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Tale of the Tape - Oklahoma cousins/competitors
Cameron Tabor vs. Geoffrey Tabor
Compiled by Laura Magee and Dave Devine

A new feature in which we pit some of the top high school athletes in the country head-to-head over a series of topics that have little to do with track.

Clash of the COUSINS
What subject is most challenging for you?What is your record against your cousin?What are you most afraid of?
What is your typical meal prior to competition?What chore do you despise most?
What is a major difference between you and your cousin?


Algebra II

I'm not sure.

He beats me in discus, and I
usually beat him
in shot put.


A ton of carbs.

I just hate the loud noise.
I'm more laid back, a Joe Cool kind of guy, and he is kind of a goofy book worm. haha


AP Physics

3 wins
0 losses

Shot put
3 wins
1 loss


Grilled Salmon and Oatmeal.

Cleaning up after my dog's messes on the back patio

Cameron uses more strength
and power to throw while I use more quickness and explosion to throw.

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