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2008 Foot Locker - Finals
the runners
12/13/08 at Balboa Park, San Diego CA
Northeast Girls Gallery

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XC Stats and Analysis by SteveU, Track PRs by Mike Kennedy

Newark Valley (N.Y.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
8th FL Northeast, 11th NY Feds, 1st Class C State

Previous Foot Locker:  ’06-63rd NE

Track PRs: 10:11.2 (3,000), 6:53.19 (SC)

Analysis:  A big surprise and great job for Cawley to come up from Class C and 11th at Feds to make it in … will be tough to make top 20.

Cornwall (N.Y.) Sophomore

’08 XC: Rank-US#12
3rd FL Northeast, 2nd NY Feds, 2nd Class A State (3rd overall), 1st Manhattan ‘C’ (9th overall)

Previous Foot Locker:  none

Track PRs: 10:21.14 (3,000)

Analysis:  Super breakout season reached apex with 3rd at FL Northeast, beating such as Lipari, Thompson and Ley … could possibly compete with top 10 with great race, but top 15 attempt is more realistic.

Suffern (N.Y.) Senior

08 XC: Rank-US#11
2nd FL Northeast, 6th NY Feds, 2nd AA State (5th overall), 8th Eastern States

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-9th NE/24th Finals, ’06-6th NE/19th Finals, ’05-10th NE/38th Finals

Track PRs: 2:14.5, 4:45.9, 4:52.38, 9:48.92, 6:42.86 (SC)

Analysis:  FL Northeast represents a career peak for Greany; if she can run that well Saturday, top ten is in the cards … best finish for 4-time Finalist has been 19th as soph.

Bromfield School (Harvard, Ma.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#5
1st FL Northeast, 1st D2 All-State (1st overall), 1st Manhattan ‘A’ (1st overall)
Previous Foot Locker:   ’07-2nd NE/11th Finals, ’06-9th NE/25th Finals

Track PRs: 4:58.15 (mile), 9:40.36, 10:22.40 (2-mile)

Analysis:  Has steadily improved every year to move close to top level of national elite … will be tough to break top 3, but has great chance at top 5 … beat Brasovan and Kroeger in NON 2M (though Brasovan had won 5k day before).

North Andover (Ma.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
6th FL Northeast, 1st D1 All-State (2nd overall)

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-12th NE

Track PRs: 4:53.22

Analysis:  Great job to break in middle of top ten of FL Northeast after near miss in 2007 … top 15-20 is realistic on a good day.

West Windsor-Plainsboro South (Plainsboro, N.J.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
7th FL Northeast, 3rd NJ MOC, 1st Grp 4 State (3rd overall), 1st Manhattan ‘B’

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-24th NE, ’06-56th NE

Track PRs: 10:11.95, 10:45.08

Analysis:  A big part of New Jersey’s getting four to San Diego for first time … has clearly improved during course of season and improved each of three FL NEs that she has run … top 15-20 is a good goal, but will be tough

Kingsway (Woolwich, N.J.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US#22
5th FL Northeast, 2nd NJ MOC, 2nd Grp 3 State (2nd overall)

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-10th NE/18th Finals

Track PRs: 5:00.24, 9:54.75, 10:27.90, 17:12.08

Analysis:  Ley’s only losses before FL Northeast had been to Thompson … if she has good day and doesn’t overdo first mile, she could compete for at least top ten … did very well last year in Finals for a 10th-place qualifier.

Roslyn (Roslyn Heights, N.Y.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
9th FL Northeast, 1st NY Feds, 1st Class A State (2nd overall), 1st Brown Invite

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-6th NE/6th Finals

Track PRs: 4:30.58, 4:48.56, 9:37.53, 10:33.72 (2-mile)

Analysis:  Lipari was slowed by illness at FL Northeast, just squeaking in top ten … started season late, but still repeated her Feds title … won’t be easy to get 6th or better again, but she surprised last year … top 10 may be more realistic to try for.

Voorhees (Glen Gardner, N.J.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#14
4th FL Northeast, 1st NJ MOC, 1st Grp 3 State (1st overall), 1st Eastern States (2nd overall at Manhattan)

Previous Foot Locker:  ’06-13th NE, ’05-51st NE

Track PRs: 4:50.68 (mile), 9:44.87, 10:17.18

Analysis:  Stupendous season saw Thompson unbeaten until FL NE, where she had an off day … Eastern States win was 0.17 seconds off Emily Jones Varsity ‘A’ time for best of day … if she’s at her best, will compete for top five spot.

West Morris Mendham, Mendham, N.J.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
10th FL Northeast, 4th NJ MOC, 5th Grp 3 State

Previous Foot Locker:  none

Track PRs: 10:04.69, 10:45.29

Analysis:  Really came on at end of season to go from 5th in Grp 3 State to 4th at NJ MOC and then make it to Finals … Will be tough to get in top half, though.