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DyeStat Elite rankings

2002 Outdoor

These rankings include the elite of the 2002 outdoor track and field season in the United States.  The database accepts all high school meets during the season plus major post-season meets such as the Golden West, Foot Locker National Outdoor, Great Southwest, Golden South, Junior Nationals, and Junior Olympics.

Rankings are intended to include the top 100 USA performers in each event.  Cutoff standards are used to qualify for the database.  Meets that are published on DyeStat will be screened by DyeStat for qualifying performances.  To submit other performances for consideration, follow the instructions in How to Get Ranked.

Special rules for Mile and 2-Mile -- As started at the end of the 2000 indoor season, we combine 1600/Mile and 3200/2Mile performances into single lists. After review of the tables in the Big Green Book (by Track and Field News, TAFnews Press, 2000), we have changed the time differentials for converting from 1600 meters to 1 Mile and 3200 meters to 2 Miles. Instead of a single differential, we are using different conversion factors for boys and girls, which reflects the slower speeds of girls. We are still using a single conversion factor for each gender, regardless of the speed actually run.

Differentials for 2002 (seconds that will be added to 1600 and 3200 meter times):

1600 meters to 1 mile
+ 1.5
3200 meters to 2 miles
+ 3.2
+ 3.8


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