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Indoors 09

Meant to bridge the midweek interval between the meet-intensive weekends during the season, the DyeStat Interval Sessions are an opportunity to get to know some of the top male and female high school athletes from around the country. Each week, we'll head out for a quick interval session with one boy and one girl making headlines on the indoor national scene this winter.

Interval Session #106 - Shakeia Pinnick IL

"Ryann Krais is an outstanding athlete, and even though many times I wasn't exactly within winning reach of her :) it was still nice to be able to push myself to go out and try to beat her. I learned to fight hard, even through the difficult events. I knew that I was the top scorer in the multi’s coming in this year, so I worked hard to stay on top because I know that everyone is still fighting for that top position."  READ MORE

Interval Session #105 - Bryce Lamb AZ

"I love the feeling of oneness on the runway.  There are eight lanes on a track and everyone watches those lanes or individual competitors, but in the jumps it’s just you, the runway and the sand ... The area where I need the most improvement is in my overall technique,  especially in the triple jump. Oftentimes, I think I rely on my strength too muchREAD MORE

Interval Session #104 - Dominique Booker NJ

"I believe in first impressions and image; I don’t think about rivals or enemies in track.  I have respect for everyone I run with.  I want people to be able to say that I’m a nice and humble person.  I want to be known as a person who is approachable and well rounded.  God has blessed me with a beautiful talent and I should use it right.  He has made ways for me to be successful and gave me the ability to run." READ MORE

Interval Session #103 - Kyle MacIntosh CO

"As a kid I always played soccer.  When I was 6 years old I was nicknamed "Wheels" by my coach. My mom saw that I flew past all the other kids on the soccer field.  When I was 9 years old she signed me up for the Hershey Track Meet.   I ended up winning the 5-state region.  From that competition I fell in love with track." READ MORE

Interval Session #102 - Emily Vannoy MD

"Music is really important to me. I'm pretty much always listening to music and I have a major problem with the no-iPod-in-competition-areas rule!  :)   But other than listening to music constantly, I've also played the piano for 8 years and the guitar for about two. Music is just so powerful. It can change moods, it can speak to and for people, and it has the ability to inspire." READ MORE

Interval Session #101 - Alec Faldermeyer NY

"I have never been as interested in anything else in my life, so I have become more of an expert in hammer statistics than in anything else.  I am constantly watching videos of professional throwers to compare techniques and learn more about the event.  My favorite thrower of all time is Sergei Litvinov (Russian 1988 Olympic champ and 2-time World Champ) because I have never seen anybody as technically disciplined as him ..." READ MORE

Interval Session #100 - Turquoise Thompson CA

"Yeah, (400H Youth national record at USATF JOs) was really something big for me ... I was so grateful that I could keep training, and keep my talent and abilities to the highest, so that I could do what I had to do in the summertime – because I knew that I couldn’t do anything my whole junior year.  It was just mostly running off determination and I wanted to prove myself that even though I didn’t run my whole junior year, I’m still who I am.  It was really great." READ MORE

Interval Session #99 - Shane Moskowitz WA

"State and BorderClash were big setbacks for me. I was really upset losing at State and I planned to come back and win over a talented field at BorderClash, but was beat by Andrew Kimpel, who I think is the best 'kicker' in Washington. I told all of my teammates that those races would not matter to me at all if I qualified for Foot Locker Nationals, so I focused on that race and I knew I had a 'chance' to qualify as long as I had a great race." READ MORE

Interval Session #98 - Karimah Shepherd VA

"I actually started jumping as a joke. I saw the boys on my team do it, and I wanted to try it out too. My coach saw that I had potential, and I started learning how to jump the very next day. For the longest time I didn’t believe in myself and my confidence was very low...So many people would tell me that I was going to be great in jumping, and I never believed them until now." READ MORE

Interval Session #97 - Curtis Beach NM

"I believe that every single decathlete is different ... some are vaulters who are fast, others are incredibly strong sprinters that can throw, and there are a few like me who are distance runners at heart.  Most decathletes cannot comprehend why I enjoy the 1500, but I don't think anybody can really comprehend a distance runner’s mentality.  Every event in the decathlon I enjoy, but it is that 1500 that always gives me a little bit more motivation and confidence." READ MORE

Interval Session #96 - Morgann LeLeux LA

"My ultimate goal is to compete in both sports in the Olympics, or at least make it to the Olympics in the pole vault and at least one event of gymnastics (maybe the bars).  My next goal is to try and do both in college, if I can find a college that will allow me to do that.  But if I can't, it's okay and I'll make that decision when it is time." READ MORE

Interval Session #95 - Tyler Stutzman VA

"It may sound boring, but consistency is key. Early in my high school career, I had a tendency to go and hammer every run. This was fun for a while, but three stress fractures from freshman to junior year made me rethink my training. Since indoor track season of my junior year, I have been injury-free. I credit this for my steadily improving times since last year." READ MORE

Interval Session #94 - Ashley Collier TX

"There's not a specific race I prefer.  I enjoy running the 60, 100, 200 and the 400 because each race prepares for the next one. I used to be really nervous about running the 400, but I've grown into it, and it helps my 200 time a lot. Honestly, I don't think I've had a perfect race yet, but it does feel good to know that I'm making progress and having more confidence within myself."

Interval Session #93 - Devon Smith MD

"The great thing about football and track at Westlake is that many of the same people are involved in both.  We have football coaches who are also our track coaches, and many of my teammates from football are now my teammates for track.  It makes it very much like a family as we spend a lot of time together."  READ MORE

Interval Session #92 - Stephanie Brown IL

"I definitely want to get to that sub-2:05 level!  It’s my goal to run that by the end of this year.  Running the early 2:08 gave me more confidence that I will be able to do that if I keep working hard.  If I get to run against these girls (the four returning prep girls that have run sub-2:06), I will get the chance to run the time I want."  READ MORE

Interval Session #91 - Terrance Livingston NY

"I hate cross country, but it does great things for my training. As soon as I hit the track, it took about three weeks to remember how to move my legs fast, but after that, I said to myself, “T-bunny is back (that’s my nickname, by the way).”  Cross country builds up my endurance and mental strength, which prepares me for those day when I have to double up and kick butt."  READ MORE

Interval Session #90 - Lauren Chambers GA

"Wearing the USA colors is what I wanted to do for a long time, since I started throwing....The [World Juniors] experience was awesome.  I loved it and I got a lot out of the experience.  I feel like I grew up on the trip; I gained a lot of friends from the US team and also other teams. Some of the memories I brought home were how people from other countries train compared to here."

Interval Session #89 - Stephen Saenz TX

"The ebb and flow of the throwing events is always, for me, a roller-coaster process.  One week, I’ll be on and hit some big marks; then sometimes, I can’t throw to save my life.  It’s all in the training.  I’ve learned the importance of rest, and when to lay off and when to turn it up during my training, and I feel that I can be a more consistent thrower this year because of it." READ MORE

Interval Session #88 - Tynita Butts VA

"First, you got to want it.  You’ve got to have confidence to do the high and long jumps; it’s mostly mental.  You have to trick yourself into believing the bar is not there and that the height you’re actually looking at is lower than it really appears.  The rest is physical and that’s when practice comes in; then you’re going to need comfortable shoes, and a lot of ice and Epson Salt, ha-ha!" READ MORE

Interval Session #87 - Jack Whitt OK

"I try my hardest at track meets, big and small, to help other jumpers achieve new heights... Growing up, I was taught to be friendly, even when in a competition. In other sports players usually dislike their competitors, but in pole vault I have learned that its not just about winning and jumping high, but also about building friendships with your fellow vaulters." READ MORE

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