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NTN Pre-Regionals
Six Nike Team National regions will hold meets
in advance of the championship meet

Pre-regional meets will be held at six of the new Nike Team Nationals regional championship sites. Teams will have a chance to try out the course against good competition and improve their chances for getting into the seeded race in the championship meet. Qualifiers for the NTN national finals in Portland December 1 will come from the seeded race.

Here are the pre-regional races:

Northeast Bowdoin State Park NY
10/20 Sec. 1 Coaches
Southeast Hoover AL
10/13 Great American
South The Woodlands TX
10/6 Nike South Inv.
Midwest Terre Haute IN
9/29 Crossroads of America
Southwest Tempe AZ 9/29 Doug Conley (AZ only)
Northwest Boise ID
9/22 Bob Firman Inv.

For more information, go to the regional web pages.

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