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2008 Foot Locker - Finals
the runners
12/13/08 at Balboa Park, San Diego CA
Midwest Girls Gallery
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XC Stats and Analysis by SteveU, Track PRs by Mike Kennedy

Grand Haven (Mi.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
5th FL Midwest, 3rd D1 State, 1st Portage Invite

Previous Foot Locker:  '07-11th MW

Track PRs: 56.03, 2:05.61, 4:34.6, 4:50.80

Analysis:  New to this level in XC, but Addison was 2nd in NON 800 last spring, so she knows about national championships … with improvement and consistency this fall, made up for heartbreak of 11th in 07 at FL MW … top 15 or so would be good goal.

Dowling Catholic (West Des Moines, Ia.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US#23
6th FL Midwest, 8th NXN Finals, 1st NXN Heartland, 1st 4A State, 2nd Griak Invite

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-17th MW

Track PRs: 10:09.4 (3,000)

Analysis:  Like her four Texas and Illinois counterparts, Decker is attempting the difficult 4-race stretch of regional/national races … possibly a top-ten quality runner fresh, top 15 would be most realistic for her.

Lake Park (Roselle, Il.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#18
8th FL Midwest, 5th NXN Finals, 5th NXN Midwest, 1st 3A State

Previous Foot Locker:  none

Track PRs: 10:33.04

Analysis:  After tearing up Illinois all year, Flanagan underperformed a bit at the NXN and Foot Locker region meets, though she made both nationals … but at NXN Finals, she was back at her very best with a terrific 5th-place finish … if the rejuvenation lasts, top 10 is possible.

Rochester (Rochester Hills, Mi.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US#6
1st FL Midwest, 1st D1 State, 1st Spartan Invite, 1st Oakland County

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-64th MW

Track PRs: 4:42.8, 4:59.26, 10:25.6, 10:59.0

Analysis:  In September, Goethals made it clear she’d be good this year, but no one expected unbeaten season through FL Midwest … Probably not quite at level of big three, but certainly a top-five candidate … this is her first national championship in track or XC

Air Academy (Colorado Springs, Co.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#18
4th FL Midwest, 1st 5A State

Previous Foot Locker:  none

Track PRs: 10:49.46

Analysis:  Went out too hard at FL Midwest and paid for it later … if she can manufacture performance like she had in her devastating state meet victory, she’d have a shot at top 5-10 or better – she was that good as she finished off unbeaten year to that point.

Walsh Jesuit (Cuyahoga Falls, Oh.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#17
3rd FL Midwest, 1st Mideast Champs, 5th D2 State

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-8th MW/31st Finals

Track PRs: 5:03.40, 10:54.90

Analysis:  Like 2007, Oswald has absolutely turned it on in the post-season after not looking like the best in Ohio much of the year … should be able to improve on her 31st from last year, maybe top 15-20.

Parkway Central (Chesterfield, Mo.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
10th FL Midwest, 6th 4A State, 7th Great American, 2nd Rim Rock

Previous Foot Locker:  none

Track PRs: 4:43.20, 5:03.9, 10:10.16, 10:56.74

Analysis:  After an off-form state meet showing, Robison returned to a higher level of excellence at FL Midwest to join teammate Sisson … she and Sisson were 7th and 3rd at Great American, showing why they’re one of the best 1-2 teammate punches in the country … top 20-25 would be a good goal.

Parkway Central (Chesterfield, Mo.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US#10
2nd FL Midwest, 1st State 4A, 3rd Great American, 1st Rim Rock

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-4th MW/23rd Finals, ’06-1st MW/3rd Finals

Track PRs: 2:14.3, 4:51.42, 9:45.3, 10:21.71

Analysis:  Now one of the true veterans out here, Sisson was a few strides away from her 2nd Midwest crown … after down year as soph, she’s been strong and consistent all fall and has a good chance to make her 3rd top ten here, or maybe a top five.

Milan, (Mi.) Junior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
9th FL Midwest, 1st D2 State (6th overall), 1st Portage D2 (2nd overall)

Previous Foot Locker:  none

Track PRs: 5:14.8, 11:10.90

Analysis:  Tomecek’s finish capped off a great day at FL Midwest this year for Michigan girls … with the top girls generally in D1, she had little competition all year … top 20-25 would be good finish for first big national meet.

Fairview (Fairview Park, Oh.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
7th FL Midwest, 6th Mideast Champs, 4th State D2

Previous Foot Locker:  ’07-43rd MW

Track PRs: 11:01.84

Analysis:  Ohio runners produced some great finishes at the FL and NXN regional meets and Zangmeister was a big and surprising part of it … nine Ohio runners were faster than her at state, but like Oswald, she’s had a great post-season peak … top 20-25 would be good goal.