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Gallery of Finalists - Northeast Boys

Text by Steve Underwood, Track PRs by Mike Kennedy and footlockercc.com, photos by PhotoRun

 (Explanation of Win/Place/Show section:  As an extra feature, the “Win/Place/Show” section predicts where each finalist can reasonably “aspire” to finish, with “Win” meaning going for victory, “Place” meaning top 5 or 10, and “Show” meaning top 15-20.  Obviously, only half of the runners will finish in the top 20, but it is reasonable to say that’s what each athlete hopes to do, at the very least (no one “wants” to finish in the bottom half), and can do if they have a great day.)


2008, Glastonbury CT – Glastonbury HS


Overview:  As a solid returning finisher from last year’s Foot Locker, Cabral seemed like a good top ten bet most of the season and it was hard to move him down the list.  Although he was unbeaten through his state and New England meets, he hadn’t beaten other highly ranked runners or run any really blazing times.  That changed in a hurry November 24 as he ripped a devastating 15:09 at Van Cortlandt, breaking the regional meet record and rolling the field by 15 seconds.

Leading Results and Track PRs
2007 XC:  1st FL NE 15:09, 1st New Englands 15:32, 1st CT Open 15:32
2006 XC:  21st FL Finals 15:57, 6th FL NE 15:23, 1st New Englands 15:29
2007 Track PRs:  4:16.97 1600, 9:02.69 3200

Win/Place/Show:  WIN – With his superior run at FL NE, Cabral put himself smack in the middle of the title picture.  He took the hard pace by Brandon Jarrett and countered it with a move no one could answer.  Chris Derrick and German Hernandez will be the favorites in most minds, but Cabral definitely has a good chance to win this race, and at the least be a contender that finishes in the top five or so.


2009, Gilbertsville PA – Boyertown HS

Overview:  Dennin’s senior year has been a steady elevator ride to the nearly the top.  He was a 9:19/4:24 runner as a junior and Vince McNally was getting the most buzz as a preseason Foot Locker favorite.  By season’s end, Dennin was the 3A champ in 15:30, was a solid 3rd at the Mideast MOC.  Then he outlegged all but Cabral at FL NE.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  2nd FL NE 15:24, 1st AAA State 15:30, 3rd Mideast MOC 15:22

2006 CC:  52nd FL NE 16:22

2007 Track PRs:  4:24 1600, 9:19 3200, 8:46 3k


Win/Place/Show: PLACE/SHOW – Other than Cabral and Brandon Jarrett (who was 12th here last year), it’s tough for the FL NE qualifiers to get a lot of respect as top ten types.  Dennin has proven himself to date, but this is a big step up.  A smart, controlled race with a strong finish could land him 10th-15th


2008, West Windsor NJ – West Windsor-Plainsboro South HS


Overview:  Jarrett and Doug Smith were the biggest names coming into the season in Jersey, but a healthy Leung moved to the top after a summer of hard work.  He made his first statement at the Shore Coaches meet, then while attention at Manhattan was on Smith and Jarrett in the ‘A’ race, he had the performance of the day in the ‘F’ race.  Long story short, he finished unbeaten in NJ and then rumbled to a solid #3 at Vanny.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  3rd FL NE 15:25, 1st NJ MOC 15:33, 1st NJ Grp 4 15:41, 1st Manhattan ‘F’ 12:17

2006 CC:  38th FL NE 16:07

2007 Track PRs:  8:39.26 3k; 9:14.54 3200, 4:18 1600


Win/Place/Show: PLACE – Leung doesn’t quite have the wheels of the top dogs here, but he’s solid in the next group.  It doesn’t hurt that he has that Manhattan experience, where he beat Peter Dorrell VA.  He hasn’t had a bad race all year.  If he’s ready and lays it all out there, top 10 is possible.


2008, Fairport NY – Fairport HS


Overview:  As a junior, DuPont was hardly on the radar outside of the hardcore fans in New York.  Not only was there the magnetic senior class in that state of Murdock, BRD, Tommy G., etc., but fellow juniors like Lee Berube were getting the props.  During track, Dupont was a 4:30/9:30 guy with a solid 9:35 steeple.  But by the end of this fall, he was topping them all, winning both the Class AA race, but the Feds as well.  And to prove it wasn’t just a matter of a weak year in New York, he sailed through 4th at FL NE.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  4th FL NE 15:26, 1st NY Feds 15:52, 1st NY 15:35, 1st Manhattan ‘D’ 12:29 (2.5M)

2006 CC:  27th FL NE 15:56

2007 Track PRs:  2:00 800, 4:30 1600, 9:30 3200, 9:35.80st


Win/Place/Show: SHOW – As much as Dupont has improved, the competition will be overwhelming here.  He and some of the other NE guys behind Cabral might do well to work together for finishes in the top half.


2008, West Chester PA – Henderson HS


Overview:  Aldrich was considered as the #2 or #3 PA contender going into the fall.  He had a few ups and downs during the season, but he was ready at Vanny when it counted.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  5th FL NE 15:27, 2nd AAA State 15:59, 2nd Manhattan ‘E’ 12:38 (2.5M)

2006 CC:  40th FL NE 16:08

2007 Track PRs:  4:16.43 1600


Win/Place/Show: SHOW – After finishing 29 seconds back of Dennin in the 3A PA State meet, Aldrich really put it together at Vanny.  It would probably benefit him to work off some of the other NE guys to try and get in the top half.


2008, Victor NY – Victor Sr HS


Overview:  Rivers’ race at Feds showed he was ready to contend at Vanny and he came through nicely to get that second NY spot.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  6th FL NE 15:29, 3rd Feds 15:58, 3rd Class A State 15:57

2007 Track PRs:  2:01 800, 4:15 1600, 8:59 3k, 9:40.60sc


Win/Place/Show: SHOW – Rivers obviously reached a season’s peak with his FL NE performance.  To get in the top 15 or 20, he needs to move up another notch and get a few breaks.


2008, Brownstown PA – Conestoga Valley HS


Overview: McNally has been tabbed for huge success ever since he shadowed Craig Miller with a 15:02 at Gettysburg as a soph.  He’s had some injuries and illnesses since that fall that have limited him, but that upside remains.  His 4:08.99 mile is the best in the entire field.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  7th FL NE 15:30, DNF AA State

2006 CC:  13th FL NE 15:41

2007 Track PRs:  1:55 800, 4:08.99 mile (6th NON)


Win/Place/Show: PLACE/SHOW – For the uninitiated, the right place to put McNally would seem to be no better than 15th or 20th, but he’s talented enough to be at least in the top 5-10 if he’s on … and he certainly can run down anyone close to him at the end with his speed.  His better chance for national glory will probably come in the mile races this winter and spring.


2008, Hillsborough NJ – St. Benedicts Prep

Overview:  Jarrett, 12th last year in the finals, has had his ups and downs ever since.  He didn’t put up quite the times on the track he was capable of last spring.  Then this fall, he started late but ran very impressively at Colts Neck with a 15:03.  He dropped out of his big showdown with Doug Smith at Manhattan, due to injury, then came back with some solid races at the end of the season.  At FL NE, he got too excited and hammered a 4:35 first mile, then had to hang on to qualify.

Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  8th FL NE 15:31, 1st NJ Catholic 15:41, 1st NJISSA Prep 15:42, 1st Colts Neck 15:03

2006 CC:  12th FL Finals 15:36, 8th FL NE 15:29, 1st Brown Invite 15:12, 2nd Manhattan ‘G’ 12:31 (8th overall), 2nd Cougar Invite 15:12 (3rd overall)

2007 Track PRs:  4:13.06 1600, 9:09.48 3200


Win/Place/Show:  PLACE – Jarrett put himself in a rough position with his kamikaze start at FL NE; a smarter race could have netted him second.  He certainly has the ability to improve on his finish from last year and could be top 5-7 or so if he runs well.  Few in the field are as talented.


2008, Brick NJ – Brick Memorial HS


Overview:  Brodeur has had a solid career and has been rated just behind Jersey’s big three.  He nabbed the runner-up spot behind Leung at NJ MOC (Smith DNF’d, Jarrett’s school is not eligible) and then put it all together at FL NE.


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  9th FL NE 15:36, 2nd NJ MOC 15:51, 2nd NJ Grp 4 16:05

2007 Track PRs:  1:58 800, 4:15.82 1600, 9:24 3200


Win/Place/Show: SHOW – If he can hang close to Leung and some of the other guys from the NE, he may be able to get in the top 15-20.


2008, West Hartford CT – Conard HS


Overview:  Judd proved he was talented last spring when he ran 4:17 and 9:14 as a junior, but his fall produced up and down results, including just 10th at New Englands.  But he came through big time at Vanny


Leading Results and Track PRs

2007 XC:  10th FL NE 15:40, 10th New Englands 16:15, 4th CT Open 15:48

2006 XC:  43rd FL NE 16:12

2007 Track PRs:  1:58 800, 4:17 1600, 9:14.14 3200


Win/Place/Show: SHOW – As well as Judd ran at Vanny, he will need to make another big step up to get in the top 20.

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