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2007 Foot Locker Nationals
December 8, 2007 Balboa Park, San Diego CA

Live Race Blog
by Dave Devine

Girls - Boys

BOYS RACE - 10:00 am PST

Derrick 2nd, Fernandez 3rd

Slow connection, couldn't reconnect....Fout now leading to homestretch, with Derrick all way up to second....Fout looking to have the race....14:50

Puskedra leading with Fout up to second, Fernandez driving and Lowe on the back end of the pack...small gap back to Cabral

Lowe takes the lead on the first major downhill, with Puskedra retaking lead, Fernandzez in 2nd and Lowe in 3rd. Cabral up to 4th

Puskedra leads through opening 800 of 2:10 and 4:28 mile! With Kevin Williams, Fernandez, Lowe in tow

Boys race is off!! No surprises....Puskedra out fast in first 200 meters

Midwest boys now...Chris Derrick, trying to come back after winning NTN only a week ago...he'd be the first to ever get the FL/NTN back-to-back

Boys introductions now going on....South boys

GIRLS RACE - 9:15 am PST

17:20 winning time for Brasovan...followed by 2 former national champions...GREAT RACE...patience pays off

1. Brasovan 2. Kroeger 3. Hasay 4. Spence

Brasovan looks to be the winner as she streams down the homestretch....Kroeger in 2nd still....Hasay 3rd

Kroeger now in 2nd as Hasay pays for early pace...Spence into 3rd....Brasovan well clear.

Brasovan flying down the hill...drawing clear of Hasay....Hasay will have to do some work in last 600 to make this happen.

Daylight for Brasovan....driving arms across top of the hill

Brasovan EVEN with Hasay now...shoulder to shoulder

Brasovan leading Kroeger in pursuit, narrowing thegap to Hasay as head to last hill.

2 mile: Hasay near 11:08

Hasay hammering 10 second clear...with a group of five now pursuing...Kroeger, Durkin, Spence, Brasovan, Flood

Hasay loping toward 1.5 mile point...Kroeger moving into second with Durkin 3rd and Spence fourth....Brasovan leading a chase group of 5.

Hasay....Durkin...Spence...Kroeger - 1,2,3,4 - with Flood in 5 and Sisson in 6.

5:18 first mile for Hasay

Hasay really going after it, but looks like Durkin is striking out to close the gap.

As they cross the start area again, Hasay leads...back to Durkin...and then a chase group of six, including Spence, Sisson and Tarver among others

2:31 at the first 800, with Hasay out a bit already

Hasay...Durkin...Sisson, just past 2 minutes....Hasay forging an early 5-8 meter lead, with chase pack behind

Hasay leading early with Durkin at her shoulder and large pack behind

Final instructions...and they're off!

Jordan Hasay, one of the clear favorites in the raced, introduced with her long hair streaming behind her as she jogs confidently to the line.

That should have been MidWEST girls...not sure where the Midweast is located.

Midweast girls...and one of the favorites, Claire Durkin, jogs to the line. Yesterday at the course walkthrough she was running VERY hard loops on the course...probably 4 or 5 loops of the layout at nearly race pace, followed by hard striders...we'll see if that pre-race plan works out in about ten minutes.

Defending champ Kathy Kroeger introduced, wearing trademark sunglasses

Aurora Scott introduced for the South...she was all business yesterday, and looks the same today. Dialed in.

South girls up now...NE girls have ducked out of the starting line area and are running hard striders along the backside of the homestretch.

Northeast girls currently being introduced...jogging from the paddock to the start line. Grass is slick and wet, with puddles throughout the course.

Long-timers say the crowd is thinner than usual, likely kept away by the pouring rain in the early hours of the morning.

National anthem and honor guard currently going, with race introductions imminent.

15 minutes before the start of the girls race and the weather has brightened, with sun peeking between the clouds and open blue skies to the West.

And...we're live.