonder that these guys are ranked no.5 in the country?

12. Tim Nelson, Liberty Christian. Ran 15:03 in the sweepstakes race. Good for 6th overall and beat Burchill and Wagnew in the race. Dropped two spots from last week due to the competition from this race.

13. Casey Burchill, Buchanan. Also recorded a 15:03 in the sweepstakes race. Just missed Nelson as they finished almost on top of each other. He moves up two spots from last week.

14. Erick Maldonado, Don Lugo. Previously unranked runner made a big move with a stellar 15:00 in the team sweepstakes race.

15. (Tie) Ryan Morgan, Canyon. I don't play favorites but there is no arguing that this kid deserves to be here. He ran 15:11 in the team sweepstakes, faster than Wagnew, Ghebrey, Trafeh, Mohammed, etc. Its scary that these guys have 3 of the top 15 runners in the state.

15. (Tie)Abadir Barre, Mt. Carmel. Only big name runner not to show at Mt. SAC. He was previously ranked no.4 in California but the no show here cost him some spots. I am starting to wonder about this guy...he has not raced anything big. He has now been a no show at Stanford, Clovis and Mt. SAC. What gives?

Other Notables:
Jordan Kinley, Maria Carillo
Gilliat Ghebrey, Logan
Mohammed Trafeh, Duarte
Qazi Mohammed, West Torrance
Hector Figueroa, Corcoran
Mark Batres, Don Bosco Tech
Baby Wagnew, Helix
Jose Marino, Paso Robles
Giovanni Perezchica, McFarland
Dan Lyon, Sultana
Juan Robles, Valencia



1. Amber Trotter, Ukiah. Uhm, 16:16, need I say more? Ok, she also broke Anite Siraki's record by, uhm, 28 seconds. You want more? The 2nd fastest time of the day was 17:30...yeah...1:00 behind hers.

2. Liza Pasciuto, Murietta Valley. Right now her and Timinsky are the clear 2,3 in the state, but thats still a far cry behind Ms. Trotter. Liza recorded a still stellar 17:30 win at Mt. SAC in her division.

3. Jenna Timinsky, San Dieguito Academy. Stellar race at Mt. SAC to earn herself a big move up in the rankings. Recorded the 2nd fastest time of the day in 17:17. Beat previous no.2 Rowbury as well as 4 others ranked here.

4. Caitlin Chock, Granite Bay. Super soph continues to show herself a strong contender with a 17:37 runner-up to Pasciuto.

5. Julie Allen, Corona Del Mar. Moves up a place after a strong runner-up to Timinsky at Mt. SAC. Superb race there gave her the 4th fastest time of the day.

6. Emily Vince, Peninsula. Strong third in Team Sweepstakes moved her up 6 places in the rankings this week. Had the 6th fastest time of the day at Mt. SAC, which someone translates to her no.6 ranking here.

7. Shannon Rowbury, Sacred Heart Cathedral. Finished a distant 3rd in her division at Mt. SAC behind Timinsky and Allen. Previous no.2 runner drops 5 places. She is better than she raced her.

8. Clara Horowitz, Hilton Head Royce. Consistent performer stays at no.8 after a strong Mt. SAC where she was the runner up to the unbeaten Nikki Peterson of Nevada in a time of 17:51.

8. Ruth Graham, Gunn. Did not race, loses 5 places in this week's rankings. Has only run the one race. I cannot yet judge whether or not she is a consistent performer.

9. Laura Muller, Woodland. Ran a solid 18:05 at Mt. SAC.

10. Maryann Pynchon, Edison. Did not race.

11. Heather Hansen, Madera. 18:05 at Mt. SAC is good enough to bump her up two places in this weeks rankings. Was 4th in her division, continues a very consistent season.

12. Michelle Gallagher, Sacred Heart Cathedral. Contiunes to improve, coming in within 6 seconds of teammate Rowbury in recording an excellent 18:07. Another of the great sophomores in California girls running this year!

13. Katie Matlock, Fallbrook. Jumps into the rankings off of her 18:03 at Mt. SAC.

14. Brittany Grimes, Centennial Bake. Moves up from "Other" on the strength of her 18:04 at Mt. SAC.

Other Notables:
Cassie Ramirez, Highland
Casey Nevitt, Aptos
Lindsay Owen, Nordhoff
Stephanie Baird, Helix


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