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Championship FAQ

The 4th Nike Team Nationals will be held at Portland Meadows race track, Portland OR, on December 1, 2007 with 44 high school club teams from around the country (22 boys and 22 girls). Most of these teams will be selected based on finishing first or second at regional championships in November. Nike pays all expenses of the teams picked to run in the national finals. Here some answers from the meet committee to questions about NTN.

How does a club qualify for the Championship section at the NTN Regionals?
A committee will select the top 25-35 clubs in the region and they will compete in the Championship section.

Will teams be invited to register for the Championship section?
All teams must register for the NTN Regional races regardless of what section they are entering, including the championship section. Race registration will close the Sunday before the regional races.

When will clubs be notified about entry into the championship section?
Race assignments will be put up on the regional pages on niketeamnationals.com the Tuesday before the actual race. Clubs will not be contacted, they must check the website. An NTN selection committee will determine the 30-35 best clubs for the championship section. We will do our very best to ensure that all the most deserving teams are in this race.

Is transportation provided to the NTN Regional Championship?
No, clubs are responsible for their own travel and accommodation, but a list of recommended hotels can be found on the regional web pages.

Which race should a club register for?
Whichever population demographic applies, large or small. As previously stated, the top clubs, regardless of size, will race in the Championship section.

Can a club petition the committee for inclusion in the Championship race if it feels wrongly denied entry?
Yes, all petitions will be weighed carefully and equally.

Can clubs wear their high school uniforms?
No, club runners cannot wear anything relating to their high school.

Can individuals enter?
Yes, individuals can enter and will be placed in either the Championship section or non-Championship section, depending on the size of the field and ability.

If a club qualifies for the NTN Finals, where do they register?
Clubs will be contacted after the race about registration procedures.

How many runners can a club bring to Portland?
7 competing athletes, one alternate, and a chaperone.

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