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March 24, 2001 at Azusa Pacific University, Azusa CA

Distance Meet of Champions

Ryan Hall looks for fast 2-mile and gets it: 8:58.7 - Siraki wins 3200 in 10:31.5

Preview - Boys 3200 Entries - DyeStat Elite Performances (10)

Photos by Bill Leung Jr, GeekMedia

AZUSA CA 3/24/01 --There had been reports that Big Bear CA sr Ryan Hall would shoot for Jim Nelson's revered 2-mile record in this meet.  Just before the meet, his coach and father Mickey Hall said that wouldn't happen, but he did expect a very fast time, perhaps sub 8:50.   

Hall won in 8:58.7 (running the full 2 miles even though the announced distance was 3200 meters).   In the girls 3200, Anita Siraki came off a bout with flu to win in 10:31 after losing at 1600 meters to Amber Steen, 4:50.2 to 4:51.6.  

Thanks to "Samarai_Runner" on the DyeStat Message Boards for this report:  

Decided to actually go see some races since Hall & Siraki were running  and there weren't any basketball games on TV. Hall ran a full 2 mi. (I guess in case he broke the record) and easily won, but wasn't close to the record. My splits (1/4 mi): 64.7-67.3 (2:12) 66.7-66.5 (4:25.2) 67.8-69.6 (6:42.5) 69.9-66.3 (8:58.8). Almost an exact duplicate of his 3200 race to win the CA State Championship (8:55.12)

Siraki ran a 3200m and had a typical negative split race. 
My splits (400m): 77-82 (2:39) 83-79 (5:21) 77-77 (7:55) 79-77 (10:31)
Temp mid-50s, no wind.

Another DyeStat message board habitue PreRules2 took the pictures below and said Hall ran "the easiest looking sub 9:00 I have ever witnessed."

DyeStat Elite Performances (10) 

B-2Mile 8:58.7 , Hall, Ryan, 2001, Big Bear Lake CA - CA Azusa Pacific # 1

G-Mile 4:51.8 c , Steen, Amber, 2001, Newport Harbor CA - CA Azusa Pacific # 1
G-Mile 4:53.2 c , Siraki, Anita, 2001, Hoover Glendale CA - CA Azusa Pacific # 2
G-Mile 5:02.4 c , Pasciuto, Liza, 2004, Murrieta Valley CA - CA Azusa Pacific # 3
G-Mile 5:02.5 c , Sandberg, Breana, 2001, Peninsula R Hills CA - CA Azusa Pacific # 4
G-Mile 5:04.8 c , Vanessa, , MAR CA - CA Azusa Pacific # 5
G-2Mile 10:34.9 c , Siraki, Anita, 2001, Hoover Glendale CA - CA Azusa Pacific # 1
G-2Mile 10:41.5 c , Vince, Emily, 2002, Peninsula CA - CA Azusa Pacific # 2
G-2Mile 10:53.1 c , Pasciuto, Liza, 2004, Murrieta Valley CA - CA Azusa Pacific # 3
G-2Mile 10:59.4 c , Lee, Nicole, 2001, Peninsula CA - CA Azusa Pacific # 4

Preview from www.prep.caltrack.com 

Various reports from the "Hall Camp" inform us that the likeable senior is
in sensational endurance shape here, with a topped-out 95-mile training week
at competitive levels indicating great fitness for this time of year. "Training is
going extremely well, but I don't anticipate a (two-mile national) record," said
Ryan's dad and coach, Mickey Hall. "He hasn't done the real quality speed work
yet in training, so I don't anticipate him running real fast, but something under
8:50 is a definite possibility. He's way better on threshold runs this year than last,
so everything is progressing well for this point in the season." 

With Hall setting a torrid pace, such established standouts as state Division I cross country champion JJ Duke and state-meet three-milers Ryan Montez and Arturo Garcia should benefit.   From there, a bastion of excellent individuals just off the cusp of statewide notoriety will be searching for their own major breakthroughs.

Hall Ryan BV 3200 8:55 Big Bear 
Garcia Arturo BV 3200 9:21 Don Lugo 
Montez Ryan BV 3200 9:22 Vista 
Duke JJ BV 3200 9:23 Clovis 
Horn Jordan BV 3200 9:27 Alta Loma 
Reyes Rene BV 3200 9:30 Milikan 
Handler Carlos BV 3200 9:31 Murrietta Valley 
Arnold Kevin BV 3200 9:35 Murrietta Valley 
Segal Devin BV 3200 9:36 Dana Hills 
Avitia Art BV 3200 9:38 Big Bear 
Batres Mark BV 3200 9:38 Bosco Tech 
Olivares E BV 3200 9:38 Hoover 
Uribe Silvestre BV 3200 9:40 Bosco Tech

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