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2008 Foot Locker - Finals
the runners
12/13/08 at Balboa Park, San Diego CA
West Girls Gallery
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XC Stats and Analysis by SteveU, Track PRs by Mike Kennedy

Valley Christian (San Jose, Ca.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
6th FL West, 3rd D3 State (#10 overall), 1st Mt. SAC D3

Previous Foot Locker: ’07-23rd West, ’05-34th West

Track PRs: 10:26.09, 10:59.19

Analysis:  Great job coming out of CA D3 to face great competition for one of first times this year … top 15-20 will be a nice goal, but challenging.

San Clemente (Ca.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#8
D1 state champ (#2 overall); 2nd’s at FL West, Mt. SAC Indiv., Woodbridge

Previous Foot Locker: ’07-28th West

Track PRs: 2:10.82, 4:46.6, 4:54.72 (mile), 9:45.3, 10:28.67 (2-mile)

Analysis:  Has done great this fall to push herself into national top ten, losing only to Hasay and Sarah Andrews TX (Woodbridge) … should be a solid top ten, or maybe top five if she’s at her best.

Mission College Prep (San Luis Obispo, Ca.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#2
Won 4th straight FL West, D5 state and Mt. SAC titles

Previous Foot Locker: ’07-1st West/3rd Finals, ’06-1st West/10th Finals, ’05-1st West/1st Finals

Track PRs: 2:09.92, 4:14.50, 4:42.50, 9:19.6, 9:53.13

Analysis:  Great chance to be the one of the three previous champs to get her 2nd title … probably would do best by not taking it out as fast as’07, being in good position on final downhill, and/or being in position to use strong kick.


Skyline (Salt Lake City, Ut.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
7th FL West, DQ 5A State (would have been 2nd to Menlove)

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-46th West

Track PRs: 5:04.01, 10:57.00

Analysis:  After DQ at state for uniform violation, many fans were thrilled to see Kipp make it here … top 15-20 would be a good goal.

Jordan (Ut.) Freshman

’08 XC: Rank-US#16
3rd FL West, 4A state champ (#1 overall)

Previous Foot Locker:  none

Track PRs: 4:29.90 (’07), 10:04.80 (’07)

Analysis: Has lived up to youth track accomplishments with great freshman season, establishing herself as best in Utah … top 10-15 could happen with a good day.


Torrey Pines (San Diego, Ca.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
5th FL West, 4th D1 state (#11 overall), 2nd Mt. SAC Team

Previous Foot Locker: ’06-41st FL West

Track PRs: 10:13.3, 10:47.59

Analysis:  On a sharp improvement curve after strong finish at state … Would probably aspire to top 15-20 finish, but could go higher if she makes another step of improvement.

University City (San Diego, Ca.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
8th FL West, 4th D3 State (#14 overall)

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-45th West

Track PRs: 5:08.75

Analysis:  One of the bigger surprises to make team as CA D3 showed up well … top 20 would be great accomplishment.

Casa Grande (Petaluma, Ca.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
10th FL West, 3rd D2 State (#6 overall), 5th Mt. SAC Indiv.

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-12th West, ’06-37th West

Track PRs: 4:33.1, 4:49.63, 9:59.76, 10:47.02

Analysis:  Has been one of CA’s top harriers for three years … could well perform better than her FL West finish would indicate … her 6th overall at CA state and 5th at Mt. SAC individual race more indicative of her talent.

Xavier Prep (Phoenix, Az.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
4th FL West, 5A-1 state champ (fastest overall), 2nd NXN SW, 6th Great American, 4th Mt. SAC Indiv.

Previous Foot Locker: ’07-3rd West/20th Finals, ’06-3rd West/24th Finals

Track PRs: 2:14.70, 4:50.42, 9:59.1, 10:24.57 (2-mile)

Analysis: After a super 2M PR to end ’08 track, has plateaued a bit … but still made top four of FL West for third straight year … improving ’07 FL Finals finish would be good accomplishment.


Klamath Falls (Or.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
9th FL West, 1st Border Clash, 1st 4A State

Previous Foot Locker: ’07-7th West/33rd Finals

Track PRs: 2:12.26, 4:28.79

Analysis:  2007 Finalist has come back strong after injury to start the season … great chance to better her 33rd place from last year.