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2008 Foot Locker - Finals
the runners
12/13/08 at Balboa Park, San Diego CA
Midwest Boys Gallery
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XC Stats and Analysis by SteveU, Track PRs by Mike Kennedy

Dakota Ridge (Littleton, Co.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#12
3rd FL Midwest, 1st 5A State (2nd overall), 1st Dave Sanders
Previous Foot Locker: ’07-10th MW/21st Finals, ’06-5th MW/29th Finals

Track PRs: 4:16.31, 9:09.68

Analysis: Though his season started a little shaky, Appel was as good or better than ever by mid-season and his state meet and FL Midwest showings reflected that … should improve 10-15 spots from last year, into top 10 or better.

Mullen Prep (Denver, Co.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
7th FL Midwest, 6th 4A State (9th overall)

Previous Foot Locker: none

Track PRs: 1:52.61, 4:20.01, 9:28.97

Analysis: While obviously a middle-distance talent, Berberick showed his all-around skills by qualifying here on his first try, another testament to Colorado’s incredible depth … top 20 will be tough, though.

Buena Vista (Co.) Senior

08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
8th FL Midwest, 1st 3A State (3rd overall)

Previous Foot Locker: none

Track PRs: 4:43.38, 9:48.57

Analysis: For those surprised that Demoor had the third best time of the day at Colo. state, trailing only 4A and 5A champs Manilafasha and Appel, he confirmed his talent at FL Midwest … may surprise in top 15 or 20.

North (Denver, Co.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#4
2nd FL Midwest, 1st 4A State (1st overall), 1st Liberty Bell D3 (1st overall)
Previous Foot Locker: ’07-7th MW/22nd Finals, ’06-6th MW/25th Finals

Track PRs: 4:26.47, 9:29.15

Analysis: The well-rested Manilafasha is completely zeroed in on this meet and should be ready to challenge Haile … Zivec slipped past him at FL MW, but he shrugged that off as if it had no more meaning than a workout.


Neuqua Valley (Naperville, Il.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
9th FL Midwest, 13th NXN MW, 5th 3A State

Previous Foot Locker: ’07-33rd MW

Track PRs: 4:25.23, 9:13.28

Analysis: Bore leadership in long season for defending state and national champs after graduation losses, and finally had his best race with FL Midwest to get to San Diego.

Fishers (In.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#16
6th FL Midwest, 7th NXN Finals, 3rd NXN Midwest, 1st State Meet

Previous Foot Locker: ’07-16th MW

Track PRs: 3:56.37, 4:09.64 (mile)

Analysis: Shields was overshadowed by Futsum Zeinasellassie for much of the year, but starting with state he has shown his national class chops … was at first uncertain if he’d add Foot Locker after NXN MW, but has done so and performed well … fatigue will be tough at this point, but top 10-15 is possible.

Zionsville (In.) Senior

08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
5th FL Midwest, 4th State Meet, 4th Franklin Semi-State

Previous Foot Locker: ’07-187th MW

Track PRs: 4:29.91, 9:55.24

Analysis: Sorenson made a huge jump from FL MW ’07 and proved that Indiana was pretty deep this year … 15th-20th is probably a good goal.

York (Elmhurst, Il.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US Honorable Mention
10th FL Midwest, 14th NXN Finals, 1st NXN Midwest, 2nd 3A State

Previous Foot Locker: none

Track PRs: 4:18.17, 9:12.00

Analysis: York guys don’t typically do NXN/Foot Locker doubles, but Sulkin tried and squeaked in … dealt with early-mid season injury, then ramped it up for 2nd at state and 1st at NXN Midwest – but now has slipped a bit again … has talent for top 15 if he still has the legs and health for it.


North Central (Indianapolis, In.) Freshman

’08 XC: Rank-US#18
4th FL Midwest, 2nd State Meet, 1st Franklin Semi-State, 1st Regional

Previous Foot Locker: none

Track PRs: none listed

Analysis: 2008 has been a big year for foreign and underclassmen boys and Zeinasellassie fits both categories … after tough loss at state, came back with fine FL MW race … top 10-15 is realistic.

Grand Rapids (Mn.) Senior

’08 XC: Rank-US#3
1st FL Midwest, 2nd NXN Finals, 1st NXN Heartland

Previous Foot Locker: none

Track PRs: 3:49.99, 8:19.35 (2007), 14:37.49

Analysis: Zivec’s first two races after he finally got to really compete were everything hoped for: victories in NXN and FL region meets … but in his runner-up performance last week in Portland he injured his ankle and is questionable for Saturday.