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25th National Scholastic Indoor Champs

March 14-16, 2008
The New Balance Track and Field Center at The Armory, NY NY

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Showtime in the Big Apple
D'Angelo Cherry 6.14 55m USR
Armory officials announced Sunday that Cherry's 55m en route time in Friday's 60m prelim was 6.14, a new national 55m record. Cherry ran 6.64 for 60m in that round. In Sunday's final, Cherry won 60m at 6.66 with a 6.19 en route time for 55m.
Doubles for Vashti Thomas and Christian Taylor

Nick Vena 66-7.25 SP ! adds 7 inches to his US freshman class record.
Spencer Adams NC 7.73 60H semi is US#6 all time
Pentathlon - New Mexico boys battle goes to Curtis Beach on a tie breaker.

FRIDAY - 7 All-Time Top Ten Marks!
Christian Taylor GA 25-06.75 LJ, Warwick Valley girls 11:44.44 DMR, D'Angelo Cherry GA 6.64 60m pre; Donn Cabral CT 14:44.16 and Chelsea Ley NJ 17:03.79 5ks, Trenton Central boys 29.38 shuttle hurdles, and Vashti Thomas 8.35 60H pre (slower than her 8.27 at Simplot).

Winners Table

2008 NSIC Winners Table
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Final: D'Angelo Cherry GA 6.66
Semi: D'Angelo Cherry GA 6.65
Prelim: D'Angelo Cherry GA 6.64
Final: Victoria Jordan TX 7.38
Semi: Ashton Purvis CA 7.42
Prelim: Victoria Jordan TX 7.41
Final: T.J. Graham NC 21.38
Prelim: T.J. Graham NC 21.58
200 Final: Ashton Purvis CA 23.43
Prelim: Ashton Purvis CA 23.53
Final: Christian Taylor GA 47.42
Prelim: Christian Taylor GA 48.28
400 Final: Nadonnia Rodriques NY 52.85
Prelim: Nadonnia Rodriques NY 53.22
Olivier Collin CAN 1:51.39 800 Chanelle Price PA 2:05.93
Charles White CO 4:11.77
Mile Cory McGee MS 4:51.13
Max Kaulbach PA 9:02.65
2-MileMalia Call LA 10:29.70
Donn Cabral CT 14:44.16
5000 Chelsea Ley NJ 17:03.79
Final: Spencer Adams NC 7.75
Semi: Spencer Adams NC 7.73 US#6 all time
Prelim: Spencer Adams NC 7.82
60H Final: Vashti Thomas CA 8.42
Semi: Julian Purvis CA 8.48
Prelim: Vashti Thomas CA 8.35
Final: Union Catholic 1:28.81
Prelim: Speed City CA (Poly Long Beach) 1:28.27
4x200 Final: Boys & Girls NY 1:40.51
Prelim: Suffern NY 1:41.52
Woburn MA 3:19.16 4x400Speed City CA 3:49.85
Dynizzle TC (North Penn PA) 7:47.48 4x800Benjamin Cardozo NY girls 9:05.60
Newburgh NY 3:28.25
SMR Benjamin Cardozo NY 4:03.16
Ryan Raiders PA (Archbishop Ryan) 10:19.59
DMR Warwick Valley NY 11:44.44
Danbury CT boys 17:28.47 4xMileBurnt Hills Ballston NY girls 20:14.24
Trenton Central 29.38

Ridgewood 35.23
Christopher Copeland VA 6-9.5
HJ Tynita Butts VA 5-8.5
Christian Taylor GA 25-6.75
LJ Vashti Thomas CA 19-6
Christian Taylor GA 51-3 TJVashti Thomas CA 41-3.25
Nico Weiler CA 17-00.75
PV Rachel Laurent LA 13-3.5 (13-5.75 in prelim)
Nick Vena NJ 66-7.25 US freshman record
SPLauren Chambers GA 49-1.5
Conor McCullough CA 87-10.75 USR
WTVictoria Flowers 62-00.50
Curtis Beach NM 3866
PentaMaddie Buttinger CAN 3783
Ricardo Vergara TX 6:36.96 WalkMary Dutkoski NY 7:41.06

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It will be brutally tough just to make the final as a loaded boys
400 field jockeys for room - and medals - Dave Devine Story

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Thunder and Lightning - New Jersey frosh phenom Nick Vena (left) will have the throws cage in a frenzy, while super soph Ashton Purvis (above) lights up the Armory track in the sprints. Photos by John Nepolitan and John Dye.

World Youth Redux - NSIC will be a reunion of sorts for "alums" from last summer's World Youth Championships team - Dave Devine preview

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