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DyeStat 2000 Outdoor

Great Southwest Classic
1999 Results

May 29, 1999 at Tempe AZ

by Doug Speck
Thanks to Clyde Volz and staff for their assistance
visit the Great Southwest Classic at http://www.swclassic.com
Grades precede athlete's name:  - = just finished 12th grade, * =  just 

finished eleventh grade, ** = just finished tenth grade, ***  = just 

finished ninth grade.  Year of birth follows school, with college of 

attendance (if mentioned in athlete bio card filled out for announcer 

follows performance).  

                     Girls 100 Meter Dash                        

  1 **Alexis Joyce (Washington, Denver, Co)/83 11.55             

  2 *Nicole Ireland (Mohave, No. Las Vegas, Nv)/82 12.14         

  3 **Cassandra Reed (Agua Fria, Az)/83 12.23                    

  4 *Toshena Antwine (Washington, Tulsa, Ok)/81 12.25            

  5 *Lisa Matthews (Artesia, NM)/80 12.27                        

  6 -Aundrea Dawson (Clovis, NM)/80 12.33                        

  7 *Kim Van Beekum (Weber, Ut)/82 12.38                         

--Joyce off to the races after what she considered a less than

perfect start.  Ireland walked back to the starting line here

after her 100mHH win to run the very next event!!
                     Girls 200 Meter Dash                        

  1 **Alexis Joyce 23.97                                        

  2 *Nicole Ireland 24.65                                        

  3 **Cassandra Reed 24.82                                       

  4 *Lisa Matthews 25.29                                        

  5 *Toshena Antwine 25.46                       

--Joyce, with an outside lane, rocketed the turn and was the 

class of the field under totally calm conditions late in the 


                     Girls 400 Meter Dash                        

  1 ?Sabrina Jones (Maryvale, Phoenix, Az)/81 57.75              

  2 -Monique Young (Mntn Pointe, Phoenix, Az)/? 57.82            

  3 **Amy Porath (Sparks, Nv)/83 59.08                           

                     Girls 800 Meter Run                         

 1 **Kassie Anderson (Provo, Ut)/? 2:13.86                       

 2 *Kelly Faircloth (Englewood, Cherry Creek, Co)/83 2:14.83     

 3 -Laci Jackson (Hobbs, NM)/81 2:16.49                          

 4 -Lucy Whetton (Safford, Az)/80 2:19.66                        

--Provo's Kassie Anderson, one of the finds of the outdoor 

season, led off the first event of the meet with a fine 

relay leg (2:13.5 on the meet record setting 4x800 relay below),

then here ran down early pace-setter Kelly Faircloth (31-66.2- 1:40.2) 

with a narrow lifetime best of 2:13.86.  

                    Girls 1,500 Meter Run                        

 1 *Sarah Gorton (Mntn Pointe, Phoenix, Az)/81 4:31.5h           

 2 ***Jackie Ziegle (Bingham, So. Jordan, Ut)/?? 4:43.6h         

 3 *Danyel Longmire (Rio Rancho, NM)/81 4:53.9h                  

--Sarah Gorton, aiming for a little speedwork before a trip to the NSO 

meet in Raleigh, North Carolina in two weeks, was out at 69.4 and 

2:23.7, with Jackie Ziegle in close tow.  At 3:36.4 it appeared she had 

a chance at breaking 4:30, with a 55.1 final 300 for a fine 4:31.4 win.  
                    Girls 3,200 Meter Run                        

 1 *Abby Miller (Green Valley, Henderson, Nv)/81 10:44.81        

 2 -Sarah Ellett (Wayne, Ut)/?? 10:52.79                         

 3 ***Laura Ziegle (Bingham, So Jordan, Ut)/?? 10:59.17          

 4 ***Felicia Guilford (Gallup, NM)/84 11:11.19                  

 5 -Cynthia Lusee (Delta, Ut)/80 11:18.86                        

 6 **Heidi Bouwhuis (Fremont, Ogden, Ut)/83 11:19.48             

--Solo job here by Miller.  Hoping for sub-10:30, she was 72.9- 3:31.0-

3:51.1-5:12.6.  Runing gamely through 83.4-84.1 and 83.4 laps, she 

closed in 81.5 as Sarah Ellett cruised some 40-50 meters back.  The 

Ziegle sisters should lead one of the nation's top cross-country teams 

for Bingham in the Fall (Laura is the taller twin in case you are 


                 Girls 100 Meter High Hurdles                    

  1 *Nicole Ireland (Mohave, NLV, Nev)/82 14.47                  

  2 -Seneca Holmes (Westview, Avondale, Az)/81 14.56             

  3 -Jamese James (Union, Tulsa, Ok)/81 14.97                    

  4 *Cherokee Osborne (Reed, Sparks, Nv)/82 15.21                

  5 -Kristina McKinley (Layton, Weber, Ut)/80 15.22              

  6 -Chanika Corley (Reed, Sparks, Nv)/80 15.34 (U Nev Reno)     

--former UNLV Coach Sam Germany has shown up at Mohave HS in North Las 

Vegas with a super program going.  He has his stud on the Girls' side, 

with the tall, powerful Ireland one of the nation's great talents.  

Here she took sub-14 second Arizona star Seneca Holmes, then would turn 

around and walk down the track to face Alexis Joyce in the 100.  

Spirited and talented kid--keep an eye out her in the future! 

                 Girls 300 Meter Low Hurdles                     

  1 -Jamese James 43.57                                        

  2 -Bonnie Quiltler (Kearns, Ut)/80 44.10                       

  3 -Chanika Corley 44.55                                        

  4 *Cherokee Osborne 45.67                                      

                   Girls 4x100 Meter Relay                       

           1  AZ        Arizona                   47.33          

           2  NM        New Mexico                48.00          

           3  NM   """"B""""  New Mexico                48.23          

           4  NV        Nevada                    48.39          

           5  UT        Utah                      48.65          

           6  OK        Oklahoma                  49.09          

                   Girls 4x400 Meter Relay                       

          1  AZ        Arizona                   3:53.23         

          2  UT        Utah                      3:55.04         

          3  NV        Nevada                    3:55.17         

          4  UT   """"B""""  Utah                      3:58.36         

          5  OK        Oklahoma                  4:02.60         

          6  NM        New Mexico                4:06.69         

                   Girls 4x800 Meter Relay                       

          1  UT        Utah                      9:05.10         

              (Provo's Kassie Anderson 2:13.5 lead-off PR, and

               Nan Evans 2:14.8 anchor (she scratched open 800

               after her effort here). Meet Record run here 

          2  OK        Oklahoma                  9:28.80         

          3  AZ        Arizona                   9:34.60         

          4  UT   """"B""""  Utah                      9:40.20         

          5  NM        New Mexico                9:48.00         

                       Girls Pole Vault                          

 1 -Raan Olsen (Mt. View, Mesa, Az)/81 11'06.00"""" 

          (Paradise Valley CC) 

 2 *Katie Kinder (Corona del Sol, Tempe, Az)/82 10'09.00"""" 3.28m  

 3 **Amber Nolte (Reed, Sparks, Nv)/83 10'09.00"""" 3.28m           

                       Girls Long Jump                           

 1 **Rhonda Williams (Bonanza, LV, Nv)/83 18'03.50"""" 5.58m        

 2 *Courtney Washington (Peoria, Dysart, Az)/? 17'09.00"""" 5.41m   

 3 ***Roni Moore (Kearns, Ut)/84 17'07.00"""" 5.36m                 

 4 -Kristi Slade (Hunter, Ut)/81 17'05.00"""" 5.31m                 

                      Girls Triple Jump                          

 1 -Pamela Williams (Gilbert, Az)/81 11.28m 37'00.25             

 2 **Fanoy Walters (Manzano, Albuq, NM)/83 11.19m 36'08.50       

 3 *Tracy Argo (Battle Mntn, Nv)/81 10.91m 35'09.50              

 4 *Christina Gonzales (Los Alamos, NM)/82 10.73m 35'02.50       

 5 *Rayme De Hay (Gilbert, Az)/82 10.68m 35'00.50                

                        Girls Shot Put                           

 1 *Candace Workman (Clearfield, Ut)/82 43'02.75"""" 13.18m         

 2 -Jennifer Penrose (Mesa, Az)/82 43'01.25"""" 13.14m              

 3 -Amanda Belding (Wooster, Reno, Nv)/80 41'08.25"""" 12.71m 

          (Northern Ariz)                                      

 4 *Lara Saye (Silverado, LV, Nv)/? 41'05.00"""" 12.62m             

 5 -Megan Crystal (Woodward, Ok)/81 40'04.00"""" 12.29m             

 6 -Stephanie Tiejen (Hug, Reno, Nv)/81 40'02.00"""" 12.24m         

 7 *Jessica Escobeda (Alamagordo, NM)/82 39'09.50"""" 12.13m        

 8 **Amanda Barnes (Carlsbad, NM)/83 38'05.00"""" 11.71m            

                      Girls Discus Throw                         

 1 *Lara Saye 45.79m 150'03.00                                   

 2 -Megan Crystal 43.35m 142'03.00                               

 3 *Candace Workman 42.07m 138'00.00                             

 4 -Charlene Hawthorn (Safford, Az)/80 41.52m 136'03.00          

 5 -Amanda Belding 38.89m 127'07.00                              

 6 -Ashley Strough (Marana, Az) 38.53m 126'05.00 (Pima CC)       

--Saye recovered enough from her Powder Puff Football game of the

previous day to secure a weight double here.  

                     Girls Javelin Throw                         

1 *Missy Wood (Copper Hills, Ut)/81 138'04.00"""" 42.16m            

2 *Candace Workman Utah                117'09.00"""" 35.89m         

                     Boys 100 Meter Dash                         

  1 *Cedric Williams (Lake View, San Angelo, Tx)/81 10.69        

  2 -Rashaun Ross (North, Phoenix, Az)/81 10.74 (Glendale CC, Az)

  3 -Julian McClelland (McAlester, Ok)/80 10.82                  

  4 -Cody Fonnesbeck (Dixie, St. George, Ut)/81 10.83 (BYU-FB/Tr)

  5 -Aaron Dodson (Durango, Las Vegas, Nv) 10.83                 

  6 -Corky Stark (Rifle, Co)/79 10.91                            

  7 *John Nance (Carlsbad, NM)/82 10.97        

--Toughened on Texas sprint competition, Cedric Williams of San Angelo 

took better known rivals Rashaun Ross and defending champ Cody 

Fonnesbeck here. 

                     Boys 200 Meter Dash                         

  1 -Rashaun Ross 21.15                                        

  2 *Calvin Redden (Mohave, NLV, Nv)/82 21.60                    

  3 -Rashad Chance (Lake View, San Angelo, Tx)/3/19/81 21.62     

  4 -Cody Fonnesbeck 21.73                                       

  5 -Lance Anderson (Bear River, Tremonton, Ut) 12/10/80 22.23                

(So Utah Univ)                                    

  - Corky Stark (Pulled about 40 meters into event on turn) 

--smarting from a loss in the 100, local star Rashaun Ross blasted a 

21.15 to win comfortably here.  Colorado star Corky Stark pulled about 

40 meters into the event one lane outside of Ross.    

                     Boys 400 Meter Dash                         

  1 -Matt Adler (Chapparal, Az)/81 47.62 (Boston Univ)           

  2 -Josh Landreth (Elk City, Ok) 3/17/81 48.65 (Univ Ark)       

  3 *Terrel Eason (No. Canyon, Phoenix, Az)/80 48.66             

  4 -Marques Rose (Silverado, Las Vegas, Nv)/81 48.89            

--Boston University bound Matt Adler raced a lifetime best (he was at 

48.00 previously), with a stride suited for the boards back east at 

Boston next winter.  

                      Boys 800 Meter Run                         

 1 -Derek Sparks (Edmund, Ok)/80 1:56.38 (Univ Tulsa)            

 2 -Jay Clyde (Silverado, Las Vegas, Nv)/? 1:57.16               

 3 -Matt Copley (Del Norte, Albuq, NM) 1:57.18                   

--Casual 58.9 first 400 and 1:28.4 600 had Sparks fly by after that 

point to cruise to a six meter win.  

                     Boys 1,500 Meter Run                        

 1 *Brett Andrus (Mntn View, Orem, Ut)/82 3:58.46                

 2 -Chris McWalters (Moore, Ok)/81 3:59.52                       

 3 -Trevor Ball (Mntn Crest, Hyrum, Ut)/81 4:00.64               

 4 *Joey McNair (Bartlesville, Ok)/81 4:03.21                    

 5 -Dan Vause (Weber, Ut)/80 4:05.01 (Southern Utah)             

--Latest of the running Andrus athletes at Mountain View was 2:09 

through the 800, then held off Oklahoma's McWalters through the run 

into the tape.  

                     Boys 3,200 Meter Run                        

 1 *Josh Rohatinsky (Provo, Ut)/82 9:05.18                       

 2 *Juan Reyes (C. Hayden, Phoenix, Az)/81 9:05.80               

 3 *Golden Harper (Orem, Ut)/? 9:10.31                           

 4 *Cory Jeffers (Bonanza, Las Vegas, Nv)/81 9:20.41             

 5 -Kevin Connelly (Bishop McGuiness, Edmond, Ok)/80 9:22.24     

          (Oklahoma State) 

 6 -Clark Bryner (Logan, Ut)/80 9:26.13 (Utah State)             

 7 *Ben Ortega (Taos, NM)/82 9:27.63                             

 8 **Cameron Clarke (Sandia, Albuq, NM) 9:28.30                  

--Great race, Rohatinsky leading every step of the way (could have used 

some help!). Anyway 69.2-2:18.1-3:29.0-4:38.7.  Josh has developed the 

ability to gradually accelerate over the last half of his races, 

something he utilized here.  Reyes was the only one who could travel 

along with him as they accelerated through 68.8-69.1 and 66.9 laps 5-6 

and 7.  They were within three meters with a lap to go with Josh really 

digging in.  The Utah junior had to cover the final 400 in 61.8 to keep 

ahead of his fellow eleventh grade rival.  These athletes along with 

Caliornian Josh Spiker and his 8:56 conqueror yesterday evening (Augie 

Escobar) should make the West tough to beat in the Foot Locker National 

team contest next Fall.  Josh 4:38.7 then 4:26.5 for his 1600 meter 

segments here.
                 Boys 110 Meter High Hurdles                     

  1 -James Smith (Camelback, Phoenix, Az)/? 14.26                

  2 *Marc James (Harrison, Colo Spr, Co)/82 no time (given 13.98 

          winner given 13.96 in results Smith winner by over 

          meter at 14.26 announced by Finishlynx crew after 

          finish of race)  

  3 *Jake Garlick (W. Jordan, Ut)/82 no time  

--Strange, looked like good, but not great race, with Smith moving 

ahead of James over the final three flights to win by about a meter and 

a quarter.  The Finishlynx crew radioed up 14.26 to the announcer, with 

second we figured back about 14.40. Results came up with 13.96-13.98 

and other strange clockings which we dismissed.  

                  Boys 300 Meter Low Hurdles                     

  1 *Jake Garlick 37.97                                        

  2 -Johnny Marshall (? , ? , Az)/? 38.65                        

  3 **Ransom Meynard (Durango, Las Veg, Nv)/83 39.15             

                    Boys 4x100 Meter Relay                       

           1  OK        Oklahoma                  41.53          

           2  AZ        Arizona                   41.63          

           3  UT        Utah                      41.64          

           4  TX        Texas                     42.18          

           5  NM        New Mexico                42.19          

           6  NV        Nevada                    42.30          

                    Boys 4x400 Meter Relay                       

          1  AZ        Arizona                   3:13.22 

          2  OK        Oklahoma                  3:14.66         

          3  TX        Texas                     3:14.83

          4  NM        New Mexico                3:17.30         

          5  NV        Nevada                    3:17.99         

          6  UT        Utah                      3:18.91         

          7  OK   """"B""""  Oklahoma                  3:19.77         

          8  AZ   """"B""""  Arizona                   3:22.03         

                    Boys 4x800 Meter Relay                       

          1  UT        Utah                      7:45.52         

               (1:57.2-1:56.8-1:56.7 Nick Bennion (W. Jordan)

                    anchoring in 1:54.7).   

          2  OK        Oklahoma                  7:46.91         

          3  AZ        Arizona                   7:52.01         

          4  AZ   """"B""""  Arizona                   8:11.38         

          5  UT   """"B""""  Utah                      8:15.00         

                        Boys High Jump                           

  1 *Ryan Mineburg (Sabino, Tucson, Az)/82 2.05m 6'08.75         

  2 *Kyle Thomas (San Manuel, Az)/82 2.05m 6'08.75               

  3 *Deshawn Houston (Cimmaron, LV, Nv)/82 2.00m 6'06.75         

  4 *Bryce Neilson (Mntn View, Mesa, Az)/81 2.00m 6'06.75        

  4 -Nick Hoendervoogt (Harrison, Colo Spr, Co)/81 2.00m 6'06.75 

  6 ?Derek Poynter (Valley, Albuq, NM)/82 1.95m 6'04.75

          (Poynter came in at 6-10 best)                         

                       Boys Pole Vault                           

 1 -Jeff Day (Viewmont, Ut)/81 15'06.00"""" (So Utah)

 2 **Sam Jacobson (Corona del Sol, Tempe, Az)/82 15'00.00"""" 4.57m 

 3 *Kevin Opalke (Edmond, Ok)/82 15'00.00"""" 4.57m                 

 4 -Brandon Bennett (Arcadia, Scottsdale, Az)/80 15'00.00"""" 4.57m 

 5 -Josh Cook (Davis, Kaysville, Ut)/80 14'06.00"""" 4.42m          

 6 -Joe Yanoff (Corona del Sol, Tempe, Az)/80 14'00.00"""" 

          (Notre Dame)                                       

 6 -Jared Wright (Davis, Kaysville, Ut)/81 14'00.00"""" 4.27m       

 6 -Armando Monarrez (Rancho, LV, Nv)/3/14/81 14'00.00"""" 

          (Ariz St Un)

 9 -Mark Washburn (Farmington, NM)/81 14'00.00"""" 4.27m            

                        Boys Long Jump                           

 1 *Willie Battle (Durango, LV, Nv)/1/18/82 22'05.00"""" 6.83m      

 2 *Brian Caster (Jenks, Ok)/82 22'03.00"""" 6.78m                  

 3 -James Smith (Camelback, Phoe, Az) 22'01.00"""" 6.73m            

 4 -Jay Osborne (Reed, Sparks, Nv)/81 22'00.00"""" 6.71m            

                       Boys Triple Jump                          

 1 **James Sims (Valley, Las Vegas, Nv)/? 14.21m 46'07.50        

 2 -Steve Henling (Winslow, Az)/81 14.14m 46'04.75               

 3 *Anthony Park (Las Vegas, Nv)/80 14.08m 46'02.50              

                        Boys Shot Put                            

 1 -Josh Sides (Davis, Kaysville, Ut)/81 59'01.00"""" (Utah State)

 2 -Wes Sims (Weatherford, Ok)/81 56'05.50"""" 17.21m               

 3 -John Pollard (Las Vegas, Nv)/? 55'11.00"""" (San Diego St)

 4 -Marcus Ventura (Corona, ? , Az)/80 55'01.50"""" 16.80m          

 5 -Corey Brown (Marana, Tucson, Az)/81 54'07.00"""" 16.64m         

                      Boys Discus Throw                          

 1 *Nic Arrhenius (Mntn View, Orem, Ut)/82 53.36m 175'01.00      

 2 *Richtie Hightower (Mntn Pointe, Phoe, Az)/81 51.71m 169'08.00

 3 -Chris Ensingmer (Mntn Pointe, Phoe, Az)/81 50.77m 166'07.00  

 4 -Wes Sims (Weatherford, Ok)/81 49.74m 163'02.00               

                      Boys Hammer Throw                          

 1 *Clay Olson (Gilbert, Az)/82 60.06m 197'00.00                 

 2 -Josh Sides 48.53m 159'03.00                                  

 3 *Richtie Hightower 37.74m 123'10.00                           

                      Boys Javelin Throw                         

 1 *Josh Probst (Wasatch, Heber, Ut)/82 63.39m 208'00.00         

 2 -Jake Horspool (Box Elder, Ut)/80 62.18m 204'00.00            

General Notes: 

--One of the funnest meets of the year, with athletes from most of the 

states split up into three or more divisions for state. Many dominate 

locally all year long with this their first big introduction to the 


--Best unknown talent--Provo HS's Kassie Anderson who led off Utah's 

Meet Record setting 4x800 relay team with a 2:13.5 PR, then took the 

Open race that barely bested her seasonal open time with a 2:13.86.      

--Expect some big things down the road--Nicole Ireland.  The Mohave HS 

from North Las Vegas star was a good short hurdles winner, was very 

competitive in the very next 100 meter event, raced in the 4x100 relay 

in the middle of the meet here, then placed second in the 200 meter 

run.  Future Olympian in 400 meter hurdles.    

--Toughest performer - Josh Rohatinsky.  After some early season 

sickness Josh led almost every single step of the 3200 in his lifetime 

best 9:05.18 run, blasting a 61 second final 400 to set himself up 

nicely for a run at 9:00 against a super Golden West Invitational field 

in two weeks.

--Derek Poynter (Valley, Albuquerque, NM) (HJ) will join the U.S. 

National team for the first ever IAAF sponsored World """"Youth"""" 

Championships this summer.  This competition will be a World 

Championship level meet held in Poland for athletes who will not turn 

18 during the current year 1999.  Poynter, a 6-10 leaper, was selected 

off his performance in last year's National Junior Olympic 




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