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Gallery of Finalists - Northeast Girls

Text by Steve Underwood, Track PRs by Mike Kennedy and footlockercc.com, photos by PhotoRun

 (Explanation of Win/Place/Show section:  As an extra feature, the “Win/Place/Show” section predicts where each finalist can reasonably “aspire” to finish, with “Win” meaning going for victory, “Place” meaning top 5 or 10, and “Show” meaning top 15-20.  Obviously, only half of the runners will finish in the top 20, but it is reasonable to say that’s what each athlete hopes to do, at the very least (no one “wants” to finish in the bottom half), and can do if they have a great day.)


2008, Shippensburg PA - home schooled

Overview:  Spence is a master not only at peaking at the right time, but not showing her full hand until the time is right.  Case in point – her winning time at 3A state was well off Carly Seymour’s best-of-the-day, but then the unbeaten harrier ripped the Vanny course in the NYRRC event the next week and followed with her well-timed finish to defend her FL NE title.  She was also the NON 2-mile runner up last spring.

Leading Results

2007 XC:  1st FL NE 17:37, 1st NYRRC 17:19, 1st AAA State 18:14, 1st Paul Short 17:37

2006 XC:  8th FL Finals 18:13, 1st FL NE 17:41, 1st NYRRC 17:38, 1st AAA state 18:07

2005 XC:  19th FL NE 18:31

2007 Track PRs – 10:20.04 2M (2nd NON), 4:50.98 1600 (1st AAA State)


Win/Place/Show:  WIN – Spence is obviously in line to top her #8 finish of last year, but she’s also in the same boat as 06 in that she may not have the wheels to top the favorites (this year, Hasay or Durkin).  If she has a good day, uses all of her wits, and gets a few breaks, she has a great shot at 3rd or better.  The cool, rainy forecast may be to her advantage.


2009, Harvard MA - Bromfield HS

Overview:  By mid-fall of this year, there wasn’t a lot of reason to think the 06 Finals qualifier was on course to improve from her 25th last fall in Balboa.  She didn’t run a national meet in track, and had started the fall just “ok” by elite standards with her X at Eastern States and 2nd to Keely Maguire at Brown.  That’s all changed now with her MIAA title over Maguire and her revelatory 2nd at FL NE.  She’s taken the next step.

Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  2nd FL NE 17:41, 1st MIAA D2 16:06 (2.9M), 2nd Brown 17:31, 4th Eastern States 14:16 (2.5M)

2006 XC:  25th FL Finals 18:46, 9th FL NE 18:03, 1st MIAA D2 18:39, 4th Eastern States (2.5M) 14:26, 1st Brown Invite 17:49

2007 Track PRs:  10:25.20 3200 (1st New Englands), 4:55.26 indoor mile


Win/Place/Show:  PLACE – Jones moves up a category from last year.  She’s definitely fit enough to place in the top 10 or better, but it won’t be easy.  Like most of her NE brethren, she should get a boost from the cool, rainy weather that some of the West Coasters may not be used to.


2008, Plattsburgh NY – Seton Catholic Central HS


Overview:  A newcomer to the FL Finals, but not to national championship events.  She was an unlooked-for 3rd at NON 2M last spring in a superb 10:25.79.  Although she won her Class meet at NY State this fall, it wasn’t until FL NE that she reestablished that she was up with the big girls again.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  3rd FL NE 17:44, 1st Class D State 18:03 (6th overall), Feds (DNR), 7th Eastern States 14:33 (2.5M)

2006 XC:  15th FL NE 18:23

2007 Track PRs:  10:25.79 2M (3rd NON), 4:39.43 1500


Win/Place/Show:  PLACE/SHOW – It’s hard to put Champagne in a category here.  With all the talent returning to Balboa, it’s difficult to rate her ahead of, say, 6-8 people.  But recalling the way she came up huge at NON is reason to give her props.


2008, Ebensburg PA - Central Cambria HS

Overview:  Seymour was a big surprise getting here last year and placing 9th, then she dropped slightly off the radar during a solid, but unspectacular track season.  But when she won Eastern States against a crack field, that put her squarely in the national title picture.  The only blip on her slate this fall was running out of gas in the last 800 at FL NE, but she was still a solid 4th.

Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  4th FL NE 17:46, 1st Eastern States 13:55 (2.5M), 1st AA State 17:49, 1st Altoona 17:27

2006 XC:  9th FL Finals 18:13, 3rd FL NE 17:44, 2nd AA state 18:01, 6th Eastern States (2.5M) 14:30

2007 Track PRs:  10:38.24 3200, 9:57.65 3k (7th Penn), 4:58.13 1600

Win/Place/Show:  WIN – When Seymour won Eastern States, she had to be considered with anyone in the country for the win here.  Now that others have risen and she was slightly off at the end of FL NE, she doesn’t look like quite the favorite.  Still, if she’s really on again and gets a few breaks, it could happen.  Best bet is in the top 4-6.


2008, Georgetown MA – Triton Regional HS


Overview:  Maguire, who felt she was ready to contend for a FL Finals spot last year, but was 22nd in the region, established herself as serious contender to place high at Vanny when she won the Brown Invite.  There, she beat in-state rival Emily Jones for the first time. 


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  5th FL NE 17:46, 2nd MIAA D2 16:21, 1st Brown 17:13

2006 XC:  22nd FL NE 18:40

2007 Track PRs:  4:55.95 1600, 10:34 3200


Win/Place/Show:  SHOW – Realistically, Maguire’s best bet is to probably shoot for the top 15; closer to 10th might be possible if she has a great race.


2010, Greenvale NY - Roslyn HS


Overview:  Lipari really came on strong at the end of the year to make her case for being the best runner in New York, with the soph picking up victories at both the Feds meet and NY State (with the day’s best time).  She showed savvy and racing smarts at FL NE.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  6th FL NE 17:48, 1st NY Feds 17:58, 1st Class A State 17:31 (1st overall)

2007 Track PRs:  4:39 1500, 5:02 mile (1st NON Freshman), 9:45 3000


Win/Place/Show:  PLACE/SHOW – Common sense dictates that a #6 finisher in a region would do well to make the Top 20, with a top 15 a long shot.  But the sense here is that Lipari is on a fast elevator ride toward the top and could surprise by getting closer to 10th if she really lets it all out there.


2008, New Castle PA - Neshannock HS


Overview:  After a near-miss last year in 12th, the talented Gibson fulfilled a dream and gave PA its 3rd FL Finalist on the girls side.  She has showed the ability to get there since at least early in her soph year, but finally put it together in Vanny this time.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  7th FL NE 17:51, 2nd AA State 18:29

2006 XC:  12th FL NE 18:18, 1st AA State 17:59, 5th Great American ROC 18:52

2007 Track PRs:  4:59.86, 10:53.10


Win/Place/Show:  SHOW – If Gibson can hang close to her PA teammates for as long as she can, she may be able to get into the top 15 or better.


2008, Morristown NJ – Oak Knoll HS


Overview:  After taking her race at the NJ Group meet in the best time of the day, McCafferty fell a little short in the Meet of Champions (but was still a solid 4th).  She saved her best for Van Cortlandt, though, leading three NJ stars in the top 11 with her 8th place finish.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  8th FL NE 17:53, 4th NJ MOC 18:28, 1st NJ Grp Non-Pub B 18:13

2007 Track PRs:  4:56.32 mile


Win/Place/Show: SHOW – With a good race, McCafferty has a shot at the top 15-20.


2009, Suffern NY - Suffern HS


Overview:  With her 3rd qualifying performance, Greany is on track to make FL Finals four straight years.  She improved last year from 38th as a freshman to X as a soph.  She ran well at Eastern States, but was not as strong at state or Feds.


Leading Stats

2007 XC:  9th FL NE 17:56, 5th Feds 18:42, 2nd Class AA State 17:53 (4th overall), 3rd Eastern States 14:15 (2.5M)

2006 CC:  19th FL Finals 18:38, 6th FL NE 17:58

2005 CC:  38th FL Finals 18:58, 10th FL Northeast 18:09

2007 Track PRs:  6:44.63 ST (2nd NON), 4:39.9 1500, 4:54.49 1600, 10:00.85 3000


Win/Place/Show:  SHOW – In order to improve on last year’s finish here, Greany will have to return to her Eastern States form or better.  Otherwise, she will likely finish in the second half of the pack.


2010 Clarksboro NJ – Kingsway Regional HS


Overview:  Ley put herself on the regional radar at the beginning of the year, with her win in the Cherokee meet, and has stayed ever since.  She was part of a close group in NJ that battled for state honors all year long.  She had tough losses at the NJ state series, but came a long way this year and battled for the win in every race.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  10th FL NE 18:00, 3rd NJ MOC 18:08, 2nd NJ Grp. III 18:20

2007 Track PRs:  5:03.65; 10:24.24 3k; 10:41.41, 17:41.90 (2nd NSIC, US freshman record)


Win/Place/Show:  SHOW – The biggest thing for Ley, who has shown a love of front-running, will be to NOT go out as hard as she normally does.  If you’re not a proven title contender here, that kind of a move usually leads to finishing out of the top 20.

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