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Michael Roth's Race Walk

2002 Indoor Season

by Michael Roth

January 2, 2002

As the Indoor Season is underway, I will again be doing the HS RW
Rankings. These will be posted periodically to the following websites:


I am working with T&FN (Track & Field News Magazine) to include this in
their rankings. At this time, it looks like it will only make the
website, but both Bob Bowman (our IAAF representative & the T&FN Walks
Editor) & I are working to get in the print edition too. When I have a
final answer, I'll let you know.

As for the Rankings:

I will include performances of athletes from the following Graduating
Classes 2002-2007. The 2006 & 07 classes are included as these athletes
at times are given the option of competing on Varsity Teams in certain
States. Times from the 1500 - 3000m will be considered provided that
they meet the list standards and were conducted under USATF RW Rules (3
judges minimum, etc).


Boys - under 7:30 1500m, 8:00 Mile, 16:30 3000m

Girls - under 8:00 1500m, 8:30 Mile, 18:00 3000m

All 1600m times will be converted to the Mile. Death to the 1600m, it
is blasphemous and should die a quick but painful death. The Girls
3000m standard was tightened this year significantly, but this should
not affect many athletes, as only 4 would not have made last years list
at this tougher standard. This was done to make it in line with the
performance level required in the shorter distances. Basically, go


**Please provide entire race results & judges names to verify integrity
of event or provide a link to any website with those results.
**Post to RW List or send directly to me by email.

I check the web religiously for results, but sometimes I miss stuff.
Don't be afraid to send something twice. I will try to reply to
everything I get, but be patient. I have a job and this is not it.
Updates should be about every other week and the FINAL LIST will be done
one week after the National Scholastic Meet. Anything after that will
be ignored.

That should answer most questions about the HS Rankings.

Happy Holidays to all (except Osama),


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