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Tour of the Course Challenge

The Flatirons Golf Course is a 2,000-meter curcuit, with runners touring the path multiple times depending on their particular race and corresponding race distance. The flatness of the course allows for it to be fast, but adverse weather does affect the footing, with any measureable precipitation (including melting snow) making for a slower and more strength-geared challenge.

Course Map

Twelve-picture album of the course, taken last weekend by the Boulder Performance Training Group!

How Much Colder In Boulder?

Weather temperatures have been yo-yo-ing in recent days,
with the latest race weekend forecast calling for temperatures
in the low 40s, with occasional snowfall and rainfall. Intermittent
snow within the past week promises for muddy race conditions
once the expected thawing begins to take hold on the course.

Real-Time Weekend Weather Forecast


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