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DyeStat 2008
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Compiled by SteveU

Girls Hurdles

(second in a series)

Left, Jackie Coward takes 100H at NON (Kirby Lee photo). Right, Dalilah Muhammad-Ryann Krais 1-3 at World Youth (Joy Kamani photo)

Returning Outdoor Leaders

Vashti Thomas CA -- 13.03
Jackie Coward TN -- 13.21 (13.17w)
Julian Purvis CA -- 13.32
Dahlys Marshall CA -- 13.66
Ryann Krais PA -- 13.73
Jasmin Stowers SC -- 13.87 (13.68w)
Leslie Aririguzo MI -- 13.98 (13.62w)
Golde Ibia CA -- 13.99
Donique Flemings TX -- 14.08
Destiny Lumas TX -- 14.11
Jackie Coward TN 40.83
 Turquoise Thompson CA 41.74
Ryann Krais PA 41.84
Ashley Starks TX 42.09
Brianna Rollins FL 42.13
London Finley CA 42.15
Kayla Sanchez NV 42.34
Hauna Dawkins OH 42.44
Shakeia Pinnick IL 42.65
Morgan Clem WA 42.75
Dalilah Muhammad NY -- 57.09
Ryann Krais PA -- 57.20
Jackie Coward TN -- 57.21
Angelica Weaver CA -- 58.73
Shakeia Pinnick IL -- 59.11
Sonni Austin GA -- 59.23
London Finley CA -- 59.64
Aisha-Maree Frazier SC -- 1:00.15
Ashley Starks TX -- 1:00.29
Turquoise Thompson CA -- 1:00.38

Returning Indoor Leaders

Jackie Coward TN -- 7.67
Vashti Thomas CA -- 7.73+
Julian Purvis CA -- 7.91+
Jasmin Stowers SC -- 7.93+
Ashley Bethune NC -- 8.08
Samantha Sharper NJ -- 8.10
Christina Manning MD -- 8.12
Sherice Walker NC -- 8.16
Briana Barlow NJ -- 8.17
Ashley Hendrix NY -- 8.17
(+ = en route)
Jackie Coward TN -- 8.17
Vashti Thomas CA -- 8.30
Julian Purvis CA -- 8.49
Jasmin Stowers SC -- 8.50
Ryann Krais PA -- 8.60
Raven Clay MI -- 8.79
Leslie Arirguzo MI -- 8.84
Dahlys Marshall CA -- 8.84
Ashley Bethune NC -- 8.88
Sherice Walker NC -- 8.88

Returning National Meet Placers

NON 100H
NON 400H
1. Jackie Coward TN 8.28
3. Jasmin Stowers SC 8.50
(sf) Ryann Krais PA 8.70
(sf) Ashley Bethune NC 8.89
(h) Ellen Wortham TN 9.12
(h) Nikko Brady DE 9.12
1. Jackie Coward TN 13.55
4. Ryann Krais PA 13.92
6. Jasmin Stowers SC 13.96
(EE) Kristen Brown MD 14.16
(EE) Samantha Sharper NJ 14.39
(EE) Imani Colbert MD 14.52
1. Dalilah Muhammad NY 57.09
2. Ryann Krais PA 57.26
4. Jackie Coward TN 58.23
7. Ashley Starks TX 1:01.60
8. Ebony Young NJ 1:02.37
10. Aisha-Maree Frazier SC 1:02.62

NSIC 60H - 2. Vashti Thomas CA 8.30, 3. Julian Purvis CA 8.49, 8. Dahlys Marshall CA 8.84, (sf) Didi Jusme RI 9.12
USATF Jr 100H - 3. Jackie Coward TN 13.17w, 5. Vashti Thomas CA 13.42w, 6. Julian Purvis CA 13.70w, (sf) Dahlys Marshall CA 14.17
USATF Jr 400H - 2. Ryann Krais PA 57.20, 3. Jackie Coward TN 57.89, 8. Brianna Rollins FL 1:07.33 (1:01.69 heat), (heat) Shakeia Pinnick IL 1:02.13
World Youth 100H (30") - 1. Julian Purvis 13.41 CA, 4. Jasmin Stowers SC 13.70
World Youth 400H - 1. Dalilah Muhammad NY 57.25, 3. Ryann Krais PA 57.50

Analysis - As was the case on the boys side, the all-time lists in the girls hurdle events had some major revisions in 2007, and most of the key players will be back in 2008 to see if they can lower those marks further.  Between Jackie Coward, Ryann Krais, Dalilah Muhammad, Julian Purvis, and Vashti Thomas, there were 9 new all-time top ten entries in the major hurdle events, plus two golds and a silver (Muhammad. Purvis and Krais) at the World Youth Championships.

Indoors, Coward (Knoxville West TN) will start the indoor season as the US record holder at the 60H at 8.17, as well as the defending NIN champ.  She ran faster than the old mark 3 times.  More daunting is the mark in the 55H, a much longer-standing event.  There, the official auto record is 7.66 (Coward has done 7.67), but hand-times and conversions from 60 yard races produce an all-time list where Candy Young leads at 7.50.

Californians Thomas and Purvis both excel in the short indoor races, as well; they are the top two returnees (2nd and 3rd) from last winter’s NSIC 60H races at 8.30 and 8.49.  Super soph Jasmin Stowers (7.93/8.50) will also be right up there.

Outdoors, Thomas and Purvis made their marks at the 100H distances, Muhammad and Krais in the longer races, and Coward at both.  At the 100H, Thomas had perhaps the most stunning mark of the year, a 13.03 with maximum allowable wind at the California state meet, which is #2 all-time behind Young’s heretofore unassailable 12.95 from 1979.  Coward topped out at 13.21/13.17w in the USATF semis and finals, moving her to #5.  But she did beat Thomas both times they raced and was the NON champ.

Purvis ran 13.32 in that fast CA state meet, then took the World Youth 100H (30” instead of 33”) in 13.41 (sans Coward and Thomas), with Stowers 4th.

Meanwhile, Coward also had the year’s best mark at 300H, a 40.83, but it was in the late-season 400H races that the cream really rose to the top.  Muhammad, of Benjamin Cardozo NY, authored a 57.09 stunner at NON to get the ball rolling, with Krais 2nd at 57.26.  Krais then took the runner up spot at USATF Jrs and moved up another notch on the list with her 57.20, with Muhammad bypassing that meet and Coward joining the sub-58 club.

Finally at World Youth, Muhammad won in 57.25, with Krais 3rd at 57.50.  Meanwhile, Coward got her time all the way down to 57.21 at Pan Am Juniors.

It’s hard to imagine anyone beating Coward indoors, and if she’s improved her strength and speed (her technique is nearly flawless), and stays healthy, she should break that 7.50 55H barrier and improve her 60H record.  It’s hard to imagine anyone beating her.

Outdoors, if Thomas and Coward can both improve, Young’s 100H record should get a challenge and hurdle fans can hold their breaths to see if they’ll finally see another sub-13.

As good as the Muhammad-Krais-Coward trio were at 300H/400H, the records of Lashinda Demus (39.98) and Leslie Maxie (55.20) are very tough.  Those two and the now-graduated Ebony Collins are an imposing top three (in different orders) in those two events.  But Muhammad, Krais, Coward, Thomas, Purvis and possibly others will all have a great chance to take some of the World Junior team spots at 100H and 400H.